Action 4 Botton

"My sister lives a happy & fullfilling life at Botton - she is contented & well cared for. My parents worked so hard to enable her to go Botton; it has been her home for nearly 40 years. It is due to the philosophy & structure of co-workers and villagers living together that has enabled her to feel secure, loved & to be proud to be part of Botton." Sue McEwen

”Amazing childhood experience growing up in Botton - a truely unique and wonderful place that does so much for so many people. Please allow this special village to continue and thrive!” Ellen Owen-Powell

”I support this and hope that the Trustees will reconsider their decision.” Chris Newsam

”Scottish Parliament Celebrates Camphill Ethos, see film, and supports its Family style Community living. Without the Ethos Developed by Dr Koenig it will no longer be Camphill but an empty Charade unworthy of the name. Surely the name cannot be used should this proposed mechanised attitude to "care" be implemented!” R Evans

”I am happy to give my support to this cause. Having attended the Rudolf Steiner School in Kings Langley, I have strong memories of a class visit/camping trip there and was hugely impressed by the caring and supportive environment of this community.” Karen Raaford

”I support Botton Village!” Cristina Vecchio

”Quello che posso fare” Riccardo Sisto

”Botton is such a wonderful place to visit, we always support their open days. I always tell people that if you had a child who lived at Botton you could 'die happy' knowing that their future well being & happiness was being so well cared for. It must not change!” Sandra Purdie

”The loss of somewhere like Botton is unthinkable.” Simon Caulkin

”When I was 8 years old, we visited Botton Village and we stayed there for 2 weeks. Botton was the first camphill I've ever been to and I loved it. I hope that the big families and co-workers still live with the residents and form an independent community.” Lili Szalay

”This village has been living happily and successfully for 60 years, please don't ruin their lives now.” Amanda Munday

”Botton has been known for the special life given there to those with various kinds of disability, particularly for the shared family life which gives them such wonderful support, warmth and security and, because of which, most opted to live there. For this way of living to be so fundamentally changed would be appallingly upsetting to those vulnerable people who are supposed to be under the care of CVT.” Kay Wilson

”Dear all, after years of dedicated work by many individuals providing a wonderful environment to villagers and families as well as short term co-workers, I hope and wish Botton all the success and support necessary to withstand such hard times, yet I am confident that Botton will make it. Warm regards, Alex” Alexandros Kakanis

”I lived in a Camphill community as volunteer in a family with co-workers in Switzerland. The importance of the community life in the family (a young couple with 2 children) during evenings and weekends was obvious. Building relationships and trust is possible when you know that the people you are living with will be there tomorrow too. The idea of Camphill communities, especially in these days of greater anonymity is important and well worth to keep it alive! Regards” Laryna Elisabeth Wuppermann

”We can't allow this to happen” Dave White

”This is a wonderful community that enriches the area. Save.” Bianca Robinson

”I totally support you and know of someone who personally benefitted from being there. Please fight to keep this.” Angela Myers

”Stand for the love and warm of Camphill life” Diipali Ding

”The model that is Botton is so valuable; it must not be destroyed by ill-considered moves away from the underpinning ethos and the ending of living as families. If there are tax reasons behind this, let us understand what it is that is the problem. Maybe this needs to be addressed with Government because I feel confident that they would not want to be seen as the cause of Botton's demise.” Aidan Nelson

”I support Action for Botton.” Chris Butler

”Botton was a wonderful place and it fills me with sadness to see how quickly it is being torn apart.” Pepe Lowe

”100% behind this! X” Sarah Milburn

”I have signed a petition by 38 degrees. I feel very strongly that community living for people with learning difficulties is the best way ahead. I am impressed by the commitment of carers in the Camphill Community and feel there is a victimisation of particularly rural communities by the Government. They would prefer to see people living independently and visited by a variety of social carers through the day. This ignores how time builds up trust and understanding and enriches the lives of people in community living. I feel most strongly that if professionals such as Simon Baron-Cohen and the host of psychologists and thinkers now dealing with the effects of learning difficulties were approached, they would endorse a system of community living either rural or urban, but safe as safe can be and satisfyingly human. Please keep me informed. Thank you.” Christopher Monk

”I have first hand experience of the type of institutional so called 'drop in and care model' the cvt are advocating. This is not a home life for those with learning difficulties, this is not independent living or having meaningful work to do like the Camphill villages provide. This is like putting fit young and old people in an old fashioned institution with carers popping in and out. Living together as equal human beings is what Camphill is about. I support Botton and other living in facilities as I know the care is of much higher standard than I see when undertaking learning disabilities reviews with people drafted in as "carer" who do not have a clue about the client 8 out of 10 times. I also feel cvt board should be openly elected by the communities they represent. I have a foster sister in Camphill care, she does not want her own flat, she is social and prefers communal living, loves living in a proper family with children, teenagers, pets, celebrations activities plays she takes part in, choir, computer tuition and the normal ups and downs of daily living.” Helen Hingley

