Action 4 Botton

"I have been a member of this Community for 38 years.Up until three years ago this village was a happy community.When CVT appointed a chief exective then it ceased to be a happy community.Somebody who worked in the office for many years was dismissed.Two other long term Co workers were suspended.These people have now moved from the village.Other Co workers who have lived here a long time have all so left.There are all so empty houses.Other Camphill Places have been destroyed by having no Co Workers only care workers who come in Larchfield and the Croft in this area.I do not want this to happen here in Botton.I do not want Co workers to be paid but would like them to carry on working here as they are now.I do not want paid Co workers who cannot live with us here the whole time and have other ones who come in when they are not here.This would upset me a great deal.I have had lots of help from Co workers and they have helped me in lots of different ways.There are lots of other villagers in the village or residents in this village who all so don't want this to happen.CVT Cheif Exective and trustees and the Chairman don't listen to us the residents villagers.This is our home and some of us have lived here for many years.Please Please Please don't let this happen.We would like our Co Workers to carry on living and working with us here in our village. From Chris Lay.a Botton Resident Villager"

"Botton is a unique place for everyone to live and work! It means warmth and fun, happiness and love. It is so great to live and work with handicapped people without the feeling that there is such a thing as a handicap - because everybody has the same rights and is seen as an equal human beeing! It is the best place I lived ever." Sabine Loos

"Botton is a wonderful place. Each time I visit I come away feeling how lucky my brother it to have such wonderful love and support there. It is vibrant community not a care home His life has a sense of purpose as he is doing meaningful work which will no doubt disappear if the co worker model goes. Please save it!" Jill Darrington

"Botton Village is almost the last remaining community in England that offers Shared Living in a Social Therapy setting, and that has not yet been changed. With plans to convert Botton to supported living, that last little bit of choice will no longer be available in what is already a limited field. We need more choice, not less." Jackie Riis-Johannessen

"This is a very worthy project and one that makes me proud to live in this country." Jenny Pullini

"The whole essence of a Camphill COMMUNITY will be lost if this changes to employees merely providing a "service". Just take a look at the many care-home catastrophes that have been in the news. This is what happens when you BUY people. Please take a long look at what you are doing." Niki

"I myself have experienced the importance of living in a community in order to be able to connect myself to the work with disabled children an adults in the very special way curative communities offer. the 5 years of Camphill experience have also given myself a direction towards the work with children I would not otherwise have experienced. The loss of the possibility to employ long term coworkers living in would mean the loss of a very special and to my opinion indispensable way of life." Anonymity requested

"Those disabled people, which I also was able to meet (sometimes children) would no longer live with their longstanding friends and supporters, people they love and trust. From a psychological point of view, and I am a Psychologist, this would furthermore be harmful for their development and quality of life." Dr. Jessica Sänger

"Please don't destroy something that has done so much good for so many." Bjorn Riis-Johannessen

"Our son has lived in Botton for twelve years and has matured into a confident and happy young man who takes pride in his work on the farm and feels part of a caring and supporting community. Within Botton he has 'safe' independence which he would not have elsewhere."

"I write as an outsider i.e. with no personal connection but I think it would be a tragedy if life at Botton village was interrupted in any way. I am a strong supporter of the ethos which enables people with disabilities to live a useful life with as much independence as possible in a homely setting" Dr Alison Watt

"As a long term volunteer co-worker in a Camphill house, I fully support this effort to keep life-sharing at the heart of every Camphill, including Botton. My son was born three weeks ago in our Camphill house that we share with six adults with disabilities. One of our housemates, a 50 year old woman, told her mother after the birth: "We had a baby boy". Because of the Camphill model of lifesharing, this woman has had the opportunity to closely share with us one of life's seminal events, which she otherwise would never experience. Life with paid staffers will never provide this kind of opportunity. Dismantling a village that has provided such full opportunities for our friends with disabilities is flatly unacceptable if the goal is to provide the highest care for these folks."

"All strength for your campaign to continue and sustain the impulse of Botton Village. Howard Dobson, Waldorf Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Cape Town, South Africa."

"As a former co-worker in Botton Village, I feel most concerned that people with a handicap should have their choice of lifestyle reduced, by changing a unique setting into a mainstream one." Elisabeth Husebø

"I used to work with adults and children with learning disabilities. I know how important places like Boston are." Anonymity requested

"Good luck with your work. I worked on a project called Greenfingers in Sheffield with adults with learning difficulties growing their own organic vegetables. Unfortunately too many greedy people at the top spoiled it and it has now been closed. Greenfingers people are now packing surgical blades in a dingy warehouse!"

