Action 4 Botton

"We would fully endorse the current approach that Action for Botton is wishing to maintain. As part of our food trails we visit Botton Creamery to see how the cheese is made and everyone we bring to the creamery is bowled over by the current ethos operated in the village." Sue Nelson

"Hi, I meet a lady a few years ago who's grown up daughter lives at Botton, she said her daughter did things once there that it had always been said she would never do plus she is very happy there. The long term volunteers are what make Botton what it is. Paid carers do it for the money and are badly paid and overworked to introduce this at Botton would be a backward step. I have spent many hours in old peoples home where even the best are hard pressed to give the care that is need and with meaningful relationships. Keep Botton as it is. If its not broken Don't fix it!!" Heather Holmes

"The family atmosphere in Botton should not be lost as this means the villagers are treated with respect and dignity and love; and humour is present in every household as well as a depth of understanding." Bridget Johnstone

"Why change something that has worked for years!" Carole Harrison

"Camphill communities should look to improving the structure of its creative working/living environment but taking away resident careers out of the structure would be detrimental to the intensive level of care that is so well provided. Camphill is a holistic environment, the main focus is the care and well beings of vulnerable people. It would be catastrophic if you took this away. Think about the very special vulnerable peoples' needs before making decisions that will effect their unique care environment.!!! Also speak to other communities before making such changes. Feedback is crucial." Emma Snellgrove

"Pleased to support you. I am en ex-pupil of Elmfield where I came to know several pupils from Botton families. Keep up the good work." Jonathan Barber

"These communities need to stay together, it is inhuman pulling people apart." Diane Barter

"I don't have money to give but you have my word." Heather Nixon

"My children attended Botton school in the 70s. Because they came from outside the village, they were allocated a house to belong to. They joined the household for lunch, celebrated everyone's birthday and acquired a second family. The rich and unusual quality of Camphill lies in the way families share their lives with the villagers. the idea that everyone regardless of who they are needs to be living in separated independent dwellings is not supported by the evidence from Camphill's community approach, which offers a rich and varied life to people with learning or social challenges. Camphill is a precious resource for all of us in western civilization where the trend towards separation and individualism has gone so far as to be an illness. Please don't destroy this amazing way of life in the name of conformity or financial expediency." Vivien Ray

"Having spent much of my childhood in Botton. I know first hand just how special this social model is. A community providing a loving, meaningful life for all is to be applauded. Extreme care is needed to ensure this social model is nurtured and protected for current and future generations." Daniel Bamford

"Never give up!" Stephen Bowers

"It would be madness to destroy the support model which has made Botton such a happy, productive and constructive community for so many decades. This would be a move made without any sense of what makes social cohesion work." Sarah Freeman

"I think people with learning disabilities thrive when part of a family and a community. Living alone with paid care-workers visiting as a job (which they might not stay in very long) is a sad and isolating experience." Angela Smith

"....a valued ,wholesome ,dignified and important way of sharing life both for the residents, co workers, family's and their children...." Phoebe Crum

"Sounds wonderful, first I have heard of you, but wish you continued success!!" Ellen Carolan

"Camphill provides a unique and extremely effective model of care and it would be a tragedy if this was lost. Why do we need to change something that has worked so well for so long. Is it change for the sake of change? My son experienced many models of care and Camphill was the one that worked best, providing a real sense of community and inclusion. Please reconsider this decision." Wilma McNaughton

"I feel it is more important to invest in the professional training of vocational care workers to function in a 'family' environment than to recruit disinterested employees; these vocational workers do need to be vetted and to be held accountable. A business model, while possibly more 'efficient' and easier to control is less likely provide for the social, emotional and practical aspects of caring and is more likely to impact negatively upon the very people the trust is there to serve." Maeve Race

"I only discovered that I was Dyslexic at the age of SIXTY. Before that I thought that I was just a bit thick. Please dont give up on the support that you give to your friends, and co-enjoyers and enjoyment givers. Be Lucky." John Sutherland

"Having a family member with autism I have seen over the course of his 35 years the value of communities like Camphill at Botton. Everyone is different and people with greater than average needs - even more so. There are many settings with paid carers available to people with special needs. These rare setting with live in volunteers surely need our support in an increasingly streamlined and efficiency focused world. Creating a real family feel to a home for those who cannot fully care for themselves is a precious thing which deserves to be celebrated." Yvonne Chakraborty

"The principle of community living lies at the heart of Camphill. It has been copied by many, as the realisation that it is the best way. Don't let this principle be destroyed!" John Tallo

"Please save Botton Village as it provides a wonderfully caring environment for very vulnerable people." Tom Rowling

"If they want to be taken seriously the trustees of CVT really must make their case clearly because as far as I can see they have seriously blurred the edges by withholding information. You have my full support for this wonderful organisation!" Jo Ridgers

"Please let me know any way i can support, I have been involved in Mourne Grange Ireland as house parent, and know how important Camphill values are for all residents, it must not be allowed to change so radically." Jane Lynne

"I was a volunteer at Camphill Devon Community between 2012 and 2013. There have been lots of changes at CDC and it has not been a Camphill any more. I believe there is more love, care and trust in the traditional Camphill way, which I hope can be preserved in Botton village." Dora Zhou

"I can't quite believe that the trustees are considering changing the way bottom functions so dramatically. The way that it has worked over the years has been such a fine example of heartfelt, real caring support, which is not always found in conventional care where workers are " just doing a job" and money is the bottom line. Please don't fix something that isn't broken!" Benjamin Smithson