”Botton must continue as it is. Please keep up the good work.” Richard Davidson

”why would you want to do this ............stop this now.” Clara Davidson

”I used to be a co-worker in Botton (2013-2014) and it was my best decision which I have ever made to go there. Botton is the most special place that I know. I've learned many things about people and myself. Just the way of life and work with people who have special needs is incredibly unique and gives you so much. If the system would change it wouldn't be the same anymore and many people who live there already for many, many years would lose their "home". So please, let Botton how it is right now! It would destroy many lives.” Tabea Kaczmar

”Botton without shared family living between the Villagers and co-workers in the Camphill way of life is unthinkable.” Max White

”Please don't get rid of this model that works so beautifully and is such an inspirational way of living.” Jude Smith

”All my love and support for those whom this concerns”

”This is atrocious. These people deserve to live and work freely and independently with the families they have grown to love. I will be doing my best to spread this and get as many people to sign as possible.” Heather Bain

Bethany Hattingh

”forza e coraggio!” Lanteri Mauro

”How could this wonderful community not continue ? Please save Botton” Duncan & Katy MacBrayne

”It would be a shame and a bureaucratic disgrace if this were to go ahead.” Adam Burton

”Bringing poor practice up to higher standards in residential care of all types is fine and necessary. Applying newly struck, standard measures to longstanding, pioneering, profoundly caring organisations such as Botton, which has a much longer record of success than the CQC, Ofsted or their failed predecessors, is destructive nonsense. This approach smacks of Soviet style intolerance of originality. Offer informed advice that can improve Botton, monitor its capacity to adapt over time. But don't shake the foundations without absolute proof and don't assume that suddenly, in the second decade of the 21st century, you have discovered the only seam of wisdom and understanding.” John Plummer

”Special needs inhabitants of Botton I'm sure develop more within a family setting , rather than being looked after by paid minders.” Hazel Grahamslaw

”This I want to support! "At the heart of the community are those with learning disabilities, who can share warm and happy homes with vocational volunteer Co-workers and their families, leading rich and meaningful lives together." I hope we all find the means that your shared community will be sustainable and fruitful for years to come!” Eunice Pinheiro

”Please do not destroy something that work for the best of the disabled!” Einar Riis-Johannessen

”Keep up the great work Botton.” Fiona Croft

”It is truly heartbreaking to hear that the inspiring model that is botton and indeed the other Camphill trusts is being forced to fight for their survival. They have helped countless people lead happy and fulfilling lives over the years and provided a model of inspiration.” Claire Robertshaw

”From our experience the co-workers are making great progress. It would be sad if you were replaced by employees as vocational care can not be replaced. All the best for the future !!” Roger and Bernadette

”I spent a couple of weekends volunteering in manual work-at Botton in the 70s, and have since visited briefly on a mere handful of occasions. This does not, obviously, give my voice much authority - however, this is what I have to say: Based on those few encounters, I have held Botton in my heart as simply the best, most inspiring community I have ever encountered. I would love to have lived and worked there, but my life took me along a different path. I have told people this. I have told of the inspiration it has given me that COMMUNITIES THAT REALLY WORK are actually POSSIBLE, not mere wishful thinking. And it has always been clear to me that it has worked so well because of the Camphill villagers/co-workers model. Because it has not been a case of "staff" dispensing "care" to "service users", but of human PEOPLE living collectively in this wonderful village... people with differing capabilities LIVING TOGETHER as quasi-family. The loss of Konig's model would be a great loss to humanity: that is my strong, strong feeling. Call it over-imaginative if you will, but the feeling about Botton that I've carried since 1975 or 6, was that if there was a societal breakdown on a mega-scale, Botton was the place most likely to hold the seeds of any renewal of humane society. Because they really practised love in action. They knew how to do it. Who else does? Really, who else does? Last time I visited, I was deeply moved to see that some villagers had lived there for DECADES, had died and been buried there. I thought that was wonderful, and I'm damn sure they would have done. "Care institutions" just can't compare. Camphill has been a great social experiment, and it has shown wonderful pointers to a better way of living together, great lessons. Is the most important lesson to be "People, we're going to show you what NOT to do! This is how you destroy something of immeasurable value. See, we take out the living together as 'family' bit, and look what happens!" Trustees: please, PLEASE re-think. Revisit the founding principles. CHAMPION them. Or you are not truly TRUSTEES: you betray the TRUST part of the word.” Jerry Simon

”CVT must be stopped from destroying this model community for people with special needs.” David Robertson

”It’s wonderful that so many are prepared to give up time to support this community who are clearly 'on the ropes' after sustained attack from those who are meant to be ' managing'. Keep up the good work - I'll do all I can!!!!” Steve McGivern

”Keep the Camphill model.” Sandra Grieve

”Please don't destroy this wonderful community! I lived in botton for a year and it was the most inspirational and rewarding experience of my life. We need more warm, welcoming communities like botton to give those with learning difficulties chance to reveal their potential and be happy and valued.” Helen Mutter

