Action 4 Botton

"I was once a co-worker, my main area of work was in the woodwork shop alongside Ernst Nef. I am lucky in the fact that I still have many friends amongst the the villager community in Botton, though many of the co-wokers I knew have long since departed. I am appalled at what I have learnt concerning the actions of the CVT. I am staggered at the attempt to dismantle such a beautiful living network of co-supportive relationships and friends, by the materialist plans of the CVT. I would like to volunteer my support in what ever way I can towards assisting Botton to live, grow and fulfil itself still further for a long and continuing beacon of light and hope for the future of all." Wil Savage

"I support the community at Botton and all of the excellent work done there to help people lead full and productive lives. Any measures put in place to make that task more difficult, are heartless and barbaric and should be condemned to the dark ages, where they belong." Michael Pennick

"My husband has contributed to Camphill Trust for many years because we believe so strongly in the idea of Botton village, the inclusive community which has worked so well to the advantage of everyone involved." Marian Troughton

"For the authoreties: Please, let this camphill village continue as it is, to the benefit for the residents and the co-workers. We also have this kind of villages in Norway, and I know how much it means for the people who have got a disabled child. When in a champhill village the parents feel secure and relaxed for their children. The people working here do it by heart strength rather than for money. There is a difference here, we all know that!" Torill Heilevang

"I fully support the campaign to protect Botton against the hugely detrimental and outrageous actions of CVT and wish you every success." Katharine Andersen

"Such a beautiful community, may it continue to work in the way it does." James Gordon

"My daughter Amanda was in Botton for nine years and in a Stourbridge House afterwards, finishing up at Blair Drummond. She flourished with Camphill. My husband and I helped to set up Camphill Families and Friends and have supported Camphill ever since, and Amanda visited Norway and the US where both my sons now live. Amanda has moved into semindependent living in a care home but could never have done this without Camphill`s wonderful input." Felicity Butcher

" Wishing you all the best with this campaign - Camphill is a great community structure and an example which should be valued and cherished, not undermined." Catriona Patience

"As a former Camphill co-worker, I support the fight to preserve your way of life in Botton Village; it is so very special and would be a tragedy to lose!" Paul Lind

"Your project, your way of live is so inspiring. I send you all my profound respect. I will spread the word." Laura Ciudad

"Very best wishes for the initiatve in Botton. This should be a European model." Susan Paget

"I have had the pleasure of working with students who, for a number of reasons, are vulnerable members of our society. I recently retired from teaching and do some work with SEN students at a local secondary school. It has become a real eye-opener that once these students leave at 18 they have no direction to go in life, few opportunities are available for people who have so much to offer. I found an article written in the Yorkshire Post, Aug 2014, as I was about to use it to light the fire! Botton sounds amazing!! - I can only express my sincere best wishes in your quest to keep this wonderful community together." Andrew Smith

"I just watched the video posted on David Ickes website.It is heartbreaking to see and impossible to understand why such destruction is being attempted.i send all involved in trying to help and all members of Botton Community my very best wishes and love." Elizabeth Cattran

"I was a co-worker in Camphill in 1980-1982, it was one of the best experiences I made in my life. I do hope Botton can stay as it is, not only for the residents but also for young people to gain a lot of experience for their further life. I wish all of you the very best." Tamali Duve.

"I wish you success in challenging the CVT and demonstrating to the world what a real community is." Marilyn Edwards

"I'm so sorry this is currently happening, please accept my love and support." Lisa Martin

"Having spent some years living in Botton we are so sad to learn of the plight of the Villagers and Co-workers. It is such a distressing, unnecessary situation which threatens to destroy the whole ethos of this unique place. We hope that CVT will have the courage and grace to accept that this is a massive mistake, and that the altruism and love of those living there can be recognized as something worthwhile in an increasingly materialistic world. We support this cause wholeheartedly, and hope that common sense will prevail."  John and Elisabeth Dowle

"More creative communities needed, not fewer! Stop messing with what works - Botton is an example of society working together for the greater good. I don't want to live in a world where these things are compromised so that the people at the top can make some extra money for themselves."  Catherine Smith

"I have always admired the social model that Botton Village is based on. I have visited the Village and have seen how the Villagers are given the opportunity to feel that they belong and can live purposeful lives. It is a terrible shame that this happy fulfilling environment for adults with disabilities should be dismantled in this disgraceful way." Jennifer Aitken

