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Newspaper articles

Whitby Gazette, 6.7.15, "Botton row reaches mediation resolve"  Link  

Darlington & Stockton Times, 6.7.15, "Warring charity and campaign group move towards agreement over Botton community"  Link

Sustainable Food Trust, 26.6.15, "Botton Village: Sustainable biodynamic farming under threat"  Link  

Big Issue, 1.6.2015, "Botton worker leaves"  Link  

Northern Echo, 22.5.2015, "Appeal over Botton judicial review abandoned"  Link  

Whitby Gazette, 22.5.2015, "Botton residents forced to give up on court action"  Link  

Northern Echo, 21.5.2015, "Village row: ‘You can’t make cheese in the jam-making area’"  Link

The Guardian, 20.5.2015, "Sharing family life is a popular choice for learning disabled adults"  Link

Private Eye, 15.5.2015, "Co-workers Unite!"  Link  

Church Times, 1.5.2015, "Legal battle over changes to disabled charity's ethos"  PDF or Link 

Coastal View & Moor News, May/June 2015, "Charity Commission “Disappointed” in Actions of Camphill Village Trust Charity"  Go to Page 3 at this Link 

Kitchen Garden, May 2015, "Seeds of Change", an article about Botton's biodynamic Stormy Hall Seeds workshop  Link  

Northern Echo, 30.4.2015, "Charity Commission gives go-ahead to High Court bid for Botton"  Link  

Care Industry News, 28.4.2015, "Charity Commission ‘disappointed’ in actions of Camphill Village Trust Charity"  Link  

Northern Echo, 28.4.2015, "Residents and volunteers at Botton join Unite's community scheme to get their voices heard"  Link 

Yorkshire Post, 27.4.2015, "Villagers form union to protect way of life"  Link  

Care Industry News, 23.4.2015, "Learning disability residents are fighting their charity for the right to keep doing meaningful work"  Link  

Civil Society, 23.4.2015, "High Court refuses judicial review over Camphill Village Trust human rights dispute"  Link  

Third Sector, 22.4.2015, "Botton Village residents are refused a judicial review over Camphill Village Trust dispute"  Link  

Whitby Gazette, 20.4.2015, "Buddies scheme attracts ‘valuable’ support to Botton"  Link

Private Eye, 17.4.2015, "Botton Bulletin"  Link   and "Botton Bravo"  Link  

The Guardian, 14.4.2015, "Define home life for learning disabled residents in Botton with care"  Link  

Valley News, April 2015, "Botton Village Update"  Link  

The Press, York, 4.4.2015, "Temporary halt to proposed changes by the Malton-based Camphill Village Trust"  Link  

Gazette & Herald, 4.4.2015, "High Court agreement welcomed to secure future of Botton village community"  Link  

Private Eye, 3.4.2015, "Botton line"  Link  

Care Industry News, 1.4.2014, "Shared Living Arrangements Preserved at Botton Following Agreement with CVT"  Link  

Whitby Gazette, 1.4.2015, "Shared living to continue at Botton after agreement reached at High Court"  Link  

Whitby Gazette, 1.4.2015, "High Court yet to decide on Botton case"  Link  

The Northern Echo, 30.3.2015, "Charity and residents of village for learning disabled people at loggerheads of judicial review application outcome"  Link  

Gazette & Herald, 26.3.2015, "Increasing support for Botton community"  Link  

The Northern Echo, 24.3.2015, "Botton volunteers receive support from local communities"  Link  

Private Eye 1388, 20.3.2015, "Battle of Botton"  Link  

Whitby Gazette, 20.3.2015, "Botton concerns raised in the House of Lords"  Link  

Whitby Gazette, 20.3.2015, "High Court intervenes in Botton homes row"  Link  

Civil Society, 19.3.2015, "High Court intervenes in row between charity and learning-disabled beneficiaries"  Link  

Care Industry News, 13.3.2015, "Action for learning disabled village residents raises questions in the House of Lords"  Link  

York Press, 25.2.2015, "York parents speak out over community changes as petition handed in to 10 Downing Street" Link  

Gazette & Herald, 25.2.2015, "We won’t be beaten"  Link    

BBC News, 24.2.2015, "Botton village residents petition PM over changes"  Link  

Darlington & Stockton Times, 24.2.2015, "Botton residents take petition to 10 Downing Street"  Link  

The Northern Echo, 24.2.2015, "Botton residents take petition to 10 Downing Street"  Link

Whitby Gazette, 24.2.2015, "Botton campaigners pay Prime Minister a visit"  Link  

The Northern Echo, 20.2.2015, "Row between charity and volunteers escalates as eviction notices served"  Link  

Whitby Gazette, 20.2.2015, "Eviction notices served at Botton"  Link  

Coastal View & Moor News, April/May 2015, "Action for Botton"  Go to Page 23 at this Link  

Whitby Gazette, 13.2.2015, "Campaigners put Botton objections down in writing"  Link  

The Northern Echo, 11.2.2015, "Botton residents stage peaceful protest over changes to village"  Link  

Gazette & Herald (Malton), 11.2.2015, "Residents of Botton fight to save community run by Camphill Village Trust"  Link  

Malton & Pickering Mercury, 11.2.2015, "Anger at trust's plans to move out volunteers"  Link  

