Action 4 Botton

"This is the care model that works. Care home abuse occurred in the privatised 'for profit' model. Real care is priceless." Malcolm Litson

"This is a cruel change to the peace and comfort of the settled community." Linda Shields

"Botton looks like a lovely place!" Anonymity requested

"I support Botton. It is despicable what the new governing body plans to do, the people are much happier as they are, this should be supported not changed!" Kerry Churcher

"I support Action For Botton's work and know that it would be a tragedy if Botton is unable to continue in the same manner as it has for decades, into the future. It is a unique and happy community." Chloe Watson

”I support Botton and their action to continue their work as they have done and in the way they have done so for 60 years.” Roger Ketteringham

"I support the lovely, supportive Botton Village. I think its work is fantastic." Lynda Marshall

"Please retain the integrity of Botton Village as it was originally intended. I fully support the long staying residents and teachers and staff at Botton." Mags Guy-Jobson

"I've just seen the video "Camphill Village Trust - The Reasons Behind the Change". CVT still have the power to shock me in the depth of their audacity and ignorance. A more cynical and disingenuous piece of propaganda I have not seen for a while. I was going to write more, but all I will write now is that I have just sent a donation to the Action For Botton appeal for the funding of legal action against CVT. I urge others to do the same as soon as possible, so that Botton Village can once again flourish as a bright beacon of human endeavour, a special example of what people can do together in a true spirit of equality and community." Keith Hobbs

"Botton should stay the way it is! I support the traditional Botton model." Roman Cernohorsky

"Dear co-workers and villagers of Botton. The more I learn and think about what is happening to Botton Village, the more I realise that much of my sense of well being and trust in the world depends on the existence of your beautiful community. I want to thank you with all my heart for fighting so courageously for it and for your continuing resilience and fortitude. I will do everything within my power to help you. Don't give up, the truth will out. With love always from Skye." Skye Meredith

"Hands off Botton. Let the good continue."Sue Holden

"I'm here to help!" Felix Fearnley

"We love you Botton xxxx." Bonnie Cicuttin

 "Keep going. You are absolutely right to stand up to cvt and to put the villagers care and wellbeing first." Anne Hignell

"Keep this great community for the benefit of it's members, not the CVT stakeholders." William Goode

"Please allow Botton to continue its fantastic work." Robert Rowlands

"This is a supportive and productive community that demands complete support on every level." Joanna Ford

"Dear Huw John, We cannot get over how you can brazenly lie that there are no plans for the removal of voluntary long-term co-workers when you have already served notice on several of them and no doubt will sweep up the rest in your dust pan before the 5th April. There is no doubt that you are forcibly carrying out the rest of the hidden agenda in the coming months. We do not expect anything other than this and will protect our son's best interests by getting legal representation for him as you and the rest of the CVT have failed to provide the guarantee of a living family environment with long-term co-workers." Anonymity requested

"This is most distressing. I've followed developments since last year, but am so far away. I understand you have retained counsel/a lawyer to interpret CVT's proposals and represent you.This CVT document is vague at best, and comes across as amateurishly written. It reads like notes of a meeting, or a FIRST draft of a proposal. This entire affair seems UNLAWFUL. Please seek advice from your lawyer! ASAP! Before these evictions begin! Many lawsuits have resulted in the U.S. from entities trying to commandeer hostile takeovers of nonprofit and not-for-profit entities. UK must have a similar set of laws in place to protect you from these modern-day robber barons. I am also praying that there is a fundraising plan in place and appeals for legal help and expenses. If you are negotiating with them without counsel, please at least google "hostile takeover of nonprofits" to get an idea of your legal rights. You must file a cease-and-desist order before they begin their invasion. At least a restraining order of some sort. Strength and Peace be with all of you and with the Spirit of Camphill and with the Legacy of Botton Village." Leslie Cope

"I simply cannot believe that this is happening to one of the most beautiful places I know, a place where I spent so many happy years. It is criminal and I believe that ultimately it will be exposed as such. Dear Botton, I'm with you all the way." Skye Meredith