"Steiner School parent from Devon." Elaine Armstrong

"The Camphill way of shared living is an important source of social learning that has demonstrated its effectiveness for a long time. It is a model for humanitarian and courageous action to re-enable those who need surrounding with help and support, to live their lives to the best of their available potential. Checks and balances can be put in place to enable this unique approach to meet Social Services standards and protocols. Take time and employ all wisdom that is available to make this a worthy future for the Camphill way at Botton." Sue Clutterbuck

"Botton has provided the very best standard of care, providing a normal and loving environment in which people may lead useful lives. I stayed there many years ago and found it inspirational. Yet another example of spreading stupidity and inhumanity." Pat Marsh

"How can you take away the volunteers' good will? To sway to narrow-minded intitutional formulas? Let Botton continue as it is." William Rendall

"I support Botton's commitment to providing an innovative model of care, while adapting to evolving regulatory requirements. I would urge the Trustees to look at many possible ways of fulfilling financial and regulatory requirements, while preserving the co-worker model." Kirsten Dwight

"I am a former co-worker of Camphill and this is very disturbing news that the community spirit will be broken by legislators. There is enough evidence on the continent that the employee approach has a negative impact on community life." Ian Castles

"It is obvious that the whole basis on which Botton has been built will be destroyed by the new proposal and that the people making it simply do not (or are unwilling to) understand the Camphill ethos. Removing co-workers will greatly disturb the people whom they support, already damaged as they are, and will make their lives infinitely less fulfilling than they now are. Without the support and care of the co-workers, the villagers are likely to have to live lives like those of so many other disabled people - circumscribed, boring and unfulfilled. If they are forced down this road at Botton, which is a long way from many of the facilities they enjoy at present, the effect will be even worse. The new proposal is dreadful - apparently totally uncaring of the people who need protection and support." Julian Over

"Good luck everyone!" Jane Legg

"I sincerely hope you can continue as you are, it's such a wonderful set up. Good luck." Alice Snellgrove

"For God's sake ...... get real.....wake up ........... do you actually know what you are trying to destroy.? Or are you awake & know exactly what you are trying to do ??? If so, then whose pocket are you in ???" G. Warr

"The CVT need to consider alternatives to their present direction of employing care-workers instead of involving vocational workers, and other changes. The model the CVT want to pursue may damage the whole ethos of Camphill worldwide, have long ranging consequences they may not envisage and make all communities become more like care homes than the amazing support structures they all are." Jon West

"I find it hard to understand the argument for changing the core of what this Camphill community is about. What is the justification?" Stokely Webster

"My niece who is at Botton. She loves living and working there, has great friends and has really developed and matured as a person, in a safe and stimulating environment, delivery through the fantastic commitment of the staff. Botton is a unique and wonderful community and I would like it kept that way." Anonymity requested

"We can't let this happen to our vulnerable loved ones. The regulators, authorities and CVT top managers talk of equality and choice and then they do their best to take these things away. My sister in law has chosen to live in a family environment in a community based on loving-kindness, in a rural setting, where everyone, Co-workers and vulnerable adults alike, are considered to be equal and everyone contributes according to their abilities. Why is this wrong? " Jenny Piercy

"As a staff child myself and having spent many years as a volunteer co-worker I feel that although change is always necessary, too much can be detrimental! I still have close links to Camphill and feel those who have given their all to the welfare of those living in these community environments are not being listened to, surely they know how best to move forward and their opinions and ideas should be heard!" Michael Baker

"Please, please, do not ruin the way of life at Botton. It is second to none. Modern day employment means endless changes of staff, changes of regulations, and a feeling of "being done too" rather than being part of a community. Being part of a community is invaluable for people with these drawbacks." Mary Cozens

"I see Botton as a blue-print of how a responsible society could work. An acorn, if you like, that must be protected. You need clear-sighted and impartial facilitators to allow a rebuilding of the damaged communications which you have been nurturing for the past 15 months. Go for the best you are worth it." Andie Luijk

"The quality of care and support given to the residents of the Camphill Communities by the co-workers is pivotal to the success of the project. My own knowledge of the process is based on the experiences of a family member at another location. I urge the trustees at Botton to listen to those with experience of the running of the community." Paul Brazier

"I have seen at first hand for many decades Camphill Villages operate highly successfully in a unique way that provides far greater levels of care and wellbeing to its residents than commercial care homes. Britain is known for its pluralistic approach to education and this should extend to provision for people with learning difficulties, rather than inadvertently destroying this, a highly successful model, through mindless standardisation. The customers should have a say, not just the legislators." Mario Peters

"Having seen the outcome of this very thing in Oaklands park my childhood home I am devastated to see it now happening to Camphills as strong as Botton! There can be no community and the camphill essence is lost." Rowan Westbrook

"I have worked in botton and think it's a beautiful and unique place! I fully support this and hope they can beat the people against them!" Megan Galuidi

"I fully support your efforts to retain the human community of Botton, and free it from the hands and intentions of impersonal managers who seem intent on killing the very human spirit behind Botton and Camphill in general." Duncan Mackintosh

"Who can better judge how to work and live with the people in Botton, the people who actually doing the work and live there or those that stand on the fringe and who misuse their power to organise other peoples lives? Secondly if one recruits people to do the paid job, what will be their priority? Their job, including wages or the people they suppose to care for?" Adriaan Luijk

