Action 4 Botton

"As a parent of a less developed child, I am shocked by CVT's actions. As an individual, I am shocked by the dishonesty. This is shameful." Sir John Baring Bt

”Botton has always seemed like such a fantastic success story to me doing such an excellent job at integrating entire communities in a truly holistic way; in turn making it so much easier for those with learning disabilities to prosper in societies where they might otherwise struggle. This must be due, in no small part, to the love and support shared by the families that they live with. Please continue this brilliant model and enable future generations to live side by side in nurturing environments as nature intended.” Yours faithfully, Sarah Mayhew Craddock

”In order for the community to flourish, you must find a way to carry the responsibility for what you do yourselves. Can you become self-employed? Can you employ specialists such as managers, rather than have them employ you? I sincerely hope you will find a way forward. Thanks for the recent article in the Botton weekly about the bicycle and its need for spokes.” Sarah Hagenauer

”I wish you strength and inspiration.” Rebekah Hoyland

”Good that you are standing up for genuine Steiner principles against this attempt to subvert them. Do not be tempted to leave! Families and friends too are fighting to the co-worker model of care.” Noel Burton-Roberts

”I fail to understand why anyone would seek to change something which is evidently such a success.” Sandra Oakley

”Whatever supporters from abroad can do for you; I'd like to support you!” Simone Rayher

”Well done for everything your community achieves. I hope my support helps at another difficult time.” Samantha Oram

”I support Botton and there action to continue their work as they have done and in the way they have done so for 60 years.” Annelies Bowier

”I ardently support the life sharing model at Bottom Village and find the actions by CVT to end this exemplary way of life a travesty and total disrespect to all the people living in Botton Village especially those with challenges.” Graham Oslund

”Fully support the excellent work of Botton including the family co-workers which has worked for such a long time, don't let the efforts of the co-workers go to waste.” Ebonnie Brown

”The Camphill lifestile is unique. Let it be!” Irene Bass

”I grew up in a Camphill and now work at a group home as an employee, I find that the Camphill way (with long-term co-workers) is a much better way to go about it.” Sincerely, Silvan T Callesen

”I am appalled to hear that the shared living principles of the Botton community are under threat in this way. Surely those responsible must have missed the whole point! The success and beauty of the whole project is that all members, the disabled included, live in peace and harmony together. That's what makes it work!” Julia Vellacott

”This is a super place, and as long as there are people like this in the world, who do the work, and do the caring, I WILL BELIEVE in humanity. xxx” Maggie Gee

”No way~~~ Hope everything goes well for the people living there.” Miya Nam

”I support Botton!” Sanne Tuynman

”Thank you to Action for Botton for supporting the Botton Community to find its future orientation as a Camphill Village independent of the CVT.” Julie boothroyd

”I want to keep the great spirit of that Camphill alive as it is, as a lifestyle!” Clara Koshies

”I am a parent of a resident in Delrow House. The CVT are in the process of destroying all we value. The vulnerable young adults will be deeply disturbed by what is happening. I certainly support you in preventing the CVT from their actions.” Flora Pedler

”I support the people of Botton Village in their endeavor to protect the precious community and life that is so unique and beneficial in our time.” Rachel Schwartz

”We are spreading the word as much as we can.” Robert Adams

”I always thought the Botton Village was such a wonderful place for those who have been forgotten by the society. They were treated with respect and dignity with loving care given by dedicated professional staff. A homelike environment is a must for them to continue their daily lives as normal as possible. Don't institutionalize Botton! You should be proud of this unique place as is.” Mitsue Miyata Frey

”The village of Botton is part of a world-wide movement of intentional communities working with men, women, and children of special needs. Co-workers and their families live together with special needs individuals in the same households. The policy of the CVT board would irreparably destroy the successful work of over 50 years. It must not be allowed to happen.” Richard Swerling

”As someone born and raised in Botton Village and having lived in Camphill communities until the age of 18 I support and acknowledge the absolute importance of the Camphill model. Botton and the lives of the disabled adults who live there will be dramatically changed without the coworkers. Please do not change the Camphill model!” Saskia Smeele Ghirotti

”I have lived in Camphill for 11 years: only 2 years of my life have I not been in a Camphill community. The fact that it's closing means that all the community living won't exist. People with disabilities of all sorts should get the 24 hour support they need. As I'm so young I find it stressful and it has its down sides. Why do you need to destroy it in a manner that doesn't take into account the"beneficiaries" (as you call them) even though they don't benefit at all. eg. they lose 24/7 support, the joy of living in a community/family life [found out in CVT consultation processes in 2013]. Why screw up something which isn't screwed up?”