"Botton Village has been inspirational for the way it integrates people of all abilities to work co-cooperatively together. It has always been an inclusive society and on my many visits over 40 years, I have always been impressed by just how much is achieved by even the most unlikely villagers who would not have such an opportunity to shine in other settings. Botton has been so admirable and such a happy place. Why change things that so obviously work for a culture that is itself imperfect." Elaine Lewis

"I want to support the concept of Botton, because my daughter worked there as a young-co-worker for a year. I could see that the family-concept gave people with special needs a long perspective to live and work in an environment, which give the possibility for personal developement for everyone in the community. With best regards, Stephanie Friedrich, Dipl.-Psych., Germany"

"The wonderful work done by Botton needs to be supported and continued - and should not be under threat." Dorothy Kelly

"I haved lived and worked in Camphill for over 40 years. I am deeply committed to the Three Pillars of Camphill and all that is implied by the activity of the Three Pillars. If there is a movement to do away with the Three Pillars, then I am interested in resisting these efforts with nonviolent, passionate and thoughtful strategies, including full disclosure of all the facts and open debate. I am a lawyer as well. Please do not hesitate to contact me for my humble advice and counsel." David Andrew Schwartz

"I really believe that the model espoused by camphill is both human and healing. I fully support the continuation of the community." Claire Thomas

"Wonderful place that deserves to be saved xxx" Kirsty Johnson

"Just because Botton doesn't fit into the pigeonholes of modern Britain doesn't mean it doesn't work. It does work and so please leave it alone, people of bureaucracy." Anonymity requested

"There is a knighthood of the 20th century, whose members do not ride through the darkness of physical forests as of old, but through forests of darkened minds. They are armed with a spiritual armour and an inner sun makes them radiant. Out of them shines healing, healing that flows from a knowing of the image of Man as a Spiritual Being. They must create inner order, inner justice, peace and conviction in the darkness of our time - Karl Koenig. Wishing you strength of heart and mind to be part of this knighthood." Gertraud Goodwin

"Botton Village does such amazing work and enables so many people to achieve their full potential - it needs to keep on keeping on!" Bonny Jameson

"Botton Village, which I was part of for a few months and Camphill in general for five years, was a place where vulnerable people could develop independence as far as they were able in a safe environment. The heart of this safe, caring community is family life around which is built. Without the long term families committed to the work the villagers will loose the very life on which their independence, safety and development depends." Nigel Lumsden

"Botton is a unique establishment with an international following. I have followed, admittedly at some distance, the valuable work carried out in the former community for almost sixty years. I say former since the recent devastating and unprincipled attack on the integrity of this community is without parallel in a civilised peacetime society." anonymity requested

"Ich erkläre meine volle Solidarität mit den Mitarbeitern von Botton und ihren Kampf um den Erhalt des bisherigen sinnvollen Systems." Pierre-André Tschanz

"We support the caring work of Camphill as it has been since it's beginnings! Please let us know how things go." Sheri Reiner and Michael Hughes

"Fight for Botton Village!" Nicole Kaczmar

"Sending love and solidarity to a very unique and beautiful community of people living in connection with themselves, each other and their environment." Ella Hashemi"

"I have seen the happiness in this community and I hope this way of life for the residents will be able to continue." Lynn Elves

" As current President of the International Communal Studies association - I offer our support to your campaign to save the unique way that Botton Village has supported people for over half a century." Chris Coates

"I saw the leaflet at a local coffee shop and couldn't believe that such a positive caring community for humans and the environment is threatened by what appears to be the ugly face of business." Carol Williams

"I admire the resilience of the people who are putting people and compassionate ideals first and are having to fight for the right to continue to do this. It is such a shame when trust and faith are not enough, and the opinions of the majority are ignored." Samantha Stubbings

"Because I care, because you are fullfilling vital work for the community and mankind, because idealism and love must not be spurned." Philip Bottomley

" I support the Action for Botton campaign wholeheartedly. The care model has worked well in its uniquely rural setting." Michelle Clarke

"Having spent a little time at Botton over the years I know how important your values and way of life are, this should not be disrupted" Sally Harris

"As a former co worker in Botton and the Croft, I fully support you and hope you are successful." Anna Baker