”Please reconsider your actions regarding the changes you wish to impose on the Camphill way of life. They come from a deep misunderstanding of the social cohesion that results from Camphill and would undermine it, turning Camphill into just another generic institution in the alienating medical industrial complex. I have worked in a great number of organisations with people with disabilities and none of them come anywhere near to the quality of life, self-respect and health (body and mind) that people with disabilities experience at Camphill communities.” Christo Wallers

”Having experienced life in Botton Camphill Vilage, I am determined to advocate for the continuity of the village Community as it is for the benefit of everyone living there and all those throughout the world who are inspired by the idea of a caring community which indeed does work.” Sibylle Seidel-Pottiez, Bremen, Germany

”It seems to me that the changes they are trying to force on your community will prevent it from being what it is and what it was set up to be. They shouldn't be allowed to dictate how you live your lives, they need to work with you, not on you as though you are some kind of project/problem to be dealt with. Best of luck fighting this xxx” Katrina Evans

”The work you have done over the years is unique and amazing it must be allowed to continue.” Isobel Horsley

”Why fix something that isn't broken” Jane Slater

”Change is not always for the better.” John Fletcher

”Sounds like a wonderful place and environment. Good luck.” Lydia Duncan

”I support the ethos of Camphill with the co worker families.” Sarah Rook

"I am appalled by the actions that are going on here. I have spent a short time both in botton and at loch arthur and the magic of the communites very much comes from the family atmosphere and a real sense that there is no seperation between any of the people living there. To take the workers out would be to change the very face of what camphill means. I am speechless that this is the plan of the trustees and demonstrates to me that they have little umderstanding of how a spiritual loving community can work using Rudolph steiner principles! For many years I have been a strong advocate of camphill and suggested it as a place to work to many young folk who have crossed my path. I had no idea that the trust was trying to rip the heart of these communities out! Please stop! Take stock! Please be reverent and go and consult in these camps and with the families of the people who live there! Yours very sincerely" Beth Currie

"Apoyo y firmo esta petición." Victoria Ugarte Elgueta

"These actions go against everything Camphill was meant to stand for. What happened to LIFE SHARING? Co-workers and people with disabilities should live and work together. Without this FUNDAMENTAL part of community life, how can it remain a Camphill? It will become the same as any other institution for people with disabilities." Olaf Steel

"I know.if.something like this was being threatened to being taken away from my little brother, I'd do anything to stop it." Brittney Darling

"I have lived for two years in Botton Village. It is a wonderful community of commited individuals. I have experienced joy, real work and much meaning for all there. I wish wholeheartedly that the CVT revises their decision to ask coworker to leave and commute. I am now residing in a Camphill Community in the U.S.A. and find equal meaning in this lifestyle." Etienne Bissonnette

"Communities like Botton are equivalent to families, which should be in control of their homes, their lives and their relationships. It's a terrible situation that people who don't live there have somehow got the power to destroy these relationships - what's it got to do with them anyway? Get rid of them, take back your lives, let them go and interfere with places where things are already awful, rather than ruining loving, sustainable homes." Cath Muller

"My younger brother is highly autistic. I can only hope he finds an amazing community like this when he's ready to go out in the world." Breanna Bittick

"Communities like yours are vital. Good work." Simon Baxter

"I am sending much love to you all. I have a life-long connection to anthroposophy and have heard so much that is positively inspiring for say many at Botton from people who have lived with you or visited you. I look forward to hearing how your story unfolds and if there is some particular way I could help. With warm regards," Diana Calthrop

"No sense in this change. Good luck." No sense in this change. Good luck." Steve Threlkeld

"It would be such a tragedy if this wonderful model of living were to be replaced by a conventional care home type set-up." Frances Pearce

"Please don't change what doesn't need fixing...." Kieran Sykes

”Camphill Communities are a beacon of light in an unsympathetic world of red tape and political nonsense. There should be more support and understanding for these enlightened centres which offer a unique approach of care for otherwise neglected people.” Joy de Berker

”Hi, Although I live in Australia, I am English and have worked with children with learning difficulties over the past 15 years. I'm currently working with a child who has Aspergers here in Canberra. I am passionate about the rights of people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities so this petition is very important for every one concerned. Keep up the fight!!!” Jayne Davis

”I visited Botton many years ago, and simply loved the energy there, and way in which the community lived together. community should come before money.” Ruth Willis

”Take care. Wishing you all in Botton much strength and love!” Jose Van der Donk

”I support Botton Village as a Community where co-worker and residents lives together under the Camphill Ethos” Veronica Cabrolier

”I have always viewed Botton village with awe and admiration. This was mainly due to a the fact that villagers and co-workers live together and I firmly believe this is a big part of the village's success at creating an environment where every individual is supported and encouraged to fulfill their potential. With unapologetic idealism and bluntness I will say that if this organisation changes, the essence of this camphill institution will be lost. I truly hope the Village continues to develop as it is and keep my faith in humanity intact.” Melissa Lennartz