”50+ years of building and still evolving..... an ECO village. Managers and supervisors may be needed in businesses and industrial complexes, but experience has already shown the HEART and SOUL of some Camphill places rapidly atrophied when coworkers were replaced by managers.” Helen

”What a sad state of affairs. I really hope that such a thing is not allowed to happen.” Rochelle Hubbard

”Please don't take this much needed life line away!!” Rebecca Matthews

”Leave well alone, paradise does not need government intervention.” Alice Granger

”Who wants to live in a place that is controlled by others who don't live there?” Peter Bruckner

”I am deeply saddened by the plans for Botton. A friend of ours lives there with partner and family and it is a truly amazing place. Please save it!” Florence Guerin

”As a parent of a Delrow resident, we are fully supportive of resisting the destructive approach of the CVT and returning Botton and Delrow in particular to the original Camphill live in co-worker model.” Stephen Fletcher

”The Camphill Village way of life can allow the one with "special needs" to give what they have to give , they become the one with special gifts to share. This is what the campaign needs to make apparent, we do not do justice to them if we are only looking at providing a good way of life for someone with special needs.” Simon Charter

” The future of a Village should be in the hands and will of those that live there, the total population. The Trust should be occupied with creating the possibility for such a unique Village to exist.” Geoffrey Bass

”Bravo! I fully support Botton's action to reclaim its vision and main task, namely to provide and share an environment for persons with disabilities who long for the dignity of being active co-citizens, responsible and respected in the running of their lives through authentic work, social relationships and cultural creativity.” Penelope Baring

”I sincerely hope that this drastic measure can be stopped. Irreparable harm will come to a unique, pioneering community that has been a world leader in showing that people of all levels of ability can develop meaningful work and social connections. Please reconsider this drastic action. Camphill Botton is unique and has inspired countless families and individuals. It is a living example of diversity and the value of each individual. At the heart of Botton is the family and community feeling that provides a rich social and cultural life that enlivens every person. This would be obliterated by creating an institution based on employment.” Susie Steele

”CVT are totally out of order! I know nothing of the details, but I would bet that they are motivated by wanting to make money by having a callous disregard for the happiness and well being of the people who live and work at Botton and have done so successfully for many years. I think they will find there is a great deal of opposition from the local community to any changes that are detrimental to the people who live there. What is CVT's problem! If it's not broke, don't try to fix it!” Lynne Lyth

”I have been a supporter of Botton Village for more than 50 years and would hate to see their wonderful work destroyed in this way, I hope those responsible for this decision see how destructive it will be.” Patricia Billsborrow

”Focus on what you want and it will happen.” Matt Gill

”I have seen some of the amazing work at Botton, it would be devastation to lives if it couldn't carry on.” Odina

”Go Botton!!!” Gleice Da Silva

”Three of our four children are all working in Camphill Communities in the UK, Norway and the USA, so we KNOW that these homes provide the best possible care for anyone with special needs. I have also visited Botton and can think of no better environment, with meaningful workshops, a caring community and above all LOVE from those adults who are sharing their lives with them.” Elizabeth Sheen

”I support the stance of Action for Botton and their work to maintain the principles and ethos that have underpinned this very special community.” Benjamin Titford

”To describe the unique qualities of Botton and what it nurtures in all those that meet it is very hard to define. The co-worker model enhances what is truly human. I am at a complete loss to understand why the trustee's don't grasp this and don't support it.”

”If it works, why dismantle it?” Scott Strachan

”I am horrified by the proposed changes. It calls into question every statement made about people-centred culture & philosophy.” Petra

”This simply must be stopped. Put frankly, it will completely destroy the community that existed, and for no reason other than control.” Nick holbek

”The ark must not sink!” Christoph Hanni

”I will be at your open day tomorrow!! Camphill is amazing! I see people with disabilities around here in Darlington. They all look so lost! No one seems to have a purpose. In Camphill this is so different! Everyone has a meaningful job. I do not want Camphill to disappear” Sybille van de Voort

”Growing up in Botton village and attending the school until 2001 made me the person I am today. I owe my trust, understanding, acceptance and open mindedness to Botton and Larchfield community. Camphill is a way of life that many need and want. It needs to be there for the future.” Penny Metcalfe

”As far as what I’ve seen of the world, Botton is one of the few places where people have respect for nature and other people. I do not believe in the world of Facebook, the world of conventional farming, the world of individuality. The world where everybody strives for their own goal, own achievements and money. And I know that we cannot change the world, we are not in the power of Obama or Beyonce. But just by knowing that it is possible, that there is a place wich care’s for nature and care’s for healthy food, healthy lifestyle, each other, we can get strength and spread it over the world. Thank you Action for Botton!!! Let me know if I can do anything.”