"Please keep Botton alive!!!" Elisabeth Zöllner

"Botton is very happy place for people with learning disabilities,and I do hope it stays that way now,and in the future. My daughter Claire Murphy [Bell] worked in the village helping and caring for the people with learning disabilities. I pledge my support and best wishes." James Murphy

 "I would like to pledge my support for Botton to remain as it is.It really seems to work well so why change it.Good luck with all your efforts. It's a very special place." Katherine Alderton

"Keep fighting for what you believe in." Gaby Mahlberg

"I didn't realise that such a place existed in this country. I hope it is not destroyed because of 'modern' thinking - money and law first, people second." Mairead Perkins

"Keep Botton a community. Don't ruin what actually works." Andrea Turpin

"The ethos of Botton is to empower, respect and recognise the equality of the individual regardless of need or disability. By removing the co-workers and replacing them with paid care workers you are inherently undermining the individual humanity and equality in law of persons with disabilities. You are creating a dependency which disregards the input into society made by persons who have disabilities and the importance of these people to our society. Society has much to learn from the example that Bottom currently provides. In the principle of respect and quality of All humankind, I ask you to rethink your proposed changes. As trustees you have the responsibility to ensure provision which respects and celebrates the individuals who live at Botton. Do not break what you have been entrusted to protect and what should be enhanced and emulated. Do not fail in the responsibility you have been trusted with." Anna Cassar

"What a wonderful enterprise! We need farms like Botton in the USA! What a shame that those in charge cannot see the obvious benefits to all of co-working and living. Fostering these kinds of symbiotic arrangements is a great step in direction of more sustainable, ethical communities. Good luck with your efforts!" Annie Harpe

"Botton has been my brothers home for many years. And it works not just for him but for the co workers House parents and families sic as myself - the motto should be if it it's not broke DONT fix it. It works leave it alone." Fiona Shearer

"I admire Botton as a home for adults with learning difficulties. I have visited a number of times, and the setting of a Camphill Community, where villagers live with a family of co-workers rather than with mere employees, always seemed to me to be ideal for many of them. For a while, I also had my children at Botton School, which largely depends on the presence of co-workers, and I cannot speak more highly about what the teaching they received there. It would be truly sad that (presumably well intended) changes to the organisation of this community would result in destroying it." Robert Potvliege

"Having a disabled adult son myself I am aware of how valuable these places are and the importance of the safety in relationships that are built over a period of time \r\nplease consider this in any decisions made." Sally Meadows

"Hi, have signed the petition, good luck, best wishes. My daughter visited from the Cambridge Steiner school some years ago, it is wonderful there!" Meg O'Kelly

"I have lived all my life next door to The Mount in Wadhurst and, especially as a kid, had close ties with the community and everyone involved. The students were some of my best friends as I grew up, myself and my brothers more or less lived there with a couple of the kids from the families there, and as I got older, I got to know some of the fantastic coworkers who came from all over the world. I've seen first hand the amazing things that Camphill does for the students, in a way that sheltered housing, or shared accommodation could never even dream of. From my own point of view, I'm so grateful that I had the chance to grow up next to such an incredible place, and I wish everyone at Botton the best of luck with keeping it the way it should be!" Rose Buckingham

"Long been a supporter of Botton and its volunteers. This fundamental proposed change of structure will destroy the principles of community which the village stands for." Sue Greenwood

"It is obvious that a volunteer will have more committment to a cause than a paid employee.The whole change sounds fishy with some undisclosed ulterior motive,completely ruining the whole ethic behind Botton Village which we have long supported." Richard Greenwood

"Allow Botton to continue to offer a life-style unlike that offered by care homes." Elizabeth Judson

"I have received a letter from CVT advising of an imminent intrusive intended change, to force salaried status on co-workers, which I feel further undermines the original founding family-community spirit ethos of Camphill." Brian Lines

"I support Action for Botton and the co-worker system which has worked so well for many years." Francis Dorman

"I would wish to see that the spiritual, founding ideas behind the Camphill movement are preserved, refreshed, and continue to be the source of community life, and an example to the rest of the world, of how individuals can successfully live in community together in the modern world." Victor Morrow

"It would seem important for CVT to listen and respond to the voice of people who have lived and worked within the existing system for many years. The reasons for requiring change appear unclear." Linda Pound

"You are important, Botton! Keep doing the great things you do." Carolyn Jones

"Having grown up in Botton Village, I can only concur that such a magical, beautiful and supportive community cannot be destroyed! Keep up the good work!" Alya Davis