"I am appalled at what is happening to Botton village. I took over supporting it from my mother, on her death, almost 30 years ago. I also donated a quilt I had made to a house parent family as I so much admired the dedicated work they did. I delivered this with my husband a number of years ago and was shown around Botton. My heart goes out to these dedicated people."  Bronwen Guest

"Botton is a unique place - the perfect model of a peaceful, caring community. To turn it into a commercial 'care home' tramples on decades of love and humanity." Graeme Aldous

"I support all you are doing to keep the precious and special place that is Botton village." Helen Harrison

"I have always thought Botton village a great example of how people with learning disabilities could feel valued members of society. To disrupt the lives of vulnerable people is unforgivable. I have a 65 year old sister with Down's Syndrome who lives with my family in South Africa, so empathise with all the families involved." Jennifer Dulieu.

"Politicians are saying an awful lot at the moment with the election coming up. Pity they can't get their backsides in gear and look to support a wonderful organisation like Botton." David Pearson

"I think it is vitally important to support the spiritual impulse which led to the founding of Camphill. It should not be suffocated by an entirely materialistic approach to its work." Robin Cook

"I wholeheartedly support Botton and really hope you win the fight." Nigel Hole

"Standing up to authority, even if it is totally illegitimate, is a very difficult thing to do. We are certainly not all capable of doing so. You are fighting to protect the principles upon which Botton was founded and I think you deserve everyone's respect." Stephen Heyman

"I am utterly shocked and devastated that the principles of the Camphill communities and the ideals of Rudolf Steiner are being destroyed by an aggressive and domineering managerial CVT culture. For several years I have supported the community in my own small way because I admired so much the life that volunteers and all the residents created together: a model of how community should be. If this is indeed destroyed it will be the most terrible betrayal." Dr Peter Jewel

"I call for CVT to work with all the co- workers at Botton to secure a continuation of their voluntary work in sharing their family lives with those needing support. The work of co workers has always been an example of the gift of spiritual economy. Care at its best is not something which should be marketised, of necessity it often is but that is the poor relation of what the co workers offer." Dr Laura Smith

"This is a great community and they want to carry on as they are. Don't break something special." Sarah Seymour

"I grew up in Yorkshire and Botton is somewhere I have always heard great things about. I am really sorry to learn that something which has been so good for so long is in danger of being destroyed. Please rethink this plan and allow something special to keep thriving."   Elinor Carter

"What Botton has created is a bit of heaven on Earth that should be rolled out over the whole country, not diluted or destroyed. You should be using them as consultants to inspire the state system. I am not exaggerating when I say it has been a life saver mentally and phsically, even for those just in its shelter belt, not even residents. Please preserve the spirit and love that is hard to quantify and doesn't fit in any box to be ticked. I just hope for open mindedness, fix the bureaucratic problems, but with a delicate hand so you don't disturb the good that's there." Madeleine Edwards

"Good Luck." Anonymity requested

"CVT have lost sight of who they are there for... the villagers and their quality of life is paramount and the reason why CVT exist. This is instrinsically linked to the traditional relationship between villager and co-worker and must be maintained. The proposed "reforms" do not in any way measure up to an acknowledged quality service and are based on a false premise of value for money. Life quality cannot be measured in pounds and pence." Anonymity requested

"I support Action for Botton's work and the continuation of it on the basis of family life for residents." Evelyn Williams

"Keep up the fight." Jim Lynch

"I have only recently found out about botton village after a weekend in Whitby, I think it's shocking that this decision was even thought of, let alone allowed to go this far. I hope the situation resolved itself in the best possible way for the village and its residents." Anonymity requested

"Having just discovered what has been going on in Botton, I have cancelled my direct debit to CVT and will re-direct the funds to your campaign. It was set up in memory of my uncle, who had Down's and for my niece, who has Prader-Willi Syndrome. I am FURIOUS that a wonderful ideal has been so corrupted and am very suspicious about the motives of those who have implemented these destructive changes. Were it not for Facebook , I would have believed the leaflets I received at Christmas, where no mention was made of any change in the way the village was run. I don't like being lied to." Sarian Grove

"I fully support the philosophy behind your current lifestyle and will happily help your campaign to keep living together in Botton." Charlotte Hassam

"I have visited Botton several times and recognised it as a very special place. My dearly-loved uncle, who had Downs Syndrome, would have benefited hugely from such an environment, but it did not exist in his lifetime. I have grandchildren at Waldorf schools, and cannot believe that the present Camphill Trustees have any idea of Steiner's underlying principles. After many years I have cancelled my regular donations to the CVT and will be supporting Action for Botton from now on." Penny Aldred

