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Another Good CQC Report for Life-Sharing Co-worker Community at Botton Village

4 June 2015

The Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) latest  inspection of the Botton Village community (carried out on March 19th) has been published today showing the care  to be classed good in all categories measured, as it has  been for all bar one (2011) of the last sixty years. Historically Botton has been run as a shared-life VVC (Vocational Volunteer Co-worker) community, globally recognised as the gold-standard for care of the learning disabled.

The latest CQC report once again clearly shows that the care provided by VVCs is meeting all the requirements and that there are no issues with the level of support provided under this intentional community model.

The full report can be viewed online at the below link, however in short the CQC have found that the support provided by the community is safe, responsive, effective and caring. Furthermore that 'People received effective care and support that met their individual needs and preferences' and that 'They were provided with care by people who knew them well and who supported them to live as independently as possible whilst allowing them to follow the ethos of the Camphill [movement]… which they had chosen to do when they came to live there'.

Neil Davidson, Chair of Action for Botton said:   "We have heard repeatedly from CVT about problems that occurred as long ago as 2011.  No mention is ever made of the repeated good reports since and here is another one.  I guarantee that once again there will be silence about what has been achieved by the life sharing model year after year.  Why are they silent? Simply because they never say anything positive about the wonderful work the VVCs do because then they would have to admit that they should be working to preserve this excellent model rather than spending hundreds of thousands of pounds in litigation and public relations to destroy it"

Given that the report once again illustrates the excellent standard of the support provided by the VVCs, campaigners once more call on CVT to stop implementing their changes which include the forced segregation of the learning disabled from the Co-worker community.

Link to CQC Botton page - 

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