"Dear Botton, I broadly support the view of your action group and am engaging in positive thoughts for Camphill as a whole during these challenging times. Observing the concept of social three folding and a degree of selflessness has always been the part of Camphill co-workers' ideals of attainment. Bearing in mind these modern times of ultra egotism is it possible that these ideals are no longer sustainable? And instead of trying to recreate or maintain the Camphill Karl Koenig and co envisaged one should be exploring how to provide that core 'Care of Love and inclusiveness in daily life' in new and meaningfull ways! For me personally the main focus and starting point is on the people in the care of Camphill and their parents! What do they feel about this, practicalities aside how do they envisage Camphill to provide for their needs, hopes and aspirations in the future? I would love to hear how this very important issue develops and as ever am in admiration of what Camphill is and has achieved." Beatus Elsholtz

"Please do everything in your power (it IS in your power) to ensure the Camphill ethos survives and thrives." Ali Gray

"You have a valuable community which works very well under the current system - Therefore the arrangements should stay as they are. Good luck." Paul Armstrong

"It is evident to me that Botton is a special place. Replacing what has given it this success with with a model based on finance, which has no heart, is reckless vandalism." Barbara Beveridge

"I have worked in a residential Steiner home school and know how valuable these places are for so many people. It's not always about economics and money, it's about being inclusive and providing homes and communities for people." Susan Turauskis

"Please note my support and let me know if I can help in any way." Stephen Humphriss

"The Botton way of life is a model where everyone - people without and people with learning difficulties - share a life of mutual friendship and support. It is important, that rules are in place to protect the people with learning difficulties and guarantee that they receive the care and help they need. However, the special thing about Camphill is that it is not a care home in the usual sense of the word but a living community where everyone supports and cares for each other. My first still vivid memory visiting a Camphill place was the pride of a resident, who showed me around, clearly not considering himself as just on the receiving end of care but as a responsible co-worker and co-owner of the community. In order that this way of life works, it needs people who want to commit themselves to live in a community long term and who carry a deep interest in the ongoing open communication and personal spiritual work this kind of living demands. This is much more than just a paid job. If long term staff with their families are not any more regarded as suitable for Botton, it shows that the council has clearly not understood what Camphill is about. If this plan is followed through, Botton is not any more a Camphill Community. There are lots of conventional care homes in the country who do a wonderful job, but Botton is another model, another alternative of living for people with learning difficulties. I just don't understand how any responsible person could want to restrict the already limited amount of choices for vulnerable people. Please don't destroy the unique way of community living in Botton! Don't take away from people with learning difficulties this possibility of living in a community, where they can feel part of the working and social/cultural processes and valued and respected for their contributions. Camphill communities work successfully all over the world, why does a council in England want to destroy one of the pioneering places???" Ursula Werner

"Having lived and worked for many years in Steiner schools and having visited Botton Village and other Camphill villages I will do my utmost to spread the word." Annie Pearson

"For the sake of humanity KEEP BOTTON GOING and keep the baying wolves a away." Steven Hunt

"I've shared the link on Facebook as I overwhelmingly support the way that Botton currently operates and think a change to this would be devastating." Sue Winters

"I have visited Botton many times and looked after Stormy Hall one summer when the house parents were away. It was joyful to experience the sense of purpose that everyone shared!!" Janet Westgarth

"Senseless application of senseless rules , if something works why change it." M. Burkinshaw

"These changes must not be allowed to happen! The essential spirit of Camphill is demonstrated each day and through the years by the shared community living. I have and continue to witness the wonder of community living at another Camphill estate and it is most certainly the core of the Camphill ethos. Please, to those who are driving these changes, please think again." Maggie Reid

"Camphill communities were a concept of Rudolf Steiner who wanted to give a normal, happy and safe life to the people of learning difficulties. The volunteer co-workers not only helped and supported this concept but gained an invaluable insight into the lives of the residents of Camphill communities which broadened their understanding and enriched their feelings and caring for them. Therefore, the Camphill communities should be allowed to go on functioning as before as long as they follow Rudolf Steiner's concepts. Thank you." Janakie Balasuriya

"Wish you the very best in this petition." Renata Ingram

"Keep up the good fight guys. Go(o)d on our side!" Ernest Bell

"This is definitely something worth fighting for!" Corrie Norris

"I was there as a volunteer in Summer 2011, I cannot imagine a better place for the people with a learning disability." Frantisek Kalab

"Unbelievable what is happening, shame on them!!! You have my total support." Jane Day

"It would be a tragedy to change a well proven formulae that over many years has given villagers self esteem and fullness of life in a caring home with committed volunteers, for the sake of conformity to a mind numbing, box ticking brigade of politically correct bureaucrats, who have no real understanding of the ethos of Camphill communities." Alan Barber

"Hello whomever it may concern, I would like to express my support of the Camphill way of living, working and being in community. There is a distinct difference between paid and working hour coworkers and having people offer their lives to share it with special needs people. The healing effect deepens, the feeling of belonging makes a crucial difference and living a shared life also means getting to know and live personal aspects that mean "having a full life" and no payed co-workering situation with schedule and working hours can make that possible. Even though Camphill is a relatively "old" concept by now, it is new and unique in comparison to what exists in care. I have whitnessed and seen the significant difference in life quality it has for both- householders and special needs people- that I would like to undermine that shared family-like living has more future and benefit than any other form of payed and methodically pre-decided way of approach. Please consider allowing this futuristic way alongside with what government has so far found to be working in other settings." Warmly, Nadine Seemann

"I have stayed many years ago at Botton and seen how dedicated the co worker are, they are the main foundation for the students wellbeing ie emotionally & mentally, it's ridiculous to remove the foundation that very basic & important of Camphill's teaching." Diane Getlevog