"My warm support to you all. Those who live in the community should have a right to decide how they wish to live. Botton Village is a great example of alternative community where everyone from everywhere can take part and learn. Not only our friends with special needs receive care and love but also the land and mother nature are well protected and respected. I was there 12 years ago as a eurythmy student from Thailand I have learned a great deal from Botton Village. The most beautiful thing was "Human relationship regardless of abilities, race and religion. Yes, changes and development are part of life but what has happened so far sounds unfair and not right. I do hope if the trust develop more "TRUST" in their hearts we can learn a lot from such a community which has stood for 60 years for benefit of those with special needs. Warmest Regards,"  Anchana Soontornpitag

"Yes, I support you!" John Hume

"How wonderful that Botton Village has so much support. How extraordinary that the authorities can't understand how perfect the houseparent system has been for our learning disabled relatives and friends for six decades. Sadly, the villagers are starting to realise something is wrong in spite of the best efforts of co-workers to protect them. There has been inappropriately heavy-handed management. The sooner this is resolved the better for all." Roz Staverley-Taylor

"Save one of the last spaces where everybody can be himself with all his skills and own character... be human." Elisa Tschech

"I have been a supporter of Botton Village for many years and am dismayed by the change in circumstances imposed by CVT. I would like to see the spirit of Botton village revived by a return to co-operative co worker status for those who live there. I believe it is disingenuous of CVT to claim that they are obliged to make the changes to employment status when the inland revenue had already accepted the exceptional circumstances of this community justify exemptions from usual employment practice." Anonymity requested

"I know and love Botton and love and respect the original Camphill principles. Together with my family I send you all my support." Myfanwy Vickers

"I have supported CVT for many years especially because of the arrangement in terms of people living together as a family. Having often worked with adults with learning disabilities in my role as a Theatre Director, I have seen and witnessed the benefits to everyone concerned, that this form of lifestyle can bring. I am appalled at the decision made by CVT to run things differently." Lizzie Palliser

"For 45 years, my brother's life was enhanced and enriched by the priceless gift of Botton co-workers sharing their lives with him and the whole community. What a tragedy it is that people's lives are now being damaged by disruption to shared living. Action for Botton must succeed in its urgent efforts to halt this disruption. Then let's hope some of the damage can be healed." Terry Downie

"You do amazing things. I hope that can continue for a long time!"  Andy Preston

"We live in a community of many Anthroposophical endeavors (including our own Biodynamic farm), with four life-sharing communities in our midst so we know the value of all of us living together! We in New Hampshire send our love and prayers to Botton." Alice Groh

"It was a visit to Botton Village around 18 years ago which was to change the course of my life. It was the reason that my children eventually went to a Waldorf school, it was my introduction to Anthroposophy. But more than this... I remember getting out of the car and being surrounded by a warmth which had nothing to do with the weather which was bitingly cold. This warmth emanated from the very heart of the social impulse which underpinned this community. Over the years I have come to appreciate that the way in which Camphill Communities work is a true refection of how we as human beings need to relate to each other. That it may be necessary to put individual needs to one side for the good of the whole. It is not easy when we feel hurt, afraid or seem to be lacking in some way - very often this means we react in ways which have more to do with our ego than having the courage to see the bigger picture. Botton, along with other Camphill Communities do need to be accountable, but nor should they lose the foundations which Karl Konig fostered. In today's world, communities such as Botton could be the model for the future, and not a diluted form of care home. People are often afraid of something different but this fear usually springs from lack of knowledge. I have witnessed the catastrophic demise of Delrow at an alarming speed - and the very people who are central to these communities, find themselves adrift with no sense of purpose. It is vital to support everything that Botton stands for, to meet each other out of true knowledge and understanding for only then can we truly 'know ourselves'. This is why I wish to support Botton Village." Carrie Milton

"I have worked in various social care settings for fifty of my almost seventy years. In recent years I have been saddened to see the deterioration in our services which are intended to serve others but which have become giant juggernauts at the mercy of the government of the day, to the detriment of those who are supposed to be helped and to the staff who provide those services - all in the name of progress. I have long admired Botton Village, where every individual can make a contribution and is valued by all and where artificial divisions between 'the doers' and 'those being done to' do not exist. I support the Botton Villagers in their struggle to maintain their way of life and to live with peace and dignity. I hope that your struggle will be a short one and will have a happy outcome for you all. With love," Susan Marshall

