Action 4 Botton

Alleged harrassment and misuse of safeguarding and capacity legislation by CVT managers

14 November 2014

The Camphill Village Trust (CVT) once again barred the BBC from speaking to disabled Botton residents, who therefore had to make use of their right of free speech (which also applies to people who are disabled) in the nearby Vicarage for this film. Villagers, disabled or not, who do not like the changes have no voice in the CVT, a charity that has become accountable to ... nobody?

CVT enforces changes without consultation onto this community, causing unhappiness amongst its beneficiaries, with many examples of coercion and harassment now logged with the authorities. The BBC-interview below further supports such allegations that were also raised in The Independent, The Northern EchoPrivate Eye and VICE. Contrary to CEO Huw John's mantra, the law does not require the unique and much loved model of live-in vocational co-workers and families to be abolished.

CVT speaks of a barrage of allegations against them. These are not part of a campaign but specific allegations that have been made on various occasions and not only on the 5th of November 2014.

We should also remember that co-workers have been suspended and evicted by CVT for much minor allegations.



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