"It would be a tragedy if the very 'essence' of the Camphill way of life were to be swept aside because of 'new thinking'- As paying residents, those with 'challenged' also have the Right (through Freedom of Expression) to expressed their views personally or through their legal representative. Have the residents been asked what they would like...regardless of what the authorities may stipulate or desire? " Eric Fairman

"This is a brilliant cause. The Trustees need to support you 100%" Jayne Briggs

"If its not broken dont try to fix it - this is a wonderful model and I would love my Autisitc son to be able to be part of something like this when he is grown up. " Susan Quantrell

"Please leave botton alone, it's beautiful." Alex Knox

"Botton is a unique and special place and I am always moved and inspired when I visit, not just by your work and vision but also by the beauty of the place, not to mention the excellent coffee and cake available. Trustees must not destroy what they have been entrusted with. There is room for pluralism in out world." Deborah Hughes

"Please listen to the residents and caring community of this wonderful place. Do not erode such a haven bult over a long period of time through love, trust and hard work." Sarah Charlton

"I hugely support your work. Good luck" Erica McGarrigle

"It is hardly imaginable that the living way of being and living together in the most human way could be kept up under artificial, “professional” conditions. During my personal visits in Botton as a mother of one of the co-workers I became aware of how important it is to work with vulnerable people purely out of love. I have never met such a deeply human community ever." Klára Balogh

"Keep up the fight!" Paul Adriaanse

"I will support you in any way I can. Botton is a unique place and well worth fighting for." Pam Shepherd

"I hope Botton can retain it's current way of life." Emily Ogden

"This is a very special place ... Why change it?" Victoria Lloyd-Roberts

"I support Botton in continuing to be a life sharing community." Linda Parker

"My uncle lived at Botton for many years and I worked there as a co-worker for several months. It is a truly special place that does incredible work for those with disabilities." Sophie Henson

"Having visited Bottom once before, I think it would be a massive mistake to make the proposed changes. It was clear when I visited that all the villagers there were extremely well loved and looked after, and I can't imagine a better way for them to live their lives, and after all, that is entirely what Botton is about." Matthias Christian

"I was in Botton several times as a guest because one of my sons used to work there as a co-worker and he led two farms there. The way of life of the community amazed me. I cannot imagine other form of social life in Botton. This is a real situation in which humans meet humans in the deepest sense of the word. In the sphere of the soul and spirit "modernisation" may become a real mistake." Toni Antal Tolnai

"Camphill Village Communities must not be destroyed." Nicolette Daum

"What is proposed by the CVT trustees seems in tune with the zeigeist, not least in the underhand way it has been brought about. Lets hope they don't succeed in undermining something of immense value in our fragmented, often unhappy world." Joy Sutherland

"l will help in anyway l can!!! x Good luck." Janet Fraser

"Please reconsider the policy on removing family co workers as part of the therapeutic community. Their contribution is invaluable." Helen Compson

"You have my full support." Mary Fox

"I would like to see the residents of Botton village continue to enjoy the warmth and support of their relationships with their co-workers." Tony Marshall Griffiths

"Please remain vigilant and brave through this challenging time dear Botton folk... I still believe you can triumph and see your cherished life remain; of course it will be evolved by these experiences somewhat, but essentially you'll be staying true to the deeply special and unique values you all share with each other there. This negative and fearful spirit of our current age must not have more credence ascribed to it, as it so forcefully seeks to convince us. The merits of the world we actually live in requires a great deal more than systems and models which foolishly pay only lip-service to the deeper and ultimately much more sustainable elements by which we should all be living. Yours, with love." David Durham

"Botton village is a wonderful place especially because it is a living community. All members are learning and developing with and through each other. It would be ever so sad, if this life community of all ages and abilities would be destroyed. I spent 2 important years in Botton and am living now in Germany, Hamburg, working with children in a kindergarden. I loved my time in Botton and went for visits a few times. Please, please let Botton village remain such an inspirational place! Or at least let the people envolved decide as well how to go into the future! Best wishes." Nicola Thomsen

" How can the CVT management so change the running of Botton Village? The whole reason it was started was for the co-worker families to life share, to work and celebrate social and religious occasions together. How could this continue if the carers live apart from the cared for?" Chailean & Palle Elmquist-Weihs

"This is a virtually unique approach to caring through supporting, living and working with people with special needs built on the concept of co-working as equal human beings. It reflects the deep commitment of those more-able sharing their lives and living space with those less-able who depend on them, with each gaining from the other's human qualities. It needs special consideration and support and it would be tragic to loose this as it provides a model more formal arrangements can learn from." Nev Fay

"I support the Co-workers in Botton village and hope that CVT will review their latest decision, which will indeed destroy community life." Betty Stolk

"Botton Village is doing fantastic work!" Dr. Bohdan Rymarenko

"Good luck with your misson. You do inspiring work and represent a model of community care that we can all aspire to. Replacing voluntary co-workers with paid staff will completely miss the point of why these communities are so successful." Ross Pollock

"If this is true its an appalling act of social vandalism. At the very least it needs a public airing and investigation as to what is going on. I have spent time at Botton and know it to be a truly inspiring place. The nature and quality of that place would be utterly ruined if the proposals, as stated, were put into action." Michael Hallam

"I pledge my support in your cause, and wish you well." Madog Gamon de Vis

"I hope with lots of support and publicity, throughout the wider community, your message and plea for help will be heard." Celia Sheils

"Don't do it." Tom Pitts

"I work alongside many people with intellectual (learning) disabilities in the US and I once visited a Camphill community, and was impressed by how much everyone benefitted." Diana Katovitch