”Please preserve the Botton we know and love.” David Nicholson

”I would find it very important that Campill in its community spirit and in its practical sharing life together is very important. Even more important in our time where people get more isolated and social and real human contact are getting less. Employed people never mind how good they do a job, it is a job and sharing life together gives a very different dimension to life. A life that nourishes the soul and the spirit. I very much ask the Camphill Village Trust to reconsider their way of structuring the community at Botton.” Maria Albiez

”As a co-worker in a Camphill Village in the United States, I have seen in a very immediate way the positive impact that the life-sharing lifestyle has on our residents with special needs. There is no substitute for the way in which living and working alongside someone allows everyone involved to get to know each other in a deep way and to learn and grow with each other.” Ryan Pirtle-McVeigh

”Such important work!” Caroline Smith

”This needs to be supported ,quite often this comes down to money but this community changes the lives of these people and this is very rare these days.” John

”Good luck in your campaign.” Jeff Fuidge

”I support your work and am concerned that funding cuts will have serious negative implications that cannot be worked around other than financial provision.” Susie Daniels

”Dear co-workers and friends and relatives of Botton and all you residents of Botton Village. I feel very much for you. Botton Village is at the end of the world but through its cultural-spiritual impulse felt always as a centre in the world. Keep up your spirit and don\\\'t give in.” Wolfgang Flaig

”all the best with your campaign! love val x” Val Archer

”The Camphill model is unique and successful. It doesn't fit current thinking about social care and disability. It is founded on different assumptions, but that doesn't mean it is not fit for purpose. Above all it is humane, and human in scale, it is based on love (sorry to be embarrassing) and goodness - I suppose that these are airy-fairy ideals, but they make a great life for people with learning disabilities. Let it continue.” Francis O’Leary

”You have my full support” Anne

”If there is any way to make it possible for true Camphillers to live with the very difficult management structure which is being imposed, then perhaps the community can be saved. I would like to be able to help. Something very valuable is about to be lost for good if we cannot save it very soon.” Betty Marx

”'Intentional Communities' were well spoken of as important contributors to social care in Valuing People, and should therefore be understood as such by CQC, so it is clearly down to fear in the CVT. Intentional communities are not made up of paid staff, but dedicated individuals and their families. As a former house-parent I am aware of all aspects of work in community within the 'compliance' standards of legal bodies. I have now worked in the 'next stage' of development of Steiner Care Homes for nearly 7 years, and it is sorely lacking in many many ways. Mainly due to the nature of the set up. Paid staff - who are honest and kind but treat the place as a work space - NOT THEIR OWN HOME! There is no getting around the value you place on the care within your own home, and all those encompassed within it. It can NEVER be the same when shifts, and counting hours for wages occur. I have a bond with those I cared for through this system that will never be broken, and outshines any of the connections that are made through this new system. Equally the best years of my own childrens' lives were in Camphill. To all those families who are struggling against these plans, good luck, and God speed, you are absolutely and unquestionably right to fight for this.” Helen Descalescu

”I have visited Botton village and have seen for myself the incredible community that has been created over many years and which is a thriving and loving home to many people with and without disabilities. I would think that the government would seek to learn from the success of the Camphill movement and would wish to support its expansion rather than the opposite.” Marion Price

”Tragic it is even up for debate. I have only heard wonderful happy reports about Botton. As an old saying goes.. " If it's not broken, don't fix it" ” Sal Frater

”I once helped run a carnival of the animals show at Botton, it is a truly special place and must be kept the same.” Isabelle Ogden

”My brother is mentally handicapped, lives almost 200 miles away and has employed key workers. They are good keyworkers but only work certain hours and do not have an 'out of hours service'. He has good friends locally and I have called on them in emergencies. Living in a family unit is the way forward to maintain dignity and standards.” Ann Ashmore

”The very reason why Botton, an intentional community, was born is being destroyed. The excuse is that a more modern form of care where transparency is present needs to be built. Old ways need to be abandoned!!!! What is 'being modern'? This is my question. Certainly I do not believe that this means being paid for every minute of care and support that is delivered. It is certainly not sustainable, when love and genuine care is the intention, and not so authentic when it puts a disabled person in the unequal position of being merely a receiver. I know that it is possible to create a way of living where salaries are not present and sharing is the option. The will to do it is needed. The right of an intentional community that has grown, developed and proved to be successful is being taken away. It is horrible and immoral. Support Botton if you can. It has been the marvellous home for many people for years. A place where the true acceptance of differences has become a reality and money has just been one of 'those things'!!!!” Eva

”Please help Botton” Alan

”Keep the ethos of Botton going. A very special place.” Mary

”Inspiring place to visit. Making a huge difference.” Anne Bell

”My interest is chiefly with the Grange and Oaklands Park, near where I live, but I wish you well in your efforts to keep the essence of the Camp Hill model.” Andy Vivian