"I have visited Botton on a few occasions and fully support this action as I have seen the wonderful work achieved there" Susan Evans

"Standing with you in this and also praying that the powers that be will come to their senses!" Susan Appleby

"Having lived and worked in Botton for a good number of years, I know how precious the community is to all of you. Whatever comes next, I wish you much strength to face the challenges ahead which are still so uncertain." Chrystal Hayn

"I hope your campaign is successful - the proposed changes to the community sound very heartless." Sara Macdonald

"Is the Charities Commission helping? I have visited your community and had friends there - I strongly support your wish to stay there and believe the land was given for that purpose." Jane Steedman

"I love Botton and support it one hundred percent" Mary Attwood

"Wonderful news that you have been successful with the injunction. It finally feels that a blow has been landed for the future of Botton and that the misrepresentations of CVT are beginning to be rolled back." Simon Gillman 

"Here's my support, may many others lend a hand as well.." Scott Fellows

"Losing this unique and gentle way of life that gives so much happiness and fulfillment to vulnerable and able-bodied adults would be a tragedy. I do hope common sense prevails." James Arnold

"To the wonderful, brave and astonishing people who live in Botton Village: The 'tipping point' is here at last. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. 'overcoming the mists' " Anonymity requested

"We have a niece who is a long-term Botton resident. Just seen what is happening and have switched our regular donations to CVT to go to yourselves instead." John & Clare Gillies  

"Wishing you strength and perseverance in your efforts to keep this good work going."  Lawrence Bogle  

"Once you are on the other side of this true "Battle for the Soul" I hope Botton and the original Camphill impulse will take wings and be even more of a shining and inspiring role model for the most modern 21st century way of living humanely, ethically and caringly for all aspects of life, in community!" Anonymity requested  

"Watching with sadness from USA and Camphill Speacial School / Beaver Run. Don't give up!" Richard Moseley  

"I have been a Camphill coworker for over 20 years at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, and feel that it is important that people with special needs are cared for by volunteers. It is sad if most of the people who one interacts with are paid to interact with one."  Martha Cownap  

"Keep Botton as it is with the co workers living and working with the residents. It's a model that works and I don't believe paid workers is the way to go. The residents need their carers to live as families, they flourish in that environment and I believe they'd flounder with the proposed changes." Nichole Mcvitty

"Botton is a special place and is a community that should not be disrupted because other people think they know what is best. Botton knows what is best for Botton." Lacey Harrison

"This is care at its very very best. It beggars belief that the powers that be are trying to destroy this. Surely this should be a model for care for all of us. Stop attacking the vulnerable. Joy Hill

"I know Camphill's work well and have family deeply involved in Camphill in Ireland. I find it difficult to accept that anyone would want to disrupt its work, which is exemplary." Catherine FitzGerald

"I pledge my support to Botton, an exemplary organisation providing very effective care to the most needy in our society, a kind of care far superior than any other that I know of."  Anthony Arulanandam

"My father used to fix your roofs many years ago. He was very much affected by the sence of family and community you inspired. He passed this on to me I now work for a charity supporting adults in their own homes in the wider community. I still have a glass bowl he bought that was engraved by one of the communit. I love it as much as my father did. Good luck with your campaign." Christine Mulraney

"I can't understand why people should want to attack Botton in this way, and I fully support the efforts of remaining co-workers and the many others who are trying to stop what they are trying to do. I lived in Botton for several years a long time ago and it has always been a very special place for me." Maigread Reynolds

"I came to Botton about two years ago and I loved the sense of community and family x" Anonymity requested

"I spent 4 years as a co-worker at Camphill Farm Community in Hermanus, South Africa and live now in Australia. I am appalled to read what is happening within the CVT who were such a strong supporter of the Camphill communities in South Africa. I give you my total moral support and am happy to contribute via donation which I will sent off today. I wish you lots of support." Siegfried Gutbrod

"I worked at Botton Village in the Fund Raising Office from 1990 - 1998. Please contact me if I can help in any way to keep Botton stay as it should be - everyone living and working together. As we so often stated in our fund raising literature ' Botton Village - A Very Special Place'." Alison Gaines

"I have been a long term supporter of Botton Village, having grown up nearby. I absolutely support your Action for Botton and pray you will be successful in keeping the communities as they are." Amanda Cuddigan

"Botton has given someone I love a life where she is happy and fulfilled. A life she would struggle to find elsewhere, please do not take this away from her." Kathryn Adie