"I support the continuation of the original model of co-worker families living a communal life with the residents. I have experienced the wholesomeness that this sharing engender in a Camphill household and deplore the current drive to turn a way of life into a paid profession." Maurice Manning

"I lived in Botton for a year, it was a wonderful experience." Soleil Mannion

"Good luck!" Elsemarie Ten Brink

"Full support for Botton." Ingrid Steenbergen

"At the end of the day this will be about money and power not about the needs of the residents." John Hammerton

"Knowing of the ethos and values of Camphill and what it has achieved in the person of one individual who has received support since adolescence for many years now, I gladly support you in your current policy." Janet Henfrey

"In a country with diminishing state resources, it makes sense for volunteers to help with this work. It is also traumatic for those involved in long-standing relationships of trust to lose their anchor by having their friends replaced with oft-changing paid helpers." Malcolm Underwood

"I am horrified by what I see and hear is happening to CVT centres up and down the country. I have lived in Botton and worked as a teacher at Botton Village School for 7 years. I want to do anything I can to prevent the changes the CVT trustees are trying to implement." Rachel Betts

"I visited Botton Village and thought this was a wonderful place to live and grow. Some changes are not always the way forward. I sincerely hope you are able to stay just the way you are." Jan Ayton

"I suppose there is external pressures (funding issues) attached to this move to employ "Qualified" staff to do the caring. This would allow a background check on them so that a box or two can be ticked. There is never a perfect caring solution for family members never mind non family members. However a regimented environment only means that the people cared for are institutionalized and become less and less independent. Not what the CVT was set up to do. I hope you are successful in overthrowing this regime that is being forced on your organisation." Alex Barclay

"I have known of the Camphill organisation and in particular of Botton for many years. Change is good but the reasons must be based upon sound human centred principles and not based entirely upon economics. We need to ask what do the residents want and not what those who perhaps are removed from the work 'think'." Peter Barrett

"Responsible free choice for a free world." Felicity Jeans

"This is well worth supporting, why do things have to change. If it works as well as it does leave it alone, these special people need their special family's and friends they don't need a turn around of strangers on a rota basis." Hilary Davies

"It was simply amazing to live in Botton." Jessica Dimarco

"Many years ago a family who lived near us sold up their home to go to live in Botton village with their daughter Andrea - a lovely girl, who had special needs. They were concerned that after their demise she would be left without a family to nurture her through her life, as she was their only child. They saw Botton's family-oriented groups as the perfect answer. It is unique & precious. I also know of Jeremy's work in the Eurhythmy school, & how imprtant he has found Botton Village to be in the work that it does. To make a political point - I thought The Big Society was a Government ideal - volunteers doing as much as possible - Botton should be their flagship enterprise!! Try pointing that out to your MP!" Carol Morgan

"Please work to find a way to continue the deeply valuable set-up that offers people with learning disabilities to golden opportunity to live within a shared home. Nothing could be more valuable to them and their families." Ellen Fay

"Having worked in special needs in the government sector I know how unique the work at Camphill is. It is a community where each individual is valued equally and is able to share what s/he has to give with others. As we see in the NHS and in many care homes agency staff are for many reasons not IN ANY WAY able to live within the community as a co -worker/volunteer does. To destroy this would reduce the quality of life of all concerned to that of CLIENT AND PROVIDER!! We will realise what a terrible mistake has been made when t is too late. Don't do it!" Andrea Rauter

"The only possible excuse for what is being done would be ignorance. This campaign, and much that has been said, makes that untenable. It has been observed that the new management people are personally, visibly, not at ease in the presence of the special-needs folk in actual situations of contact: this is only a symptom, but one that tells you all you need to know at a certain important level, about what is really happening." Timothy Edwards

"I came to know Botton well over a period of some ten years ('83-'95), as a parent at the school and in my job as a trainer for Whitby YTS. I have nothing but praise for all those involved, and especially the devotion and patience shown by the 'co-workers' at all times. Having a 'job' as a member of a loving and supportive community gives a sense purpose and belonging which we clearly all need, whatever our abilities or 'disabilities'." Mark Hutcheson

"You have my support, good luck!" Lesley Ellis

"I am an employee and I can honestly say that I have felt like part of a family in all my time at Botton Village. Yes, a few things needed to change. But, new CVT have set out a plan of destruction of what was, on the whole, a marvellous care model. Good luck Botton!" Annony Mouse

"I have lived near Botton for over 40 years and worked with the Botton Community in various ways over that time. I find it inconceivable that anyone can think that the proposed changes will be of any benefit to the Botton Community, on the contrary they will destroy the unique sense of friendship and goodwill that has been at the heart of Botton all the time I have been associated with the community." Tom and Sue Chadwick

"This is an organisation, a community that has won the Deputy Prime Minister’s Award for Sustainable Communities in the year of their 50th Birthday. In commenting on Botton’s ethos of sustainability and mutual respect, the judges stated that "Botton offers both lessons and inspirations to the endeavour to create sustainable communities. Botton Village has demonstrated a long track record of working to realise the potential of all residents”. I don't see that this hasn't changed in the years since 2005. What I see is that the folk at Botton have done/are doing everything required of them by law in terms of care regulations while still providing a more inclusive and meaningful way of life for the residents who live and work there. Why do you, the Board of Trustees want to break up something that is working so beautifully for the people you say you are there to support and protect? I respectfully ask each one of you to do some soul-searching as regards your motivations." Sandra Mitchell