”Please help to keep the true Camphill ethos alive in this very special, unique, wonderful community.” Joan Holbek

”Home-making is the core of Camphill.” Helmut Raimund

”You should sack your trustees as they can no longer be trusted to do the right thing!” Annika Findlay

”I lived in a Camphill Community for Twenty Years and raised my three Beautiful Children there they would not be who they are today, three amazing open minded individuals , without the experience of living closely with young people with Special Needs ! I urge the people who are making these Rules to interview Staff Children and find out for themselves!” Tamara J Sheen

”Keep up the good work!” Ben Davis

”Living apart together contradicts Camphills philosophie. Live together together!” Josefine Poser

”I've been several times in Botton, and experienced a warm atmosphere in a fantastic area were mentally handicapped people have a good place. Please do not stop this!” Arjan van Vliet

”The Botton Community is one of the most special places I have ever had the privilege of visiting. My fear is that this beautiful community is going to be turned into a commercial venture and those who live there will merely become commodities to line the pockets of those who deem themselves to be more powerful and important. It is absolutely vital that the Botton Community is allowed to continue and flourish as it has done for the last 60 years, enabling those who live there to thrive and have fulfilling lives.” Elizabeth Mummery

”Much strength to you all from NI. Visited many years ago. Loved it.” Jennifer Andreasen

”Your work is invaluable. How can I support you?” Elisabeth Radysh

”`Don't fix it if it's not broken` leave well alone !!” Harry Fryett Scott

”My fullest support for this crucial campaign!” Julian Haxby

”As a long time life-sharer in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, I know how much our companions rely on their relationships with us. There is no doubt from their point of view that they would rather lifeshare than be served by employees!” John G Root Jr

”Preserve the Botton community the way it is!” Hanna Hansen

”As a visitor and friend of Camphill communities around the world, I feel strongly that the unique social care benefits on the quality of life are unmeasurable and irreplaceable.” Craig Quat, Executive Director, Circus Place”

”I feel that this drive to homogenize the way services are delivered across the country really undermines the good work that is done by good people. Botton should be seen as a model of good practice rather than an oddity that needs to conform to other ways of working.” Kathryn Soutar

”I believe that the 'Spirit of Botton' can only remain active if there is real conversation. For 'where two or three' are together in the Name of Love, the Being of Love is right there. Please do engage in this in a gesture of good-will. What thus would rise from the 'valley to the heights' would not descend as cruel rain, hail and sleet, but as 'sunshine for the heart'.” Best wishes, Jens-Peter Linde

”A work like this requires voluntaries that do their job out of passion, not for the money. CVT, please come back to the heart of health care - it's about people, not money!” David Weiher

”Botton is a rare gem and worth preserving. A fine example of how humans can and should share their lives.” Bryony Byrne

”Don't destroy this unique way of living !” Jolijn Thijs

”My sister and myself, from Japan, worked at Botton as co-workers over 10 years ago (around 1997-2001). We very much inspired by the life of Botton village, and people in the Botton. It is very sad to learn about the recent changes, indeed.” I Tsuchiya

”As a previous Camphill volunteer, I think removing long-term vocational co-workers is a terrible idea and will undermine enormously the spirit which Camphill thrives, and indeed survives upon. Why is this only happening in the UK? And why are the trustees crumbling in the face of stupid busy-bodied government scrutiny. They should speak up for the Camphill way that has worked to well for so long.” Joshua Smith

”Whereon to fall back, when mainstream care does collapse?” Gerrit Overweg

”Please let the people of Botton Village carry on with their wonderful work and way of life. I had the chance to live and work with them for a year when I was younger and it was a very meaningful experience for me. With commuting employees and a sharp distinction between the people with special needs and their co-workers and families, you make such experiences impossible and you further complicate the integration of people with special needs into our society.” Malte Roloff

”Botton provides people with learning disabilities a safe home and working environment where they are equally valued. It is also enables them to do meaningful work and to be part of a community and family that love them. Having known people that have grown up in Botton, I can see that the full-time carers who welcome disabled people into their families, love, value and respect them and provide the kind of support that simply cannot be recreated elsewhere. Botton should be considered as an exemplary model of care, rather than as an institution to be shut down.” Olivia Paine

”Botton Village offers one way of community living and working much valued by some individuals with special needs. Obviously, not everyone may wish to live like this. For these individuals plenty of social service provisions are available. In contrast, only Camphill offers this way of life. To become like every other place is terribly short sighted and would make our society much the poorer.” Ingrid Hermansen

”Good luck in your battle with the trustees. Don't let them abandon Karl Konig's visionary principles.” Tessa Burton-Roberts

”Live-in co-wokers are fundamental to the success of the Camphill model.” Andrew Beard