”I think Botton CVT is a unique and wonderful thing that must be cared for. My only way of supporting this cause is to sign a petition and urge friends to do so too. My wishes and hopes go to you all fighting the fight. All the best,” Samantha Courtney

”Keep up with the good work for as long as you can. I know a lot of the Camphill communities have already had to change beyond recognition...I was so relieved to find out that you had so far managed to escape the changes. I pray that you don't have to go through the trauma that has affected some of the other communities. You can count on my support.” Caroline Oates

”Always thinking of you all” Christof-Andreas Lindenberg

”We are daily thinking of you all and stand in awe of your courage. What can we do?” Norma Lindenberg

”My good friend Anna Robertson lives at botton and loves it dearly I will do anything I can to help her have a happy and successful time there and long may it continue x” Amelia Clark

”Camphill residences are vital for the students and parents who use them. Please don't let bureaucracy and red tape change them .” Emma Stevens

”This is a step backwards, living with a family is the natural way people should live. Not being supervised by paid workers. I have managed a residential care home and although residents received the best of physical care and regular social activities were provided, the love that a family unit provides can not be substituted.” Patricia Butler

”Hope u can work it out” Saffron Steele

”Botton provides work, practical and emotional support in a friendly and safe environment empowering the residents with a sense of purpose and value, tools of a satisfying life. These are very important skills, not easily taught, Botton does it well!” Jane Stevenson

”My sister was in Botton and liked it pretty much. She told a lot of inspiring things. So keep the homes for everyone and the way the Botton people live all together. It is great.” Marieke Bohne

”Related to William Graham who lived, worked, died and is buried at Botton. He was always a happy member of his family, as well as being greatly involved in his Botton family. The organisation of the village and all who live there are part of a life that is becoming completely underestimated and mis-understood.” Judith Graham

”This is a beautiful community and I do support camphills and value the work that is achieved there. Please dont change it.” Eleanor Bryant

”I think it is scandalous how such a superb system for helping people with learning difficulties is being dismantled. I well remember my first visit to Botton, some 30 years ago. I was amazed at the confidence and happy ethos of the villagers. Since then I have been spreading the word about how Camphill has got it right. It would be a terrible shame if this all falls apart, and I can no longer say this.” David Horsley

”As someone with a long-term connection with Botton Village and school, I feel it is essential that the integrity of this wonderful community is preserved and strengthened for many years to come.” John Darrell

”I have only seen good things come from this organisation and am against any change that will do less good.” Chris Stevenson

”The open day yesterday was brilliant, such an important day in our calendar every year. I love coming to see my cousin so happy and relaxed in her home, with wonderful friends all around her.” Julia Dent


”Although it has been a number of years, I fully support the ethos of this model of care. It will be a sad loss for the community.” Janet Cairns

”I have a very dear friend with learning difficulties who lives at Botton. Botton provides her with a relevant social and working life and she has been very happy there. It would be a travesty if this were not to continue!” Amelia Fell

”As a resident of Malton, where there are a number of CVT houses, I see the benefits of the way of life there and at Botton Village, These are wonderful examples of people living and working together and being there to help each other. This is seems a truly worthwhile ideal and Botton Village demonstrates the great possibilities that exist for such communities. I think this attempt to change the organisation at Botton shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the way of life of the community on the part of the trustees and I strongly support the co-workers in their resistance to it.” Elizabeth Tayor

”People shouldn't try to fix things that aren't broken!!! If the present system works well and is beneficial to all residents I cannot see any reason to change things.” Maureen Stones

”If its not broken why fix it? It’s a modern disease, have they not opened there eyes when they were there?” William Telfer

”I have known Botton Village since 1967 – initially as a BBC documentary film-maker, and ever since as a friend and frequent visitor. I made a further film at Botton in 1989 as part of a BBC trilogy to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Camphill. In my opinion it would be a tragedy, and a crime against all that is most humane in our wish to help and serve one another, if Botton was to disappear in the form in which it was conceived – a form that has brought such dignity and well-being to so many people 'in need of special care'. This was the title – 'In Need of Special Care' – that I chose for the film I made in 1967/8 which won a British Film Academy award and which celebrated a new and pioneering way for people of all sorts to live together in mutual support and respect; for aren't we all in need of special care. In a culture that increasingly encourages competition and the acquisition of wealth, Botton Village – and similar communities – was, and still can be, a beacon for a future in which more altruistic values can thrive and develop.” Jonathan Stedall

”Community living is the future.” Simon Gillman

”Thank you to whoever has started this campaign. As a parent of a Botton villager I am witnessing first hand the unhappy consequences of the bullying by CVT. The arrogance of both management and trustees, their refusal to listen to the wishes of the families of most vulnerable who they should be supporting, their disregard of the co workers who should be at the heart of a vibrant, intentional community and their complete unwillingness to engage in any sort of alternative solution, is shameful.” Elizabeth Robertson