"Botton was a precious part of my life and I have always felt comforted that there is such a wholesome alternative for people with learning difficulties whose lives don't fit well into the craziness we call civilization." Vivien Ray

"Good Luck." Sarah Field

"I wholeheartedly support & recognise the invaluable work of the co workers & their families in the Camphill Settings. I have seen first hand how each resident is loved and appreciated for what they each individually bring to the community & how each one flourishes in this care. This is a vocation & Camphill would not beat with the same warm heart forces with the introduction of paid part time staff. The CVT are acting wrecklessly & in a bull headed way against everyone's wishes. They need to be stopped." Jujé McGregor

"Please fight on - we will support you!" Richard and Caroline Poyntz-Wright

"Botton is in my heart, and before it is too late, and the Spirit of Botton dies, we must fight, fight, fight that the beacon of hope and inspiration in this special place for co-workers and villagers will never end for many more generations. I look forward and hope that "God save Botton." Jörg Dzaak

"We hope you win this battle. The lose of Camphill would be devestating." Siobhan Lynch

"I feel deeply moved by what is going on in Botton and send my deep concerns." Ulrike Cornish

"I would like to pledge my support for Botton and wish you all the very best." Brigitte Szkolny

"I want to stand with you because I believe forcibly evicting people is not right." Carolyn Schofield

"Botton Village is a utopian way of integrating adults with learning difficulties into a beautiful community providing meaningful work and giving villagers dignity and a sense of value. I have always felt uplifted and inspired on my visits to Botton over the last 20 years. It will be a tragedy if it ceases to exist or becomes like any other Social Services care provision. Our society ought to be able to accommodate different models of living together." Joy Smith

"We value Botton and all you do for the people who live with you.and support your social endeavour." Alan Wright

"My mother met my father at Botton and tells me how important it is for it to stay as it is!" Jamie Wright

"Pledging my support for your campaign to keep this community together." Angela Dunning

"I hope all effected by this in the Botton Community are supported and good luck." Katie Macleod

"I have a six year old daughter with downs syndrome and I know how precious the family households at Botton must be to all who share them. I wish you clarity, strength, courage, energy and good luck in this campaign." Kate Towey

"I really hope you succeed in keeping Camphill the way it should be, with people who really care in control." Carol Russell

"Good luck, I used to work at Camphill in Buckfastleigh Devon till its ethos was destroyed by another trust they took away milking the cows which the villages loved doing. Don't let this happen at Botton. Rudolph Steiner must be turning in his grave. Keep this lovely place alive. I now work as a support worker in the workplace and the clients have nothing like the experience of Camphill. Good luck in your quest." Karl Greaves

"Having read what the co-workers and other good people in the community at Bottom write it reminds me very much of my wonderful experience of the L'Arche Communities. Please listen to all members of the wonderful community you have and find a way forward that will genuinely serve their needs. What benefit is there from the current conflict? Please find a humble compromise to serve these wonderful people. Gerry O'Hanlon

"My husband and I have made a couple of visits to Botton and witnessed first hand how the community works together and met many residents with various learning difficulties all of whom were very welcoming. It was clear that those we met enjoyed their environment and the independence it afforded them. Botton is a very special place and the community and its values should be protected." Marylin Boorman

"This is just appalling. My heart goes out to everyone involved in this battle. The stress and anxiety caused by the uncertainty must be intense. WHO CAN STOP THIS????? It is destroying the very ethos of Camphill and Botton." Valerie Constable

"What can I do to help? This policy by the trustees is abhorrent." Alan Constable

"Botton has worked so well for so long please don't change the fundamental principles that make it work. I have been aware of the Camphill organisation for a long time & admire it greatly. Don't change something that already works!" Deborah Byrne

"I wholly support your wish to keep Botton unique and special and a beacon for intentional life-sharing communities. I feel that this is a hugely important struggle, and send you warmest wishes in continuing on the side of the right." Elaine Hunt

"I really support your cause, to be separated from friends and family is a terrible thing. Good luck." Anonymity requested

"Botton village is an amazing community caring for special people. I have seen many care homes. I don't know any other place where those cared for seemed more dignified, proud or had a greater sense of purpose and belonging than in Botton. Moving people out of their homes, where they have lived an thrived, sometimes for decades, seems an act with no sense or respect for the essential needs of human beings, such as the need to belong and form meaningful relationships." Anonymity requested

"Please do all you can to stop these heartless changes to Botton." Eileen Simister

