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Please help me keep my family 


Clare has Down's Syndrome. She has been living happily with a family and friends in Botton Village for years. Now the Camphill Village Trust (CVT) charity wants to remove her family and have her supported by staff instead. She would no longer be able to live with those she knows and loves and regards as friends and family.

She was recently interviewed on TV and this is what she said:



Clare is one of many people with a learning disability who share their lives and a home with an extended family in Botton Village and have formed caring and loving bonds, which managers are trying to break. Please help Clare and many others with your donation to fund an urgent legal appeal against an organisation that has betrayed her trust.

It will be expensive but it is possible, if you help us with your donation. Donating is easy using the yellow Donate button on the top of the page.

Clare says: 

I was born in 1963, the same year that Walt Disney died and President Kennedy was assassinated. I’m a Londoner and I know all the Cockney rhyming slang. My Mum died a few years back and my Dad lives in Gloucestershire. I had a brother but he died when I was little. I’ve lived in Botton for 30 years and all that time I’ve been in Castle House, longer than anyone else. Most of us have been together a long time and we get on well and we run our household together. I do all the ironing. I’ve lived with Jonathan and Christine for 28 years and I’ve seen their children grow up and I don’t want them to leave and have somebody else coming in instead who doesn’t live here.

Here are some of the people I live with. They are my friends and like a real family to me. I don't want this to change. Please help.