"I know Botton Village from a personal visit. I have good friends who have worked there for more than 30 years. I'm flabbergasted to hear this terrible news. I want to support those who want to realize a healthy community - life as it was intended by Karl König." Steven Wouters

"This is a beautiful community and way of life - truly human - yet we have this 'charity' trying to turn it into an institution. All for the purpose of selling off the land at a future date. This community MUST be saved." Frances Inglis

"Heard this being discussed on the radio - and could not believe they were wanting to basically turn the wonderfully unique Camphill Communities into any other care home, losing the whole family basis. Very very good luck with your campaign." Anonymity requested

 "Please keep fighting for such a wonderfull place." Michael Tanner

"Please keep evil hands off Botton Village." Steven Hunt

"We have never visited Botton Village, but have been supporters of your work for years and were appalled to learn of the CVT's actions recently. We'll be sending you a donation for your campaign and sincerely hope you are successful!" Linda and William Edmondson

"I have come into the fray rather late in the day, but this article reflects my experiences of Botton since the mid 50's when my severely handicapped brother went there as a pioneer, to when he died there peacefully in 2007. In my youth I worked on the farms and in later years visited him. It was Botton that inspired my stepson to become a nurse for people with learning difficulties. The place just exudes love and care. Don't kill it!  (My comment is appended to Simon Caulkin's excellent article-see website)." David Cannon

"Sending love and hope for a peaceful and right solution." Anonymity requested

"Please safeguard this community and its Steiner school's principles." Anonymity requested

"How sad that something of such value and beauty is being dismantled by people who seem very shortsighted, and to put it at its least, judgemental. You have to wonder about their motives." Anonymity requested

"I sign the petition in the hope that all those involved will remember the very uniquely different community that is Botton, and remember the value that has always been central to it's success: belonging to a family that belongs to a wider community who share the same principles and values. I stayed in Botton for about a week, several years ago, and was deeply moved by the way of life: the deep regard for the individual's soul; their place in the community, the connection to spirit and land and the very special outlook on life grounded in Steiner Philosophy. A wondrous place. It's not for everyone, which is fine - but that shouldn't mean it has to reshape itself to the extent that it rips itself apart. It is a real shame that there are moves to 'standardise' and to make it more like the typical and predictable workplace. It simply should not be that we ask these beacon communities to conform to standard models of corporate/Government architecture - especially if the outcome is a loss of a true family life. It is, I think, so very important for these residents to belong to a family and, I imagine, it is equally as important to those placing their family members in this community and others like them. I've seen this with my own eyes in this very community. Having one's family replaced by workers on shifts must be a desperately upsetting experience for the residents this community serves. It's a hollow, shadow of the former. It's a bereavement. The family units here are being undermined by these changes and it sounds like the whole ethos of the community is being stripped of these vitally important relationships. I hope and pray for the highest outcome for this community. God bless." David Kay

"I have been deeply shocked by CVT's controversial actions, and the irreparable damage already caused to some Camphill communities. May Botton continue to flourish and survive as a shining example of living together and caring for the land in a wonderful way." Elaine Hunt

"Save Botton!" Leslie Perreault

 "One reads with a strong disapointment and sadness the news that something one values so highly is in danger of being damaged. One can barely contain one's anger at the deeds of an ignorant CEO, who is about to disintegrate the model of care and the way of life that has proven itself so beneficial to all interested parties. Stay strong Botton!"  Jan Pospíšil

"I support the original concept and philosophy of care provided by Camphill communities and donated regularly to the Trust. I hope that the original care philosophy is retained." Janet East

"I applaud the work that has been done at Botton over many years and your action to protect the integrity of the community there. Well done!"  Jill Frostick

"I was on a weekend break in DANBY and had the pleasure to speak to two of your residents waiting for the train to Whitby. The following day we visited Botton was so so impressed with the work going on there. You have my total support, you are very special people. Muriel Fenwick

"Please keep up the fight - we wholeheartedly support you. Keep us informed on any further developments."  Richard and Caroline Poyntz-Wright

"Disgraceful! This close knit community is being used as pawns for private interests." Anthony Smart 