"I have a few friends who have lived in Camphill communities and I have two daughters at the Morsy Steiner School. I am upset that you are under threat and will be happy to sign anything to support you. Much Love x" Niki Lewin

"It is really important for the villagers, and for the maintenance of community and anthroposophical ideals that Botton is allowed to continue as an independent intentional community and does not continue its development into a conventional care home model as envisaged by CVT managers." Betty Marx

"In my opinion these changes would destroy a great idea which has already proved its advantages. People in Botton care for each other because they live together in a community, not because they are paid to do so. I think that this is one of the major reasons for the success of Botton Village. To change this would mean at first to build a house on a solid rock and afterwards to try to pull the rock under the house away. Don’t stop fighting!" Timo Moenkediek

"Please keep in touch with the news of Botton. I am deeply distressed with all I hear. I will keep the community and all therein in my prayers and ask help from the spiritual world. Sending you all love and strength." Bridget Holmes

"Good luck and hope you can keep the group together without any disruption to those in your care. Only wish there was more I could do to help, as I know first hand the disruptive affect this is having on those in your care." Derek Coles

"My brother was one of the first residents with Karl Konig and Dr. Weihs in Aberdeen, before moving to the Sheiling in Ringwood. Although no longer a CVT resident, he was extremely happy there and was given the best grounding possible. I wish to support the principle that choice of care should be available, and feel that the CVT Trustees should be held to account more openly for their actions." Susan Stevens

"Hope you'll win, would be such a shame if the Camphill Villages as we know them go under...." Katrin Gabriel

"HMRC is affecting other disabled people too: we're being forced to employ people rather than have selfemployed carers. This of course subtly but powerfully changes the relationship. It seems the rules - or even the law - needs to be changed so that the needs of disabled people are paramount, rather than ludicrous rules dreamt up and/or interpreted by people who have no idea of the consequences." Jill Rakusen

"Those were my best and most meaningful years spent in various Camphill Communities such as the Grange, Coleg Elidyr and Oaklands Park. Never experienced this much of a family structure which worked truly well with everyone, the residents, the co-workers and volunteers. All were happy and willing to share, live together a life. By instituionalising and taking away the 'informal but human!' staff - all who remain won't have a chance to grow healthily as human beings but some factory-made emotionally and physically incapacitated robots. We would not want our children to be raised without love, right? Even if the circumstances are not quite satisfactory - the love in which our children grow counts the most. Think of the residents as part of yourselves, part of your family." Kata Hayes

"May the spirit of Camphill survive these troubled times!" Peter Snow

"Save the Botton way of life!" Erin Frankland

"I am completely opposed to what is going on at Botton Village now, it's unthinkable and must be stopped!" Michelle Rahbari

"Dear all, I have spent half a year in Botton and it was a time when I learned real human values and I am so thankful that I was able to get to know this unique community. Botton must survive, because its ideas changes everybody who touches it in a human, philosophical and peaceful way. It is a place, where people can grow. And all this happens, thanks to every single member in this community. I wish you all the best."  Julian Brosda

"This is heartbreaking. Pure and simple." Mary Pendrill

"Botton village is the best example of a working community that I have ever seen and been part of." Julian Meredith

"It has been a joy and a solace to me over 50 years to know and read of the life of Botton. People living in families, supporting each other and sustaining the members by their own hands. Those who wish to destroy this life of ideals are people who have no understanding of the true meaning of love, they only understand what can be counted." Patricia Milling
"I fully support the villagers at Botton in their campaign." Val Wilkinson

"I hope I'm not too late to say it would be illogical and counterproductive to change Botton in any way. It is a valuable resource for people who need such support and works effectively for their benefit. Not everything fits into a government approved template, and flexibility and this is a situation where common sense needs to be used by councillors in everyone's best interests. Support should be given to Botton, it's residents and workers so that their good, effective and cost effective work can continue." Pam Rayment

"I watched the very moving piece on Channel 4 news on Camphill and Botton is an amazing community. It would be such a shame to disregard the rights and the feelings of those living and those supporting the people in Botton - what a shame that something that is a force for good is in danger of becoming 'modernized' like the rest. I hope that Botton never loses it's soul, it is an inspirational and wonderful model that others should learn from." Anonymity requested

"Sending you my love and solidarity. The times I have spent in Botton Village have been of most significant importance for my life. It hurts to see this magical place being destroyed. Very best wishes to you in your attempt to maintain your integrity." Sarah Brumlop

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