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About Camphill and Social Care

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Camphill Co-workers, Three Perspectives (2010)  PDF  (this is a large file and may be slow to load) 

Nils Christie (1989/2001) "Camphill Village Communities in Norway"  PDF  This document is from the book called 'Beyond Loneliness & Institutions' about Camphill Norway. It was written by Nils Christie, who was and remains a Professor of Criminology at Oslo University, and a real voice of conscience in the country. It is sent with the author's express permission for our use.

"CVT Memorandum & Articles of Association"  This is the founding charter of 1954 and still legally binding document underpinning the spirit and functioning of the Charity, The Camphill Village Trust Ltd (CVT). It states explicitly that CVT should support the forming of communities with Co-workers who are not bound by contracts. We have highlighted the sections supporting this.  PDF  

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