”These models of living/life-sharing with the disabled folks of this world (Camphill villages all over the world and Botton Village included as the first of its kind) are unmatched! The coworkers are extraordinary people who give unflinchingly and selflessly to the benefit of these disadvantaged people who need all the help, recognition and respect we can give them. Botton Village is an example to all of what dignifying humanity is all about. Please save the village, the coworkers and the villagers who need the support of their caregivers and life partners!” Raymonde van der Stok-Fried

”Botton and the Camphill Movement have provided rich, safe and fulfilling lives for thousands of people in the UK and worldwide. The menacing and orchestrated destruction of a way of life that's just a bit different from the 'norm' goes against the very principles recent developments are supposed to engender, i.e. democracy is about freedom of choice and diversity. Who within CVT council or regulatory authorities has adequately - or indeed scientifically - established that the current mainstream social care approach is right and good for all and everyone!?” Tina Reyneke-Frey

”There has to be an alternative to institutional style care - and this is it. Save botton village as it is.” Jeanette Grainger

”Please keep Botton going.” Janet Reibstein

”I give my voice of support this place may not be destroyed!!!” Lisa Dunker

”Yes, I do support the Action for Botton.” Martin du Gard

”Outside interests have infiltrated CVT just like global interests infiltrate governments, they do more damage by stealth than they do with an occupying army, good luck Botton Village.” Mike Raphone

”Such a beautiful place needs to continue to thrive.” Kristin Wilson

”Keep up the good work. Your community is a source of inspiration to me and many I know. My good thoughts are with you in this challenging process!” Thomas Meyer

”The changes seem to be inordinately harsh and even cruel. I suppose there is money involved. Whatever it is, STOP and THINK!” Clare Moynihan

”Families of volunteer families living in Botton are one of the main reasons why the community has been so successful over the years. A situation of real life with mutual care, rather than a situation of paid care and support that creates an imbalance of power and positions of disabled people and carers, has developed and flourished. A nourishing environment has been there for everyone for years. The benefits cannot be described. Now there is a situation where all that has been so beautiful and successful is being destroyed and replaced by a model of care that is simply more expensive and impersonal. The argument that there is no possibility to maintain volunteer co-workers because of regulations is untrue. The truth is that there is no will to keep the situation as it is because of reasons of control and power. Let's prevent this NOW.” Thomas Balls

”Incredible place that helps so many people. It's a wonderful and unique place that gives its residents a chance to live a life.” Freddie Hall

”Thank you so very much for doing this, it makes all the difference for those living in Botton to know our so-called old fashion ways of living together are not so stupid and dated after all.”

”There are many institutions that follow the model that the board suggests; the people with special needs that live in Camphill have chosen this place because of its unique set-up with house communities and co-workers living in the village. Please do not take this away from them. If the community model is something the board does not agree with, maybe it should ask itself if it is governing the right place and step back.” Respectfully, Ms Fleur Scheepens

”Botton is such a beautiful and much NEEDED safe haven community, doing anything that may endanger the wonderful work and care that is given in this amazing little village must be stopped immediately.” Amy Craghill

”What on earth has happened to the Camphill Village Trust? Does it have anything to do with the idea of Camphill?” Michael Brewer

”Botton Village is a way for handicaped people to realize themselves in a way that makes them happy. Their work is necessary for them and they should have the possibility to live in a familiar situation. The natural surroundings of Botton offers them the possibility to develop.” Theresa Knauer

” The quality of life and depth of friendships in Botton are neither accidents nor the manifestations of any executive order. They are rather the dynamic results of what caring, inspired individuals have cooperatively built up, while living together in community, over the span of six decades. An external, top-down order to abolish the residential co-worker model would pull out this foundation from under Botton. Such an action would certainly, rapidly harm the happiness and well-being of the people of Botton living with learning disabilities. And this is not to mention the harm done to the co-workers themselves and their children. I implore the CVT to enter into real dialogue with the co-workers of Botton. I am a former Botton co-worker and a friend of Camphill. On behalf of the entire community, today and onward I stand with the resident co-workers of Botton.” Karsten Frey

”Botton has a unique concept !!! It´s incredible what happens if people live together and share their lives. I would appreciate it very much if families could stay in houses together with people with special needs! Try it out yourself and live and work in such a has such a special atmosphere for everyone!!!” Hannah Friedrich

” Thank you so much for your support!”