"Keep this remarkable community alive for people who live and work for an ideal rather than money." John McCue

"Good luck with the campaign." Anonymity requested

"Sending you all loads of love, support and solidarity. Best wishes, Adam." Adam Frost

"My friend told me of the wonderful life available to all in towns like Botton. Hoping the ethos isn't changed and Botton continues to thrive. God bless." Tania Roach

"Botton Village should be a model of inspiration, not a model that others want to destroy. It is a community which exemplifies acceptance and respect for all, regardless of abilities or disabilities. I was only a visitor there, but having spent my life working with challenged individuals, I know something wonderful when I see it. Remain calm and carry on, are beyond compare." Dianne MacDonald

"As a former co-worker in a Camphill in Germany this issue lies close to my heart. It is of great importance that the Camphill movement is kept running according to Anthroposophical principles as detailed by Rudolf Steiner and applied into practice with developmental delays by Karl Koenig. Although it is understandable that certain changes need to made to adapt to changing times, fundamental principles are at stake, in particular the important of the resident "House Parents" who live closely alongside the residents. Additionally it has long been a principle in Anthroposophical organisations for decisions to be made based on a consensus process. When the house parents can no longer be in place and when managers make decisions in an overtly hierarchical way that ignores the agency of the co-worker involved, then this can be seen as a clear departure from the founding vision, methodology and philosophy of Camphill. Without this basis, then a Camphill is no longer a Camphill, but simply a care facility under the same name, and this is damaging for the integrity and reputation of the wider movement which exists beyond the UK and even Europe." Sebastian English

"I was very sad to hear of the changes being forced on the community, and glad to hear that this movement is resisting the changes." Shireen Darabi

"Botton has always seemed like such a fantastic success story to me doing such an excellent job at integrating entire communities in a truly holistic way; in turn making it so much easier for those with learning disabilities to prosper in societies where they might otherwise struggle. This must be due, in no small part, to the love and support shared by the families that they live with. Please continue this brilliant model and enable future generations to live side by side in nurturing environments as nature intended.” Anonymity requested

"I have sent 2 lengthy emails to CVT. CVT's lack of response for 6 weeks on unsubstantiated statements and figures, inaccuracies in information, effecting strategies and plan before publication of their arguably draft Operational Plan, ignoring further requests for responses, offering mediation whilst refusing a moratorium, making direct representations to villagers who they accept have learning difficulties whilst not involving families or Deputies, published deterioration in finances over the last 4 years (excluding y/e 2014), increases in staff by 25% year on year for 2012 & 2013, and many other matters, all cause me great concern. These points have been sent in a supported and substantiated email to the Chair, Trustees and CEO, Huw John. All has been ignored, apart from an acknowledgement, and statement that they are volunteers. With the AGM upon us, I consider that they should respond in a substantive manner. They should seek to allay my concerns or, as they are volunteers and seem to lack the time necessary to address their duties and obligations, let alone have the courtesy to respond after 6 weeks, respond to an appeal for reason, give an explanation of their actions, reconsider the position of CVT, reconsider their position as Trustees, and reconsider the apparent Plan which they have been executing for the last 3 years, 2 years before any published/disclosed "plan" was produced which in itself was already in action. They should enter into meaningful consultations, as opposed the perceived lip service which has been undertaken to date. By ignoring the valid questions, and requests for information, they do themselves no credit" Anonymity requested

"Eleven years ago, I myself was a member of this thriving, life-bursting community and I am very upset to read what is coming to pass. I am so sorry to hear that Botton Village is going to be stripped of all that made it so valuable: the family and community setting that made it so unique and that guaranteed ultimate freedom for those living there compared to a mere "care" setting. I have never since, in all these eleven years, come across a setting that could offer more psycho-social support to its inhabitants and that could offer MEANINGFUL occupation for those living there on such a high scale, making ALL feel part of a community. In Germany, lately, the term "inclusion" has become a politically noticed term - it seems that England does not value its places and institutions that can accomodate inclusion to its highest level." Sandra Steiner