"Camphill is a very unique and special place that needs to be preserved. Individuals give up a life of fixed paid employment to live alongside adults who need extra care. They create a family environment, giving all that is required 24 hours a day whenever it is needed. It is the warmth of this family environment created by such dedicated individuals that helps to nourish and sustain vulnerable adults to reach their true potential. The House parents and co-workers do not stop at 'clock off time' as there is no clock off time. This is a sacrifice that they have made in order to be able to give their all to fellow human beings. The relationship formed between co-workers and vulnerable adults is very different to clients/patients and paid employees. It is not a paid service being imparted but a true meeting of individuals as one would find in a family. When you have made a commitment to be a co-worker it is like becoming a parent you have to work through the ups and downs. As a parent you want the best for your child you are there day and night and a bond is formed through the trials, tribulations and glories. This is what is offered by dedicated house parents and co-workers for vulnerable adults in a Camp Hill Community. A real life. A home. A protective, nourishing environment where their needs and aspirations are nurtured. Where the individual has opportunity to experience true relationships. A community where every persons needs are considered equally as in a family in an entity where people can thrive as they have purpose and meaning. Fixed hours and paid employment will change the dynamics drastically from a family environment to a care home environment. I have a cousin who is a resident in a Camp Hill. I have witnessed her 'family experience', her inner light being nurtured, her joy at being treated as an equal individual and an important member of community. I have seen her independence encouraged, her joys and pains. Most importantly I have witnessed how the sacrifice made by others to live alongside her treating her as family has given her not only stability and security but space to grow and fully blossom. She is not a commodity to be looked after but an individual who has a right to experience a normal life despite her disabilities. We her family, and she, consider that she has been blessed up until now to live in a Camp Hill. Please do not turn her into a commodity by putting straight jackets on staff by making them become employed. Give her and us, her family, the right to choose what we feel is right for her well being. We chose Camp Hill for its ethos and way of working as it is now, as it was set up in its very beginnings with a purpose to let each spirit grow and shine in freedom not chains. WE DO NOT WANT IT TO CHANGE. In this modern world being disabled should not mean that you loose your rights or your family loose their rights to choose on your behalf how to live. It should not mean that there is no choice but to be cared for by employed staff and become institutionalised. Camp hill is unique, it has all that we would wish for for ourselves if we were disabled and all that we would wish for for my cousin. Please do not instigate this change it will cause something to wither and die in all of us. Listen to the voices of families and residents of Camp Hill, the voices of House Parents and Co-Workers of Camp Hill. There are plenty of care homes already to choose from if that is the route one wishes to take. We have chosen Camp Hill for keeping alive the human spirit; that part of us which so easily slips away from us when our sense of self worth is destroyed by lack of true human interaction; that which is so readily snatched away from you when you have a disability." Debi Jenkins

"This is a cause that goes way beyond Botton and the people living there. Botton has, since it's beginnings, been a forerunner in endeavoring to shape social structures so that every individual can lead a life knowing and experiencing that he or she is needed by someone else - a fundamental need for all humans." Nils Langeland

"I support the fight to keep Botton a living community." Carrie Keys

"Botton is such a lovely place. Please keep it a lovely place for the next 60 years. May your campaigning always be good and wise. I pray that you will have the wisdom and courage to keep it a shining beacon for the next 60 years" Rosie Morris

"Dear Camphill Village Trust. It seems a little strange, really very strange in fact, to write to you to support your co-workers. I have just read about this campaign. As admirer of camphill and a much appreciated reader of Karl Konig and his ideas i have always strongly supported Camphill and the fact that volunteers can live alongside residents to aid a productive community. I would really like to know what is going on. I intend signing both petitions and I am shocked that such a tremendous way of life could be put under jeopardy by the trust that runs it and surely would be the ones to support the community. I would really like some reply from your side of the story. Also i hope that that will not involve some legal jargon that doesn't reflect the people living in the community." Alison Stokes

"I recently visited Botton Village and was swept away by its beauty. The work being done here was so simple and rich, everything and everyone was treated with respect, I felt so healthy. If only the rest of the world could see this magical place and adopt it's caring attitude, earth might have a chance. Please save Botton : )" Jane Jones

"Having spent two very influential years of my life as a Botton Co-worker, I am horrified to hear of what is happening. Botton represents a kinder, less discriminating reality than mainstream culture. I don't believe it could possibly survive in any recognisable state without Co-workers who choose freely to live as equals with the villagers." Isabel Hill