"Camphill communities have successfully provided the loving nurturing family home for many young and older men and women with learning and physical disabilities. Their productive meaningful way of life provides the life long support often elderly parents can no longer provide. The members of the community thrive in the homes they share together with their more able co-workers. Individual living in flats and bedsits lead to the isolation of these vulnerable people. Co-workers removed from the work place inevitably are no longer so immersed in the life of the farm. Botton will no longer be able to intermingle home life with work life into the wonderful and successful Camphill Community which has thrived for so many years. Please re-think your proposed changes in the light of what you stand to destroy." Christine Oxley

"I strongly support that Botton Village Coworkers are allowed to continue to work in the way that they have done for many years to the benefit of those they support and care for." Brenda Moscoff

"To come into Botton Village is to come into a place of care, security and beauty, underpinned by the love and respect that flows from the families who are dedicated to the homes they hold. When would any of us swap a loving home for an empty house?" Susana Morvan

"I urge all involved to recognise the amazing and profound work that has been done in the Camphill community at Botton. Please do not change what has been a successful and inspiring way of working...." Chris Bartram

"All strength to the brave souls who stand for the true Camphill identity against this shocking attack." Steve Briault

"Thanks for explaining what is happening" Hazel Banks

"The Camphill communities provide support and strength for all the residents and allow a creative and wonderfully inter-active way of living." Trevor Dance

"Good luck!" Donal O'Driscoll

"It saddens me to think that the Botton way of life may be lost. Having been involved in the village through the school for the past 5 years I have admired the co-workers, how hard they work how much love they give to the village. It truly is a unique place and offers the villagers far more than any other council-run care home could ever possibly give. The villagers are part of families and part of a tight knit community, this in it self nurtures them, you just don't get that elsewhere. In my opinion it will be a crime to change such a beautiful place, many many lives will be effected. Why does it need to change?" Katy Hudson

"I would like to support the Botton Camphill Community." Daniel Stanica

"This is a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Risk management is not about preventing risk, it is about managing and mitigating risk and taking a pragmatic and appropriate approach in a specific context. Taking these Draconian steps, as the CVT wants to do, will destroy the very thing that makes these communities so successful. What is needed is adaptive and responsive policy making, not a broad-brush approach that smothers the very thing that it purports to protect." Dr. Claire Kelly

"Somebody needs to take a stand, keep up the good work!" Nigel Grant

"The Camphill model has provided safe and sensible care for many people with learning disabilities for a long time. The pattern of production has in addition provided good quality food and set an example of human scale agriculture that is productive without damaging the environment. Loosing this to meet "modern" standards of "profitability" is idiotic." Jacky Smith

"On behalf of my grandson who has learning difficulties plus cerebral palsy, I fully support this Action. Botton has been an inspiration for many years on how to help such people live a happy and fulfilling life." Ishbel Kargar

"Maybe an arbitrator needs to be brought in if the Trustees are at odds with the members, and the original vision/mission and objectives brought to the fore - the opinion of those living within the sites needs to be of uttermost importance, rather than the bottom line." Angela Porter

"I feel it is vital for the Camphill to continue as it does as there is no evidence to support that this way is not working. I have seen children with Autism flourish in this environment when no other mainsteam system has worked. Children with Autism find this environment safe and secure what is being suggested will just be another mainstream environment which does not work for the majority of children with Autism." Edward Fowler

"This is a ridiculous idea, ignoring the principle of shared living that Botton is built on. Many many lives will be changed for the worse if this is allowed to continue. Keep Botton Village as the loving supporting community it already is!! If it needs help then help it to be what it is - a strong and valued and safe environment!" Helen Ella

"I pledge my support for Botton, the unique and inspiring way in which this community functions must not be lost." Natalie Roberts

"I have seen first-hand the AMAZING work undertaken, and the dedication displayed, by the families in Botton. I have also seen the LOVE that is shared between the families and the people that they take in and help. To allow this to be taken away for financial, or any other reason, would be tantamount to a criminal action." Satch Norton

"I support the continued work of Botton Village in the true Camphill spirit of voluntary co-workers living with their residents." Leigh Glanville

"Dear Trustees,Please don't allow what is special about Camphill to be destroyed. The villagers need the love and support of families in a living community of people, not an institution - this is essential for their stability and well being. It's a no-brainer!" Stephanie Hollis

"I wholeheartedly support the striving to preserve a way of life which recognises that care for others and sharing one's whole life with others out of one's own free will are not to be quantified in terms of monetary value." Mignon Manning

"Siamo con Voi!" (We are with you!) Mirco Glorianae

"I dont understand why this is happening. Botton is a unique and inspirational place. We need more communities like this where peple can live rich and rewarding lives." Priscilla Roberts

"Hands off these poor people and their lives." S.C. Chen

"In fully behind you in this important work to protect the incredible work Botton and other Camphill Communities do. Good luck." Sarah Compson

"If it aint broke don't fix it. May this inspiring community thrive as it has for the last 50 years!" Deborah Graham

"Botton and Camphill are too important to be smashed by burocracy. Please stop it."