"I have been inspired by and fully support the ideals and practical applications of Camphill communities." Monica Tietje

"Having witnessed the demise of the Sheiling School and Lantern community in Ringwood as effective vessels of the anthroposophical and Camphill impulses, I greatly admire your courage at Botton to challenge those who wish your community to follow the same path." Anonymity Requested

"Please keep Botton going. The care that my brother has received whilst at a Camphill Community has been great, he has developed in so many ways . If a new system was implemented and possibly agency staff employed this would not suit his needs as he trusts co-workers and relies on them to look after his specific needs . They know him well and he is settled and happy." Anonymity requested

"As a former Steiner Waldorf teacher for 20 years, I did part of my training at Botton Village School and spent some time looking around the community and had a many conversations with both co-workers and villagers. I have worked since as a care manager at a residential college for special needs adolescents, (Glasshouse College, Stourbridge) and have seen first hand the therapeutic benefits of house parents living in as erstwhile parents with residential students." Nick Godwin

"I went to Elmfield school nursery as a young child, and after moving to North Yorkshire and visiting Botton I would like to help in anyway I can. Both my partner and I have been wanting to volunteer at Botton, but if the new management team at Camphill were to remove co-workers, chances are we wouldn't be able to. I would love to hear more about this truely inspiring community, and if possible apply to be a volunteer coworker in 2015." Johnathon Greenfield

"The Camphill villages, as established, are unique and incredibly beautiful communities. They should serve as models for others, and to change them is baseless and heartbreaking. It must be stopped." Jennifer Brady

" I am always inspired by how dedicated the co-workers I have met are to making Botton the caring and supportive community that it is. Please don't under estimate the importance of what they do." Helen Maier

"From my experience of staying at Botton, life there provides an example for the rest of British society to emulate. The actions of CVT seem to be trying to make Botton like the rest of society - exactly the opposite of what I think they should be doing!" David Price

"Botton is such a brilliant place that I visited many times in my childhood. The current system of co-workers is such an integral part of the village and to change this would be awful." Requested anonymity

"Mark - thinking of you today and hoping things go in the right direction. In warm solidarity -"  Stephen Briault

"I am with you for ever!!! Please don't change." Ex co-worker in The Mount, Christophe Antoine

"Our son is at Camphill St.Albans together with Mel, they are husband and wife. Is there any community left? Their weekends seem to be just shopping. Their weight has gone on tremendously over the last four years. They say they are looking into nutrition but we are still waiting to see the results. Well at least there is a sewing and knitting group on Saturday evenings and also tennis and table tennis during the week. That isn't enough though." Ann and John Goodman

"I am very shocked to hear about the recent plans by CVT to move co-workers out of Botton village and by the very underhand tactics being used by CVT against certain co-workers there. I stand in solidarity with Botton's efforts to maintin its integrity, ethos and structure."  Daniel Friedeberg

"I support life in Camphill as a possibility for all those want to choose it!" Bente Søndergaard

"Having visited Botton over the past 10 years with family and friends I cannot believe what is being attempted and how they cannot clearly see how wonderful and supportive the community is and how it fosters such warmth and a compelling positive sense of community. The CVT should be ashamed at their attempts to evict people and generally ruin what works so well with such heart, soul and spirit." Marcus Rowlands

"Please keep me up to date on the situation at Botton. I visited in 1969 and was very moved. I have lived in a Camphill Community as a student and visited a dozen Camphill centres over the subsequent years."  Don Hollister

"Please do not undo what is working beautifully well!"  Peter Baker

" Botton is a beautiful, peaceful, successful community for people with learning difficulties, at the heart of which are caring extended families with co-worker parents. I cannot believe you wish to destroy this balance! Please reconsider." Karen Chalmers

"My mother and our family have donated to Botton Village for over thirty years, we feel we have contributed to something unique and special. We have enjoyed the visits on open days and the special family community of botton village. My mother (Mrs Foulds) who is eighty now is so upset about the way co-workers and others are been treated she has decided not to donate any more money." Margaret Webster