"Dear Action for Botton I fully support this campaign. My Aunt, Elizabeth Swift lived at Botton Village for over 40 years until around 5 years ago when she became unwell and had to move in order to receive specialist nursing care. I regard Botton to be an inspiring and very special place. Over the years I have been at regular visitor to the Botton Open Day and have had the privilege on those days to glimpse into Elizabeth's life at Botton. At the very heart of what makes Botton so special is the relationship between the people who live and work there, and the co-worker family relationship underpins this. I am interested in supporting this campaign in anyway I can, to prevent these changes ripping the heart out of this unique community. I am about to make a donation to the campaign, and am currently a regular donor to the Camphill Trust. I intend writing to the Executive of the Trust and stating my intention to withdraw my regular donation if the proposed changes to Botton Village go ahead. I would rather transfer this donation to an independent Trust if there is an option to set this up and continue to run Botton under the current model."  Sandy Clubb

"Botton is a unique place that provides love, happiness and security for all those who have lived there. It would be a tragedy if it were unable to continue." Chloe Watson

"We have to keep Botton open, it does good work and has done for many years." Malcolm Hipkin

"We totally support Action for Botton, having visited, and appreciated the valuable work done by the co-workers." Neil and Glynda Speed

" As one, who has ‘graduated’ from the live-in university that was Botton in the seventies, I add my voice to this debate. In the last half year I have travelled from Southern Africa to Japan and onto the Irish Republic. Ever since Botton I have worked and lived in an intentional community, very much informed by what I learned in Botton. My passion and guiding motive has always been the unfulfilled promise of brotherliness. When in Japan I visited a former community started by my god-mother there more than 50 years ago together with many (formerly) marginalised people. Also this community (sadly) has succumbed to standardisation and regulation. As in Southern Africa, on the European continent, in Japan, the levelling (to be polite) or bulldozing (to be correct) of any attempt in providing people with or without ‘disability’ an opportunity for their innate creativity seems to be an irritant to any person elevated to authority or position to control. If this position is a hierarchical one (i.e. line-management), coupled with self-interest (i.e. being employed for this position) then these persons have lost all power of constructive dialogue, simply because they are answerable to one ‘higher-up’ in the line … In other words CVT is trapped and the persons ‘running it’ are actually powerless to let their moral fantasy free reign (which does not mean that former Camphillers want to be seen as riding the proverbial moral high horse). Camphill started in a time of outer chaos and depravity (WW 2) – and it needed those who were powerless and vulnerable to follow their own moral compass … the comparison with today’s circumstances does not stop here." anonymity requested

"As the parent of a Botton villager who has lived in other Camphill communities as well, we know that co-worker model that Action For Botton is striving so hard to preserve is the right one for him." Peter Unwin

"Camphill Village Botton, has been there since its inception to serve the needs of special needs adults who people our world. The founders, who were refugees from world war 2 took up this amazing task to benefit these special people who were for the longest time considered refugees from society. It has always been the mission of these most extraordinarily devoted coworkers in Botton and indeed in Camphill all over the world to bring dignity and a sense of purpose and value to each human being regardless of their challenges. Living a life together ensures an enriched and enhanced experience and allows these special people to feel less like disadvantaged individuals who have to be watched by hired folks who clock in for an 8 hour shift. Please allow Botton village and its inhabitants to do what they do best: live a meaningful and dignified existence together." Raymonde van der Stok-Fried"

”Ignoring the wishes of most of Botton's residents, whether disabled or not, and of their families, The Camphill Village Trust is transforming this living and working community into a standard institutionalized care provider.” Anonymity requested

”I strongly feel that the live in operation of the community should not be changed as this is a rare example of a successful and beneficial community model. These proposals are attacking the core values or the community and will seriously undermine its benefits. “ Anonymity requested

”I fail to understand why anyone would want to change something that is such a success. I support everything the community stands for and feel it must continue as such for many years to come." Barbara Howland

”My family and I spent our holidays house-sitting in Botton for five years. I found the way that the people within the Camphill community in Botton live incredible, and an amazing way to give people with disabilities more freedom and independence. With experience of Botton life, I could not imagine why anyone could want to change that.” Anonymity requested

”There is so much more to life in a Camphill following the route set out by Karl König; just because general regulations of the state have become more restrictive, is no reason to throw all the good, love and light people-souls have put in overboard.” Bernhard Nobis