”It is essential to the running of CAMPHILL that Botton Village maintains its original structure of long-term coworkers living and working with the residents. Without this the whole reason behind and essence of what CAMPHILL is destroyed.” Anna Holbek

” Thinking of you all!” Jos Smeele

”The trustees and officers of the charity are acting in good faith and in line with current understandings of best practice in terms of governance and compliance with regulatory bodies. However, the situation is one where the normal cookie-cutter organisational forms, structures and procedures does not and cannot apply. Botton is a special space where people are truly enfranchised and work from a deep spiritual impulse. As such governance and management is necessarily non-hierarchical, and what the standard system does not and cannot comprehend is that if you remove this structure you also remove the vessel which creates a space for the fluid of people's love to coalesce into the profound benefits for the 'beneficiaries' of the charity. My deep hope is that the two sides will find a way to heal the rift and understand one another's plight. I sympathise with the trustees who are deeply concerned with their own personal liability and their consciences in regard to good governance, and also with those who I have grown to know and love whose very livelihoods are now threatened.”

”Botton Village is a wonderful place.” Andrea

”I'd be devastated to see the camp hill way of life & those communities changed & destroyed in this way. One of very few things in our country that have genuine humanity, respect & compassion at the heart - not money & business 'ethics'.” Nikki Joyce

”Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

”Hope that you succeed in the future! A very special place!” Susan Alderson

”This is a classic case of trying to mend something that isn't broken. In this instance something unique and priceless. Leave Botton alone - it's worked and continues to work. Perfectly.” Jane Smithson

”Please keep Bottom Village in the way and meaning it was founded! We are watching the current development very concerned and will stay tuned! Kind regards from Germany.” Dan-Felix Müller

”Hey guys, So I'm writing to you all the way from Australia, my friend spent some time in Botton working with the wonderful people there. She always has told me of her experience and how much good is done there. It truly sounds like a type of place that need to be adopted by other countries! I really hope you get to stay there doing the beautiful work you do. Hopefully sense is seen and you are left to continue enriching others lives! Keep up the good work :-)” Rusty Millar

”I grew up in Botton and had a childhood I wouldn't change for the world. Amazing place – honoured to be part of it :)” Louise Ffrench

”Please leave such an inspiring place in peace. Preserve something wonderful and try not impose recent attitudes to something that is remote not just in location but in purpose.” John Kennedy

”Thank you for all your work.”

”For people who neither want nor appreciate the Camphill approach there are plenty of alternatives out there - and that applies to CVT board members and employees as well. On the other hand, Camphill has always sought to evolve positively in the contexts in which it works. This puts a tremendous responsibility on Camphill co-workers to keep abreast of the times and to answer needs better than "good enough.” John Byrde

”Botton needs to be left to do the work it was doing, we need keep what we love safe.”

”I am horrified to learn that this is happening. I experienced for many years the care, love, understanding given by the volunteers in Botton to all in their care. The houses I experienced were places where everyone contributed in his/ her own way and was treated as an equal. Volunteers work because they want to not because they have to. I have experience of volunteering and it is most fulfilling. You choose to work in this way so you give it one hundred per cent.” Elizabeth Brennan

”Great things happening in a simply wonderful place set in a wonderful landscape.” Stephen Murray

”Two of my boys attended the kindergarten at Botton and I've spent many happy hours exploring this beautiful community. It's a magical welcoming place that so many people call home. Let's not destroy this unique community!!!!” Kate Brandon-Davies

”Botton is an amazing place, it has worked perfectly for so many years and I don't see why anything should change. So much good happens here; the care that is provided and the sense of family needs nothing else added to it. I want to visit this place for more years to come and I would hate for it to become something that it doesn't hold at its heart.” Jonah Reid

”I pledge my support to the wonderful people of Botton. Having lived in the local area for most of my childhood, I have seen Botton as a thriving supportive community which makes a difference to people\\\'s lives.” Emma Holt

”Keep fighting the good fight. Grew up in Botton. I was so lucky!” Mathew Boyd

”I lived in Botton for a year as a volunteer and can testify their amazing work and how good it is for the villagers. Nothing would made me more disappointed than seeing this wonderful social experiment being taken away.” Queren Hapuque Mota de Melo Paulozzi

”a truly wonderful place that needs to stay that way!” Hannah Reid

”Don't destroy Botton Village, where people can enjoy a fulfilling life! This is a very special place and it should be obvious to Trustees that this community needs to stay like it is, with all their values, instead of being transformed into just another institutional care facility.” Katrin Brydon

”This is madness - people have spent their lives building Botton and its ethos of care. The trustees completely miss the point and must be stopped” Donald Brydon

”The philosophy and shared lifestyle of Botton is essential to its success - if the communal living were to be disabled, the villagers would lose significant quality of life. Botton isn’t 9-5, its constant love and care, and essential that the village and community lifestyle is upheld! Good luck Botton!” Georgina Moore

”I hope we manage to save your camphill by the support we offer. Please, keep on battling for the best of the conditions and making it possible to remain sustainable and free! Thank you!” Amanda Saksman