"Courage vous trouverez les bonnes solutions." Bourcart Magali

"I have worked in a CVT centre for over 30 years and still have regular contact as a volunteer. I am sure that a majority of the villagers/residents whom I know strongly wish to live with resident co-workers. It is not too late for the Trust to seek an honourable compromise with the remaining co-workers in Botton and the Trust as a whole. Surely the Trustees can see how damaging to the villagers of Botton and the Trust itself the present tragic situation is? Please reconsider and seek a peaceful solution, based on an agreed ceiling for co-worker remuneration and an independent assessment of each villager's choices for their future support."  Anonymity requested 

"Why change what has successfully worked for so long? How can they possibly think that changing things will not have a negative impact on the very essence of what this was all about from the start." Anne Richardson

"My early childhood was spent in Newton Dee: a profound gift of Community Living."
Nicholas Allan

"I feel the deep sadness felt by so many others regarding the current situation. I care passionately for Camphill and have felt, and stated to others, that Camphill has been 'green' before anyone used the term, has 'valued the person' before any charity had even thought of the slogan 'See the person, not the disability'; has been a prime example of living together, with consultation, resolution, democracy, work, culture, spirituality and opportunities for personal development for all - whether that development is in practical skills, or in more personal qualities; learning how to live in harmony with each other, with the land, with humankind and the creatures of our world. The overwhelming benefits of true belonging, not separateness, not neat boxes, no 'them and us' but truly and literally living together, celebrating births, whether of animals or the precious children who have added to the whole; celebrating lives well lived and sharing the rituals and events that mark the passing of well-loved friends. Sharing all that comes between. Encouraging independence in many ways - but remembering that independence often develops from home, from the security and stability that encourages us to try. No one can live in our world with total independence, interdependence is far more natural than someone living a life of 'self'. Communities, villages, should encompass all ages and abilities and not focus on one section, one 'label'. I haven't an unrealistic Utopian ideal and do not trumpet all as perfect, because which of us can make any such claim? We change, life changes and is fluid, evolving, developing. I know I am 'preaching to the converted' because you all know this but my passion for Camphill is such that my emotions come through - and I know so many, many others share that deep passion. I love Camphill and I am happy to support anything that leads to best solutions for all concerned and is progressed in truly democratic ways, taking heed of the heartfelt views of the many. I am merely a lay person but find it hard to understand how the few can have such impact on the many but wish the charity a healthy, successful future and hope that these divisions, through democratic consultation, can lead to unity, to creative solutions, whilst remaining true to the heart of the founders.It feels like a giant kaleidoscope being shaken vigorously, with splintered and fragmented pieces trying to settle into a pleasing pattern for all - with a kaleidoscope we have to hold it up to light to see the pattern. May we all look up and listen to each other, see each other, see how we all fit into the whole, for the greater good. I support any dialogue and convention which will work towards this end so please add my name." Pam Fortune

"Botton is unlike any other place, it allows people to live a normal structured life with the support of a very caring community and individuals offering there support!. The way Botton was ran in the past worked!, so why change something that is providing a benefit to people that need support and help, and something that provides help to the local community? I also believe that these changes could have a very adverse effect to the residents!" Matthew Willmers

"As a parent of a young adult in a Camphill community I strongly support Botton Village. The community life that they share together is an extremely valuable aspect to the overall development of each person in the Village." Rosemary Huether

"I have known about, and been full of admiration for, Camphill Trust for years. Please don't let it lose it's wonderful caring ethic. I support you in your work to resolve this." Penny Avant

"I have been an admirer of your work and ethos for many years. I found myself weeping on hearing of the current situation. 'Efficiency' is a coverall word for many injustices and often, an excuse for heartless and inhuman decisions. Very best wishes to you in your attempts to be truly heard." John Adey

"Good luck with your campaign. I gave I always thought Botton a wonderful place and cannot understand why CVT would wish to dismantle the co- worker system." Helen Freeman