"I am a co-worker in Botton and I am very glad that you took this initiative and because you reminded my that THE LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!" Stefano Avezzù

"Your campaign deserves the widest support to maintain what is recognised by many as the most effective way of providing those with learning difficulties a fulfilling life." Ian Reed

"I hope that the CVT can come into a proper dialogue with existing coworkers so that a realistic and beneficial future for all concerned can be found." Sandra Havneraas

"Good luck to everybody. I hope you manage to succeed." Andrea Elson

"Leave Botton alone!" Julian van Goerne

"Happy to support a great cause." Martin Westhead

"Botton is a very unique and special place which we can't afford to lose. " Barbara Rumsey

"It's sad to hear that changes are being made to a community that worked. I would also at this point want to raise the question of money? If the volunteers are replaced by employed staff, there is going to be a huge increase in costs, making Botton more expensive to run, which would require increased funding which may not be so forthcoming and would be more vulnerable to economic downturns and business failure. Its irresponsible to those who need the care that camphill has so far provided." Johannes van Midden

"I strongly believe that the life-sharing model is the healthiest for all involved." Emilie Papas

"Botton Village is a very established Camphill, and many other communities all over the world can learn a lot about the tradition from Botton. Things might change as time goes by, but I hope the essential element of living and sharing life with people with special needs will continue forever." Ran Shimizu

"Please do everything possible to maintain the quality of life for the villagers." Elisabeth MacRae-Bobynskyj

"I have been visiting Botton Village for the last 16 years, almost weekly. Because I live a mere 10 miles away, as well as working there I regard it as a place of peace where I can find values closer to mine and a very special way of living. I have seen the problems that have arisen through the process of updating. To remove the family structure seems to me like an act of pure vandalism."

"'THEY' either don't fully realise what they are doing...or they do realise which is something else experience was that everytime I said anything in defense of the Camphill model it was always turned back on me as if I was only looking after my own interests...GOOD LUCK...I am with you." Lyn Duffton

"I love this community. It is a special gem." Meredith Wylie

"If you care for those who love and depend on Botton Village, then support the survival of the community under the non-employee philosophy. Botton is not intended as a care home. It is a true village with certain regulations to insure the well being of some of the people who live there. To force the volunteering co-workers under employment will have much greater influence on the people who depend on the support provided by the co-workers then the co-workers themselves. It will take away their position as equal working people - disabled or not - and harmlessly turn some into nurses but devastatingly turn some into patients." Thomas Abel

"I have lived in another Camphill village and can only agree how important is for Camphill to remain.... "Camphill". I have visited Botton Village and part of its beauty is shaped from the co-workers." Frederick Sarran

"A magical wonderful place, full of love, don't let it go, please save it Xxxxxxxx" Lee Assirati

"Pro Botton! Pro Camphill!" R. Lindner

"I am a coworker here, and am witnessing everything here. I feel sad for everything, especially the villigers, they live here for so many years, and this is their home, but now, somebody else are doing something to their home, but they even can't understand or can't do anything for it, why? Imagine if someone is damaging my home, I will get crazy about this, simply one sentence: you don't have right to do this. Thanks for all the people who are helping Botton."

"Good luck!" Holly West

"Please advise as to how best to help." Ian Anderson

"Please send me updates. I do wish you all the strength and power to succeed!" Christopher Hakkennes

"My cousin lives in a community like Botton - I'd hate to see her lose her home." Sue

"I've been lifesharing for almost 50 years. I've seen a lot of things that have tended to dilute the ideals of the Camphill impulse but this seems to be a threat of the worst kind and from a source that should rather be supporting the work in a positive, constructive way." Nick Stanton

"I was schooled in Botton until the age of 14, began playing cello which is now my professional career. My dad has worked with the agricultural team training and supervising the villagers for many years and I return frequently to work on the farms and give concerts. Watching the community change during my short lifetime I have seen many positive changes and memories but this diminished drastically over the last 8-9 years and the village became unsettled. Increased external involvement accelerated this to the current situation. It would be a tragedy for this wonderful community is torn apart as a result of decisions made by bodies with a severe lack of knowledge only the result of not being a part of a CVT community. " Isaac Collier

"Botton provides an essential service to the community, and supports many livelihoods in the process. Long live Botton." Thomas Burton

"Would like to support the good work of the co workers of botton village. My support." Vivien Della Negra

"If the trustees and management succede in their plan for Botton it will make a big stride back towards the long discreditd subnormality hospital, like OaklandsPark where I live, which has become an isolated ghetto for the learning disabled. Here life becomes increasingly steriotypical, and narrower in scope for everyone, "Oaklanders" and employees alike." Eric Hoyland

"Botton is one of the longest lasting communities - surviving where others have failed. This means that the current model is successful and should not be changed, if not used as an example for the wider world." Beverley Chipp

"So sad that the destruction of real community is everywhere. Keep on doing great work/love." Scott Baine

"Good luck with your cause." Chris Booker

"I spent sunny weekends at Botton as a child while my parents partook of its culture and community. This is an invaluable asset to the people it serves. Please continue to support it as it was created." Illona Root-Chang

"I fully support the system of care at Camphill. My young friend has been a happy and well cared for Camphill resident for many years and by changing the style of management as indicated would be extremely damaging to her well-being." Wendy Marchant

" Stop this now." Tom Darby

"I commend the work of co-workers within the Camphill facility and support their continuing service methods." Roger Marchant

"Please engage with the families." Jeffrey Hill

"I fully support the campaign for the survival of Botton and all it's work it is trying to do for the many years of positive work in the world." Christina Bould

"Don't ruin a healthy project!" Johan Nilsson

"Good luck lets hope this sorts it self out. It's important" Dave Blackham

"Botton does great work and is a very special place. Keep the presence on Facebook - it can mobilise so many people." Sonia Perry

"People living at the village are happy so why change?" Alison Turner

"I would like to pledge my support for co-worker families to stay put at Botton and other Camphill communities." Malin Holst