”I support Botton :-)” Hanna Huber

”Having lived in Danby during my childhood, I spent many a night with friends from Botton ( Forbes & Joiner families). The village is a true inspiration and would be a massive shame if the core of the structure is ripped out.” Ben

”Please do not lose the spiritual.” Peter Ramsbotham

”Stop these bad people!” Joe Gilgan

”Listen to what people want!!!” Prue Benson

”Please pursue open dialogue to ensure the continuity of the vocational life sharing model of care.” Alan Potter

”Let Botton village be and continue its wonderful work! Stop messing with something that works and is good! save what it” Judith Byford

”Please do not destroy a way of life that has been built up over years of hard work, learning to cooperate and growing together. Everybody benefits particularly those with Learning Disabilities where they experience true acceptance and love from a Community that truly knows and supports them. House Co-ordinators and their families also grow in their understanding through experiencing living together with such a diverse group of people, including the wonderful young co-workers and together finding ways to bring harmony into their homes and lives. This just so precious to be thrown away due to other peoples greed and need for power. Those people have infiltrated and callously disregarded all that has gone before and come in when the hard pioneering work has been done. What do they know of Anthroposophy and the vision that was shared all those years ago? Keep Camphill Communities alive by removing the Managers and bringing the voice of the Service Users to the for once again.” Sara Westbrook

”The wilful extinguishing of Botton\\\'s tried and tested and deeply inspirational practice of shared life feels like a crime against humanity. Are people asleep???” Michael Rose

”As a Steiner School teacher I am familiar with the Camphill movement, and have friends in a few Camphill villages, where I have spent time and seen the beautiful work that is done there thanks to the uniquely supportive Co-worker model. Botton Village is a community that works.” Jonny Butler

”This sounds like a case of something that wasn't broken being 'fixed'. The description given in your page lacks the reasons why the trustees want to make these changes, but reading between the lines it seems to be in keeping with the ever increasing trend of economic concerns trumping humanity.” Mark Bramfitt

”Botton needs worldwide support!” Lidwien de Vette - van der Gulden

”Let us hope that people are reminded of the reasons why the pioneers of Camphill created this environment. Those reasons should be nurtured to flourish in the 21st Century, not put in a straight jacket & suffocated so it eventually conforms & function like any other caring organisation/environment.....thus, the essence of Camphill should not be ignored & is hope & a beacon of light for many people that genuine caring & sharing still exists in the 21st century.....let us keep the light of hope, love & peaceful living shining & not allow those to succeed with their intention of destroying the essence of Camphill living” Tracy Finnley

”Please save it - it is so important to so many people” Carolyn Walker

”I grew up near Botton and went to the Steiner school there. It is truly an amazing place and u cannot believe they are doing this :-(” Emily Hussain

”I send waves of love, for those who cannot yet understand. I hope that the miracle will happen in the hearts of those who want to stop this flow of love. This shouldn't be stopped, but with faith cultivated and supported. It is the Love which streams from that place carrying strong qualities of the human nature through all who live there! Keep strong, you ARE STRONG!!!! LOVE” Annamária Balog

”I had stayed in Hapstead, Camphill in Devon as a co-worker years and years ago. It was my very special experience. I also met my husband there and he's from Botton. I visited Botton many times and I really think the place should be kept as it used to be. Camphill is great place for disabled people, no doubt. Hope Botton will be saved. Good luck!!!” Kanako Hayashi

”The community created in places like Bottom is capable of carrying people of all abilities, making sure they can live a life with dignity and meaningful contribution to he needs of the community. I have yet to see any other setting in which there is such variety and richness of real experiences on offer for people with learning disabilities and where it matters what you can do and contribute.” Peter Kramer

”I have fond memories of Botton, peaceful and tranquil. I wish you well in your endeavours.” Luke Rutter

”Good Luck” Poppy Moodie

”Over the many years I have been visiting and staying at Botton I have been privileged to share in the life of several houses, the villagers and the carers. and to see the rich life the villagers have had. During my last visit I could see that the villagers were being distressed by the forced changes at Botton and fully support the Action for Botton impulse.” Valerie Taylor

”Once this model is gone there is no choice of this nature available to those who would choose and value it. There are other opportunities elsewhere for those who wish to choose them. I have personally experienced the loss of this kind of care and support for vulnerable people who have previously thrived on this kind of environment.” Beverley Powell

”Good luck. You have presented yourselves well and the CVT are out of order.” Miko D

”There must be other ways. Flexibility of thought is needed. Botton is a wonderful place for everyone. To quote the child of a co-worker's poem, just written yesterday. "My village is a dream.....I love living in the community, everyone is so kind to me.” ” Anthea Stock