”'If it ain't broken why try to 'fix' it'. Botton is a superb community for disabled individuals who are able to live happy, fulfilled lives co-sharing homes within their community. There should be more places for the disabled just like Botton not less.” Diana Blanchard

”We can make it work!” Emilija Alma Legzdina

”The Botton Families must stay, it works perfectly this way! Better than any other way” Liede Lambriex

”Please leave botton alone, it's beautiful.” Alex Knox

”Botton is a unique and special place and I am always moved and inspired when I visit, not just by your work and vision but also by the beauty of the place, not to mention the excellent coffee and cake available. Trustees must not destroy what they have been entrusted with. There is room for pluralism in out world.” Deborah Hughes

”Please listen to the residents and caring community of this wonderful place. (Don’t) erode such a haven built over a long period of time through love, trust and hard work” Sarah Charlton

”I hugely support your work. Good luck” Erica McGarrigle

”As a former Steiner Waldorf teacher, part of who's training took place at Botton Village School I have a little insight into the remarkable and enlightened work with handicapped children and adults that goes on there - and at other Camphill communities. It is work that should be nurtured and encouraged.” Nick Godwin

”It is hardly imaginable that the living way of being and living together in the most human way could be kept up under artificial, “professional” conditions. During my personal visits in Botton as a mother of one of the co-workers I became aware of how important it is to work with vulnerable people purely out of love. I have never met such a deeply human community ever.” Klára Balogh

”keep up the fight !” Paul Adriaanse

”I will support you in any way I can. Botton is a unique place and well worth fighting for.” Pam Shepherd

”I hope Botton can retain it's current way of life.” Emily Ogden

”This is a very special place .. Why change it ?” Victoria Lloyd-Roberts

”a very valuable part of the community and would be so unfair to the residents” Jean Hudson

”I support Botton in continuing to be a Life sharing community.” Linda Parker

”My uncle lived at Botton for many years and I worked there as a co-worker for several months. It is a truly special place that does incredible work for those with disabilities.” Sophie Henson

”I live at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills and I\\\'ve been here 2 years, going on 3. I think the Camphill movement is an excellent thing and it would be so sad to see a village fall apart. Please continue with the Camphill way!” Joelle Anderson

”Do you have a family member with a learning disability? Think about what Botton doesn't get much better.” Gabrielle Jordan

”Having visited Botton once before, I think it would be a massive mistake to make the proposed changes. It was clear when I visited that all the villagers there were extremely well loved and looked after, and I can't imagine a better way for them to live their lives, and after all, that is entirely what Botton is about.” Matthias Christian

”I was in Botton several times as a guest because one of my sons used to work there as a co-worker and he led two farms there. The way of life of the community amazed me. I cannot imagine other form of social life in Botton. This is a real situation in which humans meet humans in the deepest sense of the word. In the sphere of the soul and spirit "modernisation" may become a real mistake.” Toni Antal Tolnai

”Camphill Village Communities must not be destroyed.” Nicolette Daum

”What is proposed by the CVT trustees seems in tune with the zeigeist, not least in the underhand way it has been brought about. Lets hope they don't succeed in undermining something of immense value in our fragmented, often unhappy world.” Joy Sutherland

”Please reconsider the policy on removing family co workers as part of the therapeutic community. Their contribution is invaluable.” Helen Compson

”You have my full support.” Mary Fox

”Why change a perfectly workable system offering work for all to one that discriminates against the less able.” Anna McDowell

”Strength and courage to you all. The wellbeing of Botton Village is hugely important to so many people around the world!” Dominic

”I would like to see the residents of botton village continue to enjoy the warmth and support of their relationships with their co-workers.” Tony Marshall Griffiths

”Please remain vigilant and brave through this challenging time dear Botton folk... I still believe you can triumph and see your cherished life remain; of course it will be evolved by these experiences somewhat, but essentially you'll be staying true to the deeply special and unique values you all share with each other there. This negative and fearful spirit of our current age must not have more credence ascribed to it, as it so forcefully seeks to convince us the merits of; the world we actually live in requires a great deal more than systems and models which foolishly pay only lip-service to the deeper and ultimately much more sustainable elements by which we should all be living. Yours, with love.” David Durham

”Botton village is a wonderful place especially because it is a living community. All members are learning and developing with and through each other. It would be ever so sad, if this life community of all ages and abilities would be destroyed. I spent 2 importand years in Botton and am lifing now in Germany, Hamburg, working with children in a kindergarden. I loved my time in Botton and went for visits a few times. Please, please let Botton village remain such an inspirational place! Or at least let the people envolved decide as well how to go into the future! Best wishes,” Nicola Thomsen

”How can the CVT management so change the running of Botton Village? The whole reason it was started was for the co-worker families to life share, to work and celebrate social and religious occasions together. How could this continue if the carers live apart from the cared for?” Chailean & Palle Elmquist-Weihs