"Shame on the trustees who should be called corruptees."  Jean-Luc Leiritz

"As an old co-worker I support Botton." Jessie Mulder

"I support you!" yardena mader

"support you" hanna ben shalom

"The closing of Botton Village would in my opinion cause tremors that would be felt all the way to Whitehall and departments and government offices who work to put a vulnerable and precious segment of the UK's population in an ever more precarious position. Why oh why, are leaders of the government who spoke of compassionate community based solutions as the way to move forward, choosing to let a gem of such working together, fall into the dust. There can only be one answer: unspeakable greed." Nigel Harrison

"I truly believe that the people (villager and coworkers) living in such a community as Botton should be the ones that decide how life in such avillage is. The boards and trustees are there to advise and support. It shouldnt be a question of who is legally responsible, but rather who is on the ground, living the life. If the board do not have confidence in Botton Community the way it has been organised for so many years, then they can step down and open the seats to others who do." Geoffrey Bass

"Our thoughts are constantly with you, and all who endeavour to uphold a true 'Image of Man', with heartfelt good wishes for strength in the coming trials." Michael Phillips, Sturts Farm

"Please spare some thought for all the vulnerable human beings who have found a dignified and useful way of life and have been seen as individuals worthy of respect and love, who will now have to face the prospect of huge changes not least of them having to say goodbye to co-workers who have been true friends and supporters for years! Does the CVT have anything more constructive in mind?" Elizabeth Swann

"I work at another Camphill and I am a paid support worker BUT, the work that the co-workers do is a crucial role! They over-see that the companions and the house they reside in are safe and homely with a family feel. The wonderful exchange of theses experiences for both the companions and co-workers is something you cannot put a price tag on." Irene Marlow

"As a former co-worker in a Camphill Village I understand the special relationships that are forged by this inspired approach to community living. Co-workers are not "care workers", they are fellow citizens living and working side by side with the other residents of the village. They cannot be replaced by salaried employees." Julia Lynam

"I have supported Botton Village by standing order donations for about 30 years. I have no special connection with the Village, other than I thought it was a brilliant venture and derved long-term support. I was shocked to read the story in Private Eye, since I cannot recall any of my regular communications from Botton Village mentioning anything about the change in direction that the Trust seems to have made. I accept that there are two sides to every story, but the Trust doesn't seem keen to put its own case openly, either on its website or in its regular supporter communications. It is the means by which the Trust has tried to impose its will which concern me most - and their Membership application form is a disgraceful document. Sadly I shall have to cease supporting Botton Village for the time being and divert my donations to your action group until the Trustees can be made to engage in a meaningful discussion (i.e one which they approach with the possibility of reconsideration in mind)." Stephen York

"Our daughter Sofia spent 4 years at Botton and we went to see her there. She was happy to be helping handicapped young people , work on the garden, play the piano for the community etc. There was such a constructive and happy atmosphere! Please do not reduce that positive energy to a dire burocratic atmosphere. Rudolf Steiner who was such a wonderful pioneer, would not agree!!!" piero and brigitte mancini

"We need unique rules for unique institutions" Sue and Mick Bailey

"You've sent the children of your workers to our school for years (including 4 strong and loveable members of the Reid family) and we know from the way those young people conducted themselves here what a special place they had come from. Don't let what has happened to Delrow happen to Botton." Julian Paine

"Dear CVT, please don't create confusion, balancing the essentials created by Karl König and continued by Peter Roth! Thank you" Nico Brodnitz