”I worked and lived in Botton for 3 years and left for further education. Coming back to this lovely place and supporting this amazing and inspiring way of life has been on my mind since I left. Big support for this community and all the best” Hans Tuellmann

”Botton has long been a vital example of how people with learning disabilities can be treated with humanity and achieve a happy and rewarding life which is good for them but also for society. To alter this is an act of authoritarian barbarism.” Angela Neustatter

”Good luck, employment maybe right but the real community is the most important and not what is being dictated by cvt and LA.” Juergen Zimmermann

”I have worked and lived at Botton in different roles. I have lived in Botton from time to time as a co-worker and have valued the close relationships that I have been able to build up over a period of about 20 years. I believe that work done within a family environment is more committed than work done on a shift basis and for payment. This ethos of community life is more sustainable than temporary workers. It would be a tragedy if this way of life was lost and I think it is very important to find a way of retaining this caring and loving community.” Anne Gabrielle Stringer

”Do not make Botton into an ordinary institution. There is lots to learn from this place, instead of destroying it!” Kristof Vervynck

”Botton should stay the way it is!!” Roos

”I left Botton last year after 26 years and I am glad this is finally happening! I wish you all my strength for this campaign.” David Adams

”I support the traditional Botton model.” Ruth Oslund

”Like to give you my support” Alexander

”You have my full support!” James B

”I am interested to know about situation in Botton and how can I help” Rudolf Grigoryan

”Botton has been one of the most magical places. It is unthinkable that the very foundation of this place should now be destroyed.” Nicole Krutzke

”A place like Botton Village should be allowed to exist as a Camphill community not just as an institution for the disabled.” Else Wolf

”Please let me know how and where I am needed. This is a rights issue that needs facing.” Hannah Schwart

”Botton Village is a very special place and should be recognized for what it provides for people with disabilities.” Kerst de Jong

”As a parent of a less developed child, I am shocked by CVT's actions. As an individual, I am shocked by the dishonesty. This is shameful.” Sir John Baring Bt

”I support A4B! This is the last chance for Botton.” Roman Gerhard

”The actions of the CVT are threatening to destroy the very qualities that have made Botton the wonderful community it is. Don't let this happen!” Roswitha Imegwu

”Thank god something is happening. Thank you for starting the ball rolling! This awful way of breaking the community has to be fought somehow.” Emily Gerhard

”I hope, you will all get through this difficult time. Know, that your Camphill Family all around the world is thinking of you! May the outcome be the one that you desire! Greetings from Camphill Hudson.” Petra Madsen

”We must not allow Botton Village to be destroyed.” James Fearnley

”This community needs our help and protection. It is clear that the care in Botton and also in other Camphill communities (as they used to be in the UK) is of a far greater quality, value and integrity then most other options for people with special needs. This alternative should not be destroyed and turned into just another hollow, soulless money orientated care establishment. Fight for this approach to thrive. Real care instead of care which is just about treating people as numbers and box ticking exercises to appear to meet empty standards which don\\\'t really say or achieve anything meaningful or of any real substance. People with special needs and the carers deserve better and Camphill as its meant to be, when in alignment with its true ethos and organised in accordance with its original principles is better and needs to be fought for.” Thomas Le Cornu

”Hope I can help!” Sabra Thomas-Gray

”I'm a co-worker in Botton... I care about this village and the people who live here... I'm not supporting employment.”

”I am a great supporter of the Botton community. Where else have disabled people the chance to be so respected, loved and cared for than in Botton Village? I have seen so many happy villagers and that is only the case due to the loving support of their hard working co workers, families and volunteers. Please don't change this bit of positive world that there is!” Lydia Gardner

”The original core idea of the Botton community must never die! It should not be watered down by superficial commercial interests. Autonomy and independence are of substantial meaning.” Lorenz K

”I would love to support those a few places left as a representative of community, true social life is happening in the world.” Nana Woo

”I'm sure the family service element which is at the heart of this unique way of life should not suffer from the dilution inherent in a homogenised "professional" approach.. Compromise is required here, surely?” Madge Bray

”I have seen first hand the family structure that Botton village provides for the people there. Are the changes about improving life for the residents? What other reason is there for change? Botton is and has always been a special place for a reason. Take the heart from it and what is left?” Chloe Forfitt

”As an 18 year old I traveled halfway around the world and lived in Botton for almost a year. This was a formative experience for me, and I believe it changed the way I thought about myself, what I wanted to achieve with my life, and importantly my responsibility and respect towards others. This type of village community cannot legally exist in Australia, which is a true shame for needy people in this country. Camphill Village Trust should aim to protect the unique community environment of Botton, not to compromise it.” Gemma Pech