”This is a virtually unique approach to caring through supporting, living and working with people with special needs built on the concept of co-working as equal human beings. It reflects the deep commitment of those more-able sharing their lives and living space with those less-able who depend on them, with each gaining from the other's human qualities. It needs special consideration and support and it would be tragic to loose this as it provides a model more formal arrangements can learn from.” Nev Fay

”Resist the Beast!” Sanford Miller

”I support the Co-workers in Botton village and hope that CVT will review their latest decision, which will indeed destroy community life.” Betty Stolk

”Botton Village is doing fantastic work!” Dr. Bohdan Rymarenko

”Good luck with your misson. You do inspiring work and represent a model of community care that we can all aspire to. Replacing voluntary co-workers with paid staff will completely miss the point of why these communities are so successful.” Ross Pollock

”I have personal knowledge of someone who has been wonderfully supported by Botton and think it's work should continue.” Jan

”If this is true its an appalling act of social vandalism. At the very least it needs a public airing and investigation as to what is going on. I have spent time at Botton and know it to be a truly inspiring place. The nature and quality of that place would be utterly ruined if the proposals, as stated, were put into action.” Michael Hallam

”I pledge my support in your cause, and wish you well” Madog Gamon de Vis

”I hope with lots of support and publicity, throughout the wider community, your message and plea for help will be heard” Celia Sheils

”Don’t do it” Tom Pitts

”I work alongside many people with intellectual (learning) disabilities in the US and I once visited a Camphill community, and was impressed by how much everyone benefitted.” Diana Katovich

”I support the continuation of the original model of co-worker families living a communal life with the residents. I have experienced the wholesomeness that this sharing engender in a Camphill household and deplore the current drive to turn a way of life into a paid profession.” Maurice Manning

”I lived in Botton for a year, it was a wonderful experience.” Soleil Mannion

”Good Luck!” Elsemarie ten Brink

”My parents met and worked in the Botton community and we have often stayed there in the holidays. Over the years the negative changes were very noticeable, and my mother’s cousin, whose life and work was based in Botton, has suffered greatly from these changes and the influence of people who took control without understanding what the community is really about.” Louise Gillman

”Full support for Botton”

”I've worked at Ochil Tower Camphill community for 5 years and really felt nourished by the support of living together. Managing the care in a human way is made possible through shared living.” Anne Biesta

”At the end of the day this will be about money and power not about the needs of the residents.” John Hammerton

”I strongly feel that the well proven and widely admired approach to social work at Botton must be preserved!!!” Prof. Carlo Leifert

”Good luck with all your efforts!” Christel

”Knowing of the ethos and values of Camphill and what is has achieved in the person of one individual who has received support since adolescence for many years now, I gladly support you in your current policy.” Janet Henfrey

”In a country with diminishing state resources, it makes sense for volunteers to help with this work. It is also traumatic for those involved in long-standing relationships of trust to lose their anchor by having their friends replaced with oft-changing paid helpers.” Malcolm Underwood

”I am horrified by what I see and hear is happening to CVT centres up and down the country. I have lived in Botton and worked as a teacher at Botton Village School for 7 years. I want to do anything I can to prevent the changes the CVT trustees are trying to implement.” Rachel Betts

”I visited Botton Village and thought this was a wonderful place to live and grow. Some changes are not always the way forward. I sincerely hope you are able to stay just the way you are.” Jan Ayton

”I suppose there is external pressures (funding issues) attached to this move to employ "Qualified" staff to do the caring. This would allow a background check on them so that a box or two can be ticked. There is never a perfect caring solution for family members never mind non family members. However a regimented environment only means that the people cared for are institutionalised and become less and less independent. Not what the CVT was set up to do. I hope you are successful in overthrowing this regime that is being forced on your organisation.” Alex Barclay

”I have known of the Camphill organisation and in particular of Botton for many years. Change is good but the reasons must be based upon sound human centred principles and not based entirely upon economics. We need to ask what do the residents want and not what those who perhaps are removed from the work, 'think'” Peter Barrett

”This is well worth supporting, why do things have to change. If it works as well as it does leave it alone, these special people need their special family's and friends they don't need a turn around of strangers on a rota basis.” Hilary Davis

”Responsible free choice for a free world.” Felicity Jeans

”This is well worth supporting, why do things have to change. If it works as well as it does leave it alone, these special people need their special family's and friends they don't need a turn around of strangers on a rota basis.” Hilary Davis

”It was simply amazing to live in Botton.” Jessica Dimarco

”Botton Village hopefully can evolve through those who care most about it: those who live there and their families. They are dedicated and capable people. The power of authentic relationships is significant, and if we are to understand Konig's concern about wages, and recognize how important it is for people to be able to be empowered – regardless of "status": coworker, villager, family member, then we need to have organizational structures and practices that support genuine relationships, social agreements, inclusion and power-sharing. Opting to disempower one group to empower another is flawed and counter productive as well as counter-evolutionary.” Diedra

