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Camphill Families and Friends Charity supports shared living way of life in CVT communities

1 July 2015

Camphill Families and Friends (CFF) yesterday issued a powerful statement supporting shared living and the way of life in Camphill communities, restating their “huge appreciation for the co-workers, employed or not, and what they brought to the lives of the people being supported.”

A voice for the families of people with learning disabilities, CFF is a charity that represents the family relatives and friends of residents of Camphill communities in England, Scotland and Wales.

Whilst CFF trustees "support the measures that have made communities more compliant, they have become increasingly dismayed at the disregard for the views they expressed, and at the excessively harsh policies which have resulted in the dismantling of the valued way of life in CVT communities."

Furthermore, the charity now has “evidence from many families of people being confused and destabilised, their behaviour exhibiting anxiety and stress in the wake of the rapid and dramatic changes in CVT communities”.

Click this link to read the letter by CFF Trustees

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