Yorkshire Post, 11.2.2015, " 'Hear our voices' call over fears for future of village community"  Link  

Third Sector, 10.2.2015, "Camphill Village Trust trustee quits over governance concerns"  Link  

Channel 4 News, 4.2.2015, "Unique learning disabled community at war over modernisation"  Link  

Coastal View & Moor News, Feb/March 2015, "Action for Botton Appeal"   Link  or  Go to Page 5 at this Link 

The Northern Echo, 30.1.2015, "Parents of Botton village resident appeal for open meeting with management to reassure them about its future"  Link   

Esk Views, February 2015, Revd. Michael Hazelton, "What's love got to do with it?"  Link

Private Eye 1384, 23.1.2015, "Botton holed"  Link

Whitby Gazette, 23.1.2015, "Campaigners enlist lawyer to pursue harassment claim"  Link 

The Northern Echo, 21.1.2015, "Campaigners enlist lawyer to pursue harassment claims"  Link  

Private Eye 1383, 9.2.2015, "Botton feeders"  Link

Private Eye 1382, 20.12.2014, "Hitting rock Botton"  Link  

Anthroposophical Society Newsletter, 14.12.2014, "Camphill Impulse" and "Inspiration"  Link 

Private Eye 1380, 28.11.2014, "The fight for the volunteer village of Botton ... continues"  Link 

VICE, 26.11.2014, "All Is Not Well in Yorkshire's Learning Disabled Village"  Link

The Big Issue, 17.11.2014, "Village life under threat in North Yorks"  Page 1Page 2  

The Independent, 16.11.2014, "Disabled residents of charity-run Botton Village tell police they’re being ‘bullied’ by managers"  Link  

South Devon Steiner School, Oct 2010, "The Struggle for Botton"  PDF

Private Eye 1378, 29.10.2014, "Follow-ups, Camphill Communities"  Link   

Whitby Gazette, 23.10.2014, "Danby beacon will shine for Botton village campaign"  Link  

The Northern Echo, 23.10.2014, "Teacher and carer at Botton village threatened with eviction after alleged safeguarding issue he believes to be unfair"  Link  

The Northern Echo, 21.10.2014, "Campaigners for a learning disability village to light Danby Beacon"  Link  

Private Eye 1377, 15.10.2014, "Botton's up?"  Read     

Valley News, September 2014, Rvd. Michael Hazelton, the Vicar of Danby, about what it means to live in community, in "A question of ideas"  Read 

Local Historian Carol Wilson, August 2014, "Camphill Catastrophe", an excellent article describing why Botton is in trouble  Read 

The Northern Echo, 18.9.2014, "Campaigners fight to retain ethos of Botton Village - with or without the charity that currently runs it"  Link

The Press, York, 15.9.2014, "Caring village faces upheaval."  Link  

Gazette & Herald, 20.8.2014, "Supporters of Action for Botton campaign against changes to Camphill Village Trust"  Link  

The Northern Echo, 19.8.2014, "Lawyers called in after residents and carers at community for people with learning disabilities told not to hold protest vigil."  Link  

Whitby Gazette, 13.8.2014, "Campaigners dispute co-worker cost claims"  Link  

The Northern Echo, 12.8.2014, "Protests over changes to running of North Yorkshire community"  Link  

Yorkshire Post, 6.8.2014, "Just what's so special about Botton Village?"  Link  

Whitby Gazette, 30.7.2014, "Botton villagers speak against Trust."  Link    

The Guardian, 30.7.2014, "Communities for learning disabled residents face split after reform row."  Link  

Letters to the Whitby Gazette editions of 11.7.2014 and 18.7.2014   

Whitby Gazette, 4.7.2014, "Fears 'unique' community spirit of Botton Village to be destroyed"  Link  Action for Botton would like to comment on a statement made in the article: We are aware that the majority of the disabled residents, as well as their relatives, as well as most of the Co-workers themselves strongly prefer a model based on the current way of living together with the Co-worker families in Botton Village. Mr John's quotation that most residents did not want to live with carers would be correct if taken literally, but it would be false if he meant the current setup of living with vocational Co-workers, which is what most do want. We have explained this in an open letter to the CVT and Whitby Gazette. Read Steve McGivern's letter to the editor here.

Danby Parish, Rvd. Dr. Michael Hazelton, June 2014, Thought for the week,  Link  


Keeping an Eye on Botton - Our story in the Private Eye

   Eye 1392, 15.5.2015, "Co-workers Unite!"  

   Eye 1390, 17.4.2015, "Botton Bulletin"  and  "Botton Bravo" letters

   Eye 1389, 3.4.2015, "Botton line"

   Eye 1388, 20.3.2015, "Battle of Botton"  

   Eye 1384, 23.1.15, "Botton holed"

   Eye 1383, 9.1.15, "Botton feeders"

   Eye 1382, 20.12.2014, "Hitting rock Botton" 

   Eye 1380, 28.11.2014, "The fight for the volunteer village of Botton ... continues"

   Eye 1378, 29.10.2014, "Follow-ups, Camphill Communities"  

   Eye 1377, 15.10.2014, "Botton's up?"

   Also followed by the NY Enquirer

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