Action 4 Botton

Letters to the CVT

6 July 2015 - Jackie Riis-Johannessen reports from her visit to Solheimar, Iceland  Read

31 May 2015 - A relative writes to CVT regarding huge costs  Read  

24 April 2015 - A father writes to Frances Wright, plus CVT's response to him   Read

19 February 2015 - Brendan and Nicole Quayle write to the Chair of the CVT  Read  

24 January 2015 - David and Elizabeth Robertson, parents of a Botton Villager, write an Open Letter to the CVT  Read 

22 January 2015 - Catherine van Dam writes to CVT's Frances Wright  Read  

7 January 2015 - Joint statement from the mediation delegates representing Botton, Delrow and the Grange communities  Read

7 October 2014 - Botton's young co-workers write to the CVT  Read

6 October 2014 - Andrew Faulkes, father of a Botton resident, replies to the CVT  Read  

30 September 2014 - Botton's young co-workers write to the CVT  Read

28 September 2014 - Max White, Kay Wilson and Brian Knight, relatives of three Botton Villagers, write to the CVT  Read 

22 September 2014 - Andrew Faulkes, father of a Botton resident, to the CVT  Read  

16 September 2014 - Several parents from The Grange wrote a letter to the CVT  Read

1 September 2014 - Sue McEwen, a Botton relative, writes to the CVT  Read  

1 August 2014 - Nick Poole, Botton Co-worker and CVT member, to members of CVT  Read  (The Botton manager asked Nick, a 70 year old Co-worker, and his wife Paule to leave the community after 38 years of service, because the list of members to which this letter was addressed also includes some learning disabled people and the CVT manager believes that this constitutes a safeguarding incident.)

26 July 2014 - Catherine van Dam, former Co-worker, to Frances Wright, HR Director of CVT  Read  

27 July 2014 - Giles Heron, former County Councillor, writes Open Letter to CVT  Read 

19 July 2014 - Delrow parents and families write to the CVT  Read  

3 july 2014 - Delrow's young co-workers write to the CVT  Read

8 June 2014 - Dr. William Walker, father of a Botton resident, writes to the CVT  Read

6 June 2014 - Fran Francis, mother of a Botton resident, writes to the CVT  Read 

5 June 2014 - Catherine van Dam, a former Botton Co-worker, writes to the CVT  Read

26 May 2014 - Fran Francis, the mother of a Botton resident, writes to the CVT  Read 

19 May 2014 - Fifty Co-workers respond to CVTs ultimatum of 13 May  Read  

26 April 2014 - Delrow group of families to CVT  Read  

8 February 2014 - Nick Assirati writes to the CVT about changes at Oaklands Park community  Read 


Letters of support from the international Camphill movement

Camphill Village Trust of Norway, representing the 6 communities in Norway

Camphill Association of North America, representing 11 communities in the US and Canada

Core Group of the Camphill Movement Group, representatives of the worldwide Camphill movement

Camphill Northern Region Association, representing all Camphill places in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia and Latvia

Camphill Middle European Region, representing France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland

Camphill Communities of Ireland, representing 18 communities in Ireland

Camphill Special School, USA  

Loch Arthur Camphill Community, Scotland 

Association of Camphill Communities (AoCC) in the UK and Ireland

Lantern community, UK

Anthroposophical Society in America SE Pennsylvania Branch 


Letters by Action for Botton

16 December 2017 - AFB Christmas Newsletter  Read

15 June 2017 - AFB Summer Newsletter  Read

27 July 2014 - AFB writes to CVT  Read  

7 July 2014 - AFB writes to CVT and Whitby Gazette re misinformation  Read  

3 July 2014 - AFB writes to CVT after they did not attend Public Meeting  Read  

2 July 2014 - Invitation of Trustees to visit Botton before making a final decision  Read 

25 June 2014 - AFB writes to the CVT  Read  with Ten Questions To The CVT  Read  

12 June 2014 - AFB writes a first letter to the CVT  Read


Letters to Iphigenia - news from a Camphill Co-worker

Letter to Iphigenia 1, Michaelmas 2014  Read 

Letter to Iphigenia 2, November 2014  Read

Letter to Iphigenia 3, Advent 2014  Read  


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