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Changes to Charity Operational Model Exposed as Uneconomic and Inferior

29 May 2015  - Top accountants confirm CVT’s switch away from its original Vocational Volunteer Co-worker (VVC) Model has already reduced Frontline Services by 13% and costs nearly twice as much to staff and manage - over 6 Million a year. Meanwhile separate figures show increased cost to taxpayers by 3000% through in-work benefits.  Continue reading  

"More bureaucracy, increased costs and fewer hours of care for residents." 

Radio Interview with BBC Business Correspondent Ian Reeve explaining the accountants' report that reveals the Millions spent on management and staffing in CVT's controversial new care model.


The Botton documentary - battle for the soul of a village

30 April 2015

Botton Village under threat - Battle for the Soul - Documentary 


Private Eye's Heather Mills answers questions about Botton

17 April 2015


Botton Buddies

15 April 2015


Learning disability village of Botton 'under threat'

31 March 2015 - The village of Botton has been home to people with learning disabilities for 60 years. They live and work alongside volunteers who in return for their time receive free board, food and expenses. But there are claims that proposed changes to the employment status of these volunteers could pose a threat to this unique community on the moors of North Yorkshire.

The charity which runs the village wants the volunteers to become paid employees, stating tax and transparency reasons. Some of the residents and their co-workers say this would fundamentally change their way of life and they have taken their case to the High Court, as Nikki Fox reports.

Watch the Clip on the BBC News Website


Botton presentation at the County Council

26 March 2015 


BBC Radio 4 - Thought for the day

19 March 2015 - Bishop Tom Butler on Intentional Communities  Link  


Fundraising clip


BBC Look North - Botton residents freedom of choice 


BBC Radio Interview on visit to Prime Minister


BBC Look North - CVT's Eviction Notices on Botton

20 February 2015 - The Camphill Village Trust has sent Notices to Quit to over thirty Co-workers in Botton. From 31 March the charity will stop supporting over thirty real co-workers and expect them to leave. Leave the community they created, leave the disabled villaggers they lived with for years, at times decades. 


BBC Look North - Villagers give petition to charity

10 February 2015 - Villagers and co-workers delivered a petition signed by over 70 Villagers and over 80 Parents and the statements of support by over 3500 supporters, together filling nearly 150 pages A4. See the BBC Look North report below.

Link to BBC Radio Interview with a Botton co-worker during the visit to County Hall


Channel 4 News - Dealing with learning difficulties: the perfect model under threat?

4 February 2015 - Channel 4 News visits and reports on Botton community and changes imposed by CVT. "The Camphill movement was set up in the 1940s so learning disabled people could lead fulfilling lives alongside long term volunteer carers. But stricter care regulations following recent scandals have lead to bitter disputes in Camphill's flagship community - Botton village, North Yorkshire. And some fear change spells an end to what makes Camphill special."

   Watch the clip and follow the discussion on the Channel 4 Facebook page.

   Watch the clip and read the accompanying article on the Channel 4 website.


Botton Village `This is our Home`

For those who have not seen this nicely made film of Botton on we are sharing it here. It is a few years old but still worth watching as it captures the Camphill spirit and way of life, the 'we are in it together' that built this community, which as you know we are so keen to preserve. It's not us living in the past but a celebration of the joys and simple goodness of community living. It is also a bit meditative thanks to its beautiful scenes and music (the Koln Concert by Keith Jarret). Some will be shouting out the names of the many people they recognise. Enjoy! 


BBC Look North

14.11.2014 - The Camphill Village Trust once again barred the BBC from speaking to disabled Botton residents, who therefore made use of their right of free speech (which also applies to people who are disabled) in the nearby Vicarage for this film. Villagers, disabled or not, who do not like the changes have no voice in the CVT, a charity that has become accountable to ... nobody? CVT enforces changes without consultation onto this community, causing unhappiness amongst its beneficiaries, with many examples of coercion and harassment now logged with the authorities. Contrary to CEO Huw John's mantra, the law does not require the unique and much loved model of live-in vocational co-workers and families to be abolished.



BBC Look North

23.10.2014 - Teacher and carer at Botton village threatened with eviction after alleged safeguarding issue he believes to be unfair. We feel it is important that Mark has taken a step to highlight a serious problem: the way procedures are used to suspend and evict certain co-workers from CVT communities. 


BBC Look North

7.10.2014 - Fears that a rural community for adults with learning disabilities is under threat. "They live as families, they live as part of families, and suddenly that is ging to be taken away." A comment on the chief executive's misleading statement at the end of the clip: "'Many' Co-workers are accepting the changes but 'Some' are not. I don't think so Mr John. At the last count there were 11 (Many?) accepting and 42 (only Some?) who did not. Plus at the last Relatives meeting it was voted unanimously not to change the Botton way of life."


An appeal to CVT for dialogue

2.10.2014 - BBC Radio Interview, Neil Green talking to former Botton co-worker Catherine about the changes to the village community and an appeal to its charity to enter open and meaningful dialogue.


BBC Look North team not allowed to enter Botton Village

25.7.2014 - Residents at a village for people with learning difficulties have said their home is being destroyed because changes are being made to the way it is run. Volunteers at Botton Village in North Yorkshire have shared accommodation with residents since 1955, but they been told they must now live separately as paid employees of the site.

Click here to watch the news clip 


Why co-workers are important for a Camphill community

24.7.2014 - Catherine, a former Botton co-workers, talks about being a co-worker and that they are an essential part in a livingCamphill community and the shared homes. She also expresses how much employees are and have always been needed and valued in Botton and all Camphill communities - next to co-workers, but not to replacing them all is our message.


Villager speaks in support of co-workers living with him in Botton

24.7.2014 - Allan tells us why he likes Botton the way it is, with his co-workers, and that "CVT is a different thing".


What Botton offers, from a mother's perspective


Scottish Parliament applauds Camphill movement

Scottish Parliament Members Business Debate on the subject of - S4M-04569 Alison McInnes: Camphill Scotland—That the Parliament applauds the Camphill movement, which has supported children, young people and adults of all ages with learning disabilities, mental health issues and other support needs for more than seven decades; notes that the Camphill movement, founded in 1940 near Aberdeen, has now expanded to become a worldwide movement that boasts over 100 communities in more than 20 countries, including 12 in Scotland; understands that the movement's approach seeks to provide mutual support and nurture independence through living, learning and working together; congratulates Camphill School in Aberdeen and its eco-committee on receiving a Gold Green Flag award, which it understands was achieved through pupil-led initiatives, including developing an eco-code, litter-picking and encouraging recycling; considers that this is an example of the innovative and ambitious nature of the movement; further believes that the movement's success has been made possible by the dedication of staff, co-workers and volunteers, and wishes all of those involved continued success in the future.

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