"Many years ago a family who lived near us sold up their home to go to live in Botton village with their daughter Andrea - a lovely girl, who had special needs. They were concerned that after their demise she would be left without a family to nurture her through her life, as she was their only child. They saw Botton's family-oriented groups as the perfect answer. It is unique & precious. I also know of Jeremy's work in the Eurhythmy school, & how imprtant he has found Botton Village to be in the work that it does. To make a political point - I thought The Big Society was a Government ideal - volunteers doing as much as possible - Botton should be their flagship enterprise!! Try pointing that out to your MP!" Carol Morgan

"Please work to find a way to continue the deeply valuable set-up that offers people with learning disabilities the golden opportunity to live within a shared home. Nothing could be more valuable to them and their families." Ellen Fay

"Having worked in special needs in the government sector I know how unique the work at Camphill is. It is a community where each individual is valued equally and is able to share what s/he has to give with others. As we see in the NHS and in many care homes agency staff are for many reasons not IN ANY WAY able to live within the community as a co-worker/volunteer does. To destroy this would reduce the quality of life of all concerned to that of CLIENT AND PROVIDER!! We will realise what a terrible mistake has been made when it is too late. Don't do it!" Andrea Rauter

"As a co-worker living and working as a volunteer in Camphill School Aberdeen since 1972 I have witnessed impressive ongoing development here and throughout the movement throughout this period. This maintenance and renewal of the Camphill impulse will always be needed and happens best where dialogue is active and mutual. Many reports that have reached me about the situation in Botton and other Camphill centres facing similar problems suggests a tragic breakdown of such essential mutually respectful dialogue between all stakeholders. I am concerned that this mutually respectful dialogue be restored as an urgent priority and appeal to all stakeholders to work towards this actively with equal measures of vigilance and trust." Vincent D'Agostino

"I came to know Botton well over a period of some ten years ('83-'95), as a parent at the school and my job as a trainer for Whitby YTS. I have nothing but praise for all those involved, and especially the devotion and patience shown by the 'co-workers' at all times. Having a 'job' as a member of a loving and supportive community gives a sense purpose and belonging which we clearly all need, whatever our abilities or 'disabilities'. Mark Hutcheson"

"I agree that without the voluntary co workers and families, Camphill Communuties will not be able to function as they have so succesfully for many decades, as inclusive, equal, meaningful places for a wide range of people to live and share their lives. I fear that by employing people as staff, it will create an 'us and them' mentality, splitting the communities in two and present the potential to reduce people's self esteem and motivation. On a personal note, under the proposed model I would not have been able to experience life in a Camphill village first hand as I did when I worked as a volunteer co-worker in my teens. This was an incredibly valuable experience for me, widening my heart and mind and helping me develop into an adult." Sophie Hughes

"I am totally against the doing away with the care giver and his partner in a home setting. Is this to be replaced by a money motivated function? The care and attention shown to those in need by the husband and wife can not be replaced. The little things and feelings will be lost." Jim Thackray

"As the Camphill system has been so successful for so long it seems a great pity to change it for changes sake. Even worse that the people who live in Camphill are going to end up the losers." Pamela Gale

"It would be a great shame if the community and way of life at Botton was broken up. I have not visited in some time but the memories I have of the place have influenced my feelings about the best way of caring for people who need it." Georgina Smith

"Camphill has provided a caring and loving community, to introduce paid workers will diminish, standards of care understating of people with learning disabilities." Caroline McKeown

"Is is probably a European wide problem that people in positions of power over the way of life and work of others readily take decisions that have little or no base in the flow of actual life. They are instead made out of a rigid, 'bureaucratic' attitude. Having lived in Botton myself I know that the inner, essential substance of the community, along with all its difficulties, is the endeavour to live in an open, creative, and thus human way with what each day brings. Such an ideal needs every support as well as objective advice, not rigid obstruction." Sam Betts

"Please remember you are dealing with homes not houses, families not workforces and people not units. The disruption for vulnerable people will be far worse that it would be for you or your family." Ruth Fairchild

"Botton Village has been helping people with disabilities for many years - why destroy something that is working? Surely it makes more sense to look at why their methods are so effective and to see what can be learnt from them in order to help more people." Ruby Barnell

"Wishing the very best of solutions to the ongoing problems to trustees and co-workers alike, so that the unique social model that is practised in Botton can be continued and set a shining example to other intentional communities of how rich and meaningful such community life can be." Sarah Kane

"I stand in support of Botton." Brendan Tracy

"I am dismayed to hear about the proposed changes to way that residents at Botton village are cared for, and fully support your efforts to prevent these changes from happening." Peter McClure

"Best wishes, the changes in question would be such an unnecessary and detrimental upheaval to so many. Community living cannot be that strange an idea, can it? I survived a childhood of it, I consider myself fortunate even!" Sofia Calderwood

"I first discovered Botton Village 28 years ago whilst in the process of searching for a suitable school and environment for my children. We, as a family, consequently moved hundreds of miles to be near the Steiner School (which, as you know, is still in existence in Botton Village) and the village. On moving we became involved in Botton Village in many different ways. I worked