”I lived in Oaklands Park for 8 years and my mum spent 11 years giving her energy and love to the community. I loved Oaklands and have very fond memories of being there. The Villagers were amazing people who lit up our lives every day. Yes it could be difficult, but this way of life was truly aspirational and I would give an awful lot to get back to that place. Unfortunately Oaklands was taken over by a manager with no prior experience in Camphill or with any real knowledge of Rudolf Steiner or Karl Koenig. Oaklands is a shadow of its former self and children are no longer welcome there, there are no house parents, villagers no longer feel a duty to work; instead they may choose to watch tv. The beautiful biodynamic veg is no longer the food of choice. Instead they are supporting mass corporations such as Tesco. They're even selling the mansion now after leaving it to rot for too long. If Botton Village is the one Camphill that still exists as Camphill should be then it MUST stay in its organic form. It has nurtured so many. Keep Botton a proper Camphill Community!” Jasmine Lovell

”The way of life as exhibited, experienced and lived in Botton Village is a far superior provision than I have met anywhere else in my 37 years of working with people in need of special care. That co-workers and villagers live together in equality, family and friendship, each having their own contribution to make to the life as a whole is unique and unrivalled. Whoever is behind allowing this very life blood to be lost is making one incredibly grave mistake and depriving the world and the people living this way of life of a high quality work, social, spiritual and cultural life. Please think again!” Helen Bawden

”This Place is unique and beautiful, just like a cosy home for all sorts of people, whether disabled or not. The art of living in Botton Village is very special, there are not many places left like that. So it needs to be protected like a rare plant. Please don't change a running system!” Lisa Marie Blümmel

”Botton is a great place where vulnerable people are very well supported and very well taken care of!” Elisabeth Zoellner

”Good luck - Botton has to survive!” Judy Gray

”Good luck! I really hope that Botton and other camphill communities continue to have a place in the world! It would be a massive loss for such ridiculous reasons.” Kat Inks

”Security and familiarity is so important to vulnerable adults. There are plenty of examples of abuse in care homes where the carers have no investment in the people they 'care' for. Please save this unique and wonderful care.” Tracey Lucas

”Camphill villages will cease to exist without the dedication and hard work of voluntary co workers. Cannot be allowed to happen, the quality of life for most of the villagers would diminish rapidly.” Jenny

”One doesn't have to be in Botton for long just to get the sense of how valued and appreciated every single person is here! Everyone is able to live up to his or her full potential. This is only possible because Co-workers and those who are learning disabled alike call it their home. They work, eat, laugh and cry together, they share their everyday life together and know that they are safe here! Changing the Co-worker-system in favour of an employee-system will not only rob families who have been living in Botton for years or even decades of their homes but will also traumatise all of those people who should supposedly benefit from it! The people with learning disabilities will not only lose their families, their friends but will also lose a lot of security and self-confidence! Botton is a very unique and special place! DO NOT DESTROY THAT!!!” Johanna

”Many good wishes for the Action! Thinking about you all.” Marie-Reine Adams

”It's vital that this unique and wonderful community continues to provide love and support for all those involved .” Melanie Elkan

”Stand by your beliefs and don't give up. Good luck”

”I am a young co-worker in Botton. I have been in few other Camphill Communitys before and I really hope Camphills could stay us they have always been!”

”I have a keen interest in Botton Village and her future unfolding. Please keep me informed of developments.” Tim Paholak

”An important endeavour/place for all the world. We need more of them, not less.” Bevan B Ballah

”Don't destroy this community.” Susan

”This is a tragedy unfolding in slow motion. it is not to late to throw the process into reverse. Fingers crossed that this can happen.” Guy Alma

”All the way!! Raise the fist for the good cause! Great stuff by the way... Keep it up!” Anonymity requested

”This country needs places like Botton where people can fulfil their destiny rather than becoming part of the 'care industry’” Brigitte van Rooij

”Leave Botton alone!! It is a wonderful and inspiring place as it has always been and provides a way of life for the villagers that we could all learn from.” Madelaine Gair

”I fully pledge my support to keep such a wonderful community open” Annette Conway

”So important that this amazing and unique way of life continues” Catherine van Dam”

”I fully support you coworkers and cannot believe what is happening to Camphill Villages.” Valentina Monguzzi

”I strongly support Botton and the cause to maintain it as it exists at the present time.” Janice Burke

”I support the Camphill principles at Botton.” Wolo Radysch

"I personally have witnessed the destruction of Camphill at Oaklands Park - an unmitigated disaster. Botton is the only centre strong enough to resist. I will help in any way I can." Nick Assirati

"Good luck guys. It's important." Mark Moodie

"I fully support your aim to maintain the original ethos and living/working arrangements that created and sustained this community." Peter Leviné

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