”I pledge my support to Botton Village and deplore the attitude and actions of the trustees of Camphill Village Trust.” Sigune Brinch

”I wish to add my support to the Botton co-workers in their attempts to stay in the village with the disabled people they care for. They have done stalwart work for many years. Why does a small group of officials feel they have the right to control the charity in such an authoritarian way and belittle the work of the co-workers. It sounds like a question of wanting power rather than thinking of the needs of people with or without disabilities. We hear so much of this disgraceful behaviour these days. These 'officials' should take a good look at themselves and reconsider their tactics. Shame on them!!!” Margaret Seargeant

”Communities are disappearing in all parts of the country and the wonderful group of people that call Botton home deserve their community to remain as strong as ever.” Mike Law

”I wish to support the opposition to changes which will destroy a model of living for those with learning disabilities which has proven its value over many years. As someone who grew up in the surroundings of, and whose parents worked in, a "real institution" I have watched with interest the moves over many years to more integrated care in the community. I can only say that all have failed and that the model subscribed to by CVT is a backward step. Perhaps the rest should consider which elements of the Botton model made life for the Botton people of so much better quality than anything to be found elsewhere and then follow that good practice rather than destroy it.” Kathleen Taylor

”I am horrified to hear what is happening to Botton Village. This has always been a wonderful place with wonderful people working together. How many times have we seen "do gooders" interfere with something that works well and destroy if for ever.. These busybodies must be stopped. You have my full support.” Patricia Clarke

”The ethos at Botton is a rare thing in this lonely world. Please do not allow fear and regulations change that. Surely it is possible to safeguard the needs and wishes of all living at Botton without changing the loving spirit and the respect and compassion for all that is at its heart. Paid staff living separately will not be able to create the family atmosphere, the feeling that everyone is valued and belongs that is so precious and wonderful and an example to us all.” Clare Walters

”As a donating supporter to Camphill I feel it essential that the wonderful Botton Village should remain in its present form. Why must apparent officialdom be allowed to destroy lives and a family community?” Anonymity requested

”I am 65 years old and live in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I have a nephew residing at this community and had the opportunity to visit him, together with my son, during a trip to London in the summer of 2012. We were both impressed with his progress and disposition. Making any changes at this stage to the way things are run will in my opinion have a negative effect on all involved. It will be like turning the clock back and all progress that has been made will be lost. My nephew and all the other residents deserve better So please continue to run the community as it has been for the past number of years. The Status Quo must prevail in this case for the well being of all concerned.” Peter Deloes

”It is inexcusable that the so-called 'Trustees' of CVT should take such action, having no thought at all for the residents, co-workers and their families, who are happy there under the present regime. Can the trustees not be deposed by some means, and people who really do care be put in charge? What do they hope to gain?” Anonymity requested

”You have my full support to preserve the core features of Botton's living, working and leisure activities.” Peter Lewis

”As a parent of a Camphill person I have seen my son blossom and grow, but I am sad with what is happening.” Anonymity requested

”Camphill provides an excellent community helping people with learning disabilities, and they unique way its set up should be maintained.” John Benson

"I have lived all my life next door to The Mount in Wadhurst and, especially as a kid, had close ties with the community and everyone involved. The students were some of my best friends as I grew up, myself and my brothers more or less lived there with a couple of the kids from the families there, and as I got older, I got to know some of the fantastic coworkers who came from all over the world. I've seen first hand the amazing things that Camphill does for the students, in a way that sheltered housing, or shared accommodation could never even dream of. From my own point of view, I'm so grateful that I had the chance to grow up next to such an incredible place, and I wish everyone at Botton the best of luck with keeping it the way it should be!" Rose Buckingham


"Even in Australia we are aware of how sad, indeed, unfortunate for the inmates it would be if you go ahead with these short sighted changes. If something is working well in human terms, why would you change it?" Brian W Copping BA Ma Dip Ed

"As a GP, who sees many different places of care for people with special needs, I am most impressed with Botton and would wish it to be able to uphold its core values and shared living. The people are all given dignity and a feeling of having a true home, not an institution and this must be protected." Dr Andrea McFarlane

"I lived and worked in a similar place in Québec, it's really important to preserve that kind of project, it brings a lot socially, for de people with special needs as well as the coworker: we learn a lot, we learn to live together." Lysanne Morissette

"As a member of a L'Arche community, I fully support your wish to stay close to your roots!! All the best with your work." Katie Pek

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