"Dear Trustees, We and you can not fail to hear the many voices, the praises for what the Camphill Movement stands for, and now in particularly concerning Botton Village. At this time of crisis, it is even more so highlighted and augmented in that the spirit of Camphill and in how people with special needs and co workers want to live in a community, that is an inspiration and an example to the rest of humanity. It is imperative now for you to begin a dialogue with the co workers and stop your present actions please. Also for you to renew and gain other opinions and advice that can assist you in finding another avenue in how to support Botton Village and keeping the camphill ethos going, that the majority of people in Botton, co workers, villagers, family and friends want, and is also strongly supported by others from around the world. We will honour, respect and applaud you in doing so. I have reread your letters received over time and also your Action Plan in which you express in moving forward in this modern world. It is appreciated the work and energy you have given towards this Plan and it can't at all have been easy, but I have to say that I could not find that 'light' and 'soul' in the text, that is so special in the Camphill ethos. I feel, that you have taken a shortcut and that you have not explored all the options. That's why it is so important that you converse with the co workers. We, as parents and sister have chosen Camphill for our son and brother, who has autism , with his permission , for it's advanced care and it's artistic culture, where his talents have been recognised , acquired and honed his professional skills in weaving, pottery, painting, glass engraving and working in the Press. Skills he would not have learned so well in what we have observed in other residential homes we have visited. He is also experiencing the comfort of the spiritual nature that is imbued in the Camphill ethos. There is a gentleman who deserves your apology, when representatives on your behalf, entered his home and demanded that he leave immediately. This tactic does not enhance your reputation. This gentleman has given his heart and soul and feels passionate , as do other co workers at Botton, about the work they are doing living with people with special needs like our son. I am sure that there must be a way that will work for Botton that you can work with your creative and entrepreneurial skills, but not the Plan that you are implementing at the moment , that has no Camphill focus." Marja Lee

"Parce qu'il est important que puisse co-exister différentes pratiques et différentes façon de s'engager je souhaite ardemment que la communauté de Botton puisse décider par elle même de son avenir. La diversité est une richesse et peut être même source de bonheur." Florence Lienhard

"Beste lezer, In Nederland werk ik op een antroposofische woon/werk gemeenschap. Deze gemeenschap is in de loop van de jaren door de overheid erkent als zorg instelling voor mensen met een verstandelijk beperking. Door deze erkenning zijn wij inmiddels aan vele regels van de overheid en zorgkantoren verplicht om heel,heel veel verslag werk te doen. Zoveel dat de zorg en aandacht voor de bewoners inmiddels op de 2e plaats is komen te staan en het papier werk op de 1e plaats. Beide is mi nodig maar hoe het nu is, is het niet meer met elkaar in balans. Daarom ben ik enkele jaren geleden voor een aantal weken naar de camphill gemeenschap Botton gegaan. Wat ik daar zag en mee maakte was een kwaliteit van leven wat ik ieder mens gun. Ik zag gelijkwaardigheid, verantwoordelijkheid, betrokkenheid, huiselijkheid. Ieder had een dag taak die aan sloot bij zijn mogelijkheden. Ook naaste deze dagtaak werden er ontspanningsactiviteiten aangeboden naar ieder zijn behoefte. Om in zo'n gemeenschap te kunnen en mogen werken/leven dan heb je heel veel geluk in je leven als je daarin mag en kan bijdragen. Juist de formule de ze daar leven, we zijn allemaal gelijke, heeft vele malen meer waarde als heel de papier winkel voor de overheid. Deze papier winkel haalt NL het leven in en onder de mensen weg." Corrie van der Westen

"I support Botton completely - from Pahkla Camphill in Estonia" Tiia Espe

"Waarom iets de nek omdraaien wat zelfvoorzienend is?" N van Dalen

"I hope that you manage to bring about the change that is needed to best continue serving the needs of the community. Botton was the first Anthroposophically inspired place that I visited in 1972. I have been involved one way or the other since attending 1978. I have been a Waldorf teacher at Emerson Waldorf School, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, since 1993. The Camphill movement is very inspiring. Last year I took the 9th Grade to Kimberton Camphill - a wonderful experience for us all!!" Peter Moyers

"I support the freedom of community versus its us and them division for regulatory purposes which a) are totally ineffective and b) are destructive to the very reason for there to be the Botton and other Camphill communities in the first place." Phil Marples

"I do hope that you will come out of this crisis in a positive way for all concerned. I lived in Botton for one year with my family in 1957/58. My mother was one of the founder members of Camphill: Barbara Lipsker. That year was very special and we loved it there. I wish you all the best for your campaign and will keep you all in my thoughts." Anonymity requested

"There some hundred initiatives all over the world which try to work after that aim which is revealed by Botton Village and now there is a trial to break that impuls, which is what can call INCLUSION FROM ITS BEST... Please don´t touch that innovation...." Hartwig Ehlers

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