"A Camphill co-worker myself, I am convinced of the life sharing model. Although it is important to foster and care for good relationships with "mainstream" social work and authorities, I feel it is important that "Intentional Community" continues to be one of the models on offer for care provision for people with special needs. It is difficult to understand that the own body of trustees of a charity and not outside authorities are trying to pursue these changes. Best wishes." Kristina Christiansen

"It is so difficult and rare to find people willing to live in a community like Botton as co-workers, willing to accept the sacrifices it takes. I for one, believing it is a great and very important place am not willing to become a co-worker and hence I am grateful to those that take on the responsibility. They need to be helped not hindered as it is so rare to have something as brilliant as Botton for those that need the sort of care provided. PLEASE DO NOT DESTROY IT." Kat Brown

"Again something not broken trying to be fixed by a committee who tried to create Racehorse and ended up with a Camel. We have been visiting Botton for almost 30 yrs and have seen the happiness and independence it has given to the residents, a sense of being part of a community, the co-workers have done a wonderful job in creating this, shame on the Trustees, without any transparency and dialogue with the Co-workers I use the word Trustees loosely." Mr and Mrs Dennis Brown

"We must not let communities such as Botton Village die out. It has happened in Gloucestershire to many once strong, vibrant and caring communities and the adults with Learning Disabilities and the way of life that they had chosen and loved, has been undermined. It is a way of life which is positive for some people and gives others a choice that we should support." Vivienne Nutt

"I am a volunteer in Grange Village, and I was in Oaklands Park for a year before. I have been through painful changes in both places and I wish our collective efforts will bring some good to Camphill." Rong Yang

"A cruel and uncompassionate move by these trustees." Allison

"We are uncle and aunt of Claire Horne, a Camphill resident at Delrow. We support your efforts to preserve the economical and effective co-worker management of these institutions; and to resist their replacement by unionised employees, which will inevitably ruin the the co-worker model and result in asset-stripping of the funds of the Camphill Trust." Robin and Diana Brown

"Botton Village has been a haven for me and my children, every time we visited, as guests, working or volunteers. The thought of this place collapsing, due to bureaucratic efficiency, political correctness or any other 'progress' (???) would break my heart! Have you even studied the ideas of Karl König and Rudolf Steiner? They were very advanced and forward thinking, you know! With deepest concerns and regards." Petra McCarthy (mother/teacher/carer/therapist)

"Sending good thoughts!" Dylan Babitch

"Save this amazing home." Eileen Tilley

"I have visited Botton several times and seen how much it improves the lives of all involved. Please consider what could be lost through these changes - this is a model that should be supported and promoted." Anna Dejardin

"I first experienced Camphill as a child and was deeply moved by the tangible spirit of community, this must be allowed to continue!!!" Martine Liddle

"Camphill is a wise and worthwhile movement with healthy community life at the heart of it. It must carry on this way or the world will be a significantly poorer place!!" Jonathan Liddle

"Fantastic set up at Botton. It would be crazy to change it." Clare McMillan

"I've been a coworker in Camphill Kimberton Hills, Pennsylvania. I sent this link to people over there. All the best for you!" Luka Schroeder

"The need for more and more 'paper work' has grown to the point where it is an impediment to real care. The bureaucracy feeds on itself and consumes all resources. We have to agree as reasonable people to limit this process when it becomes destructive." Douglas and Florence Huntley

"I'm a Camphill Village Kimberton Hills co-worker for 31+ years and love and respect our way of life. I also love and respect the Fundamental Social Law and Dr. Koenig's statement that "a paid friend is no friend at all"." Michael Babitch

"Please retain the ethos of a successful community living experience. Botton is a fantastic place where individuals are supported and individuality can flourish, please do not take away what clearly works." Paula Bullock

"Please don't destroy something that really works!" Zoe Curtis

"Camphill community sets a high standard of care within a special way of living. This way of living is a very nurturing art and crafts way of living, where living off the land and having productive craft workshops to go to are all available in idyllic settings. Would you be happier sitting in some day center waiting for something to happen or housed in real social living with kind and caring individuals leading healthy live`s. Do not change your ethos Camphill." Dorothy Olu

"Good luck Botton, keep on fighting! It is so important that all of us, whether we have a learning disability or not, can choose to live in community, out of our own freedom. Don't let's lose Botton, a community so special and inspiring and reduce ourselves further to a single model of individualised living." Lesley Griffiths

"I have been a Holiday-Coworker in Camphill Communities over more than 15 years. I have visited Botton also. I made many friends amongst the Villagers, because they loved it to have ´long-term-friends´ people around them, who came again, people who did not just jump in and out. When I first came in contact with a Camphill Community, for me it was kind of a paradise, living, working and dancing together with friends called ´disabled´. This was a great gift for me. - And I accuse the Camphill-Villige-NoTrust-Officials to leave this paradise alone, just thinking about and saving their own profit." Andreas and Roswitha Frey

"Paid staff and isolation in individual living apartments is something that can be found elsewhere. There is no lack of opportunity for paid and sometimes care-LESS care for those who are less capable of living in our cold and competitive society. Botton is a refuge for humanity and for humanitarian work. Let it be!" Michele Meyer

"Save Botton!" Frans Lucassen

"Best wishes and lots of strength." Christian Zygla

"Camphill Botton is the best of its kind with all it's cultural values. It must be allowed to live and expand." Maren Stott

"Please do not change and take away the family style of living in the community of's essential for the best quality of life!!!!!" Helen de Jong

"I know from the experience of good friends how valuable the work of Botton is. Please put the welfare of vulnerable members of the community first and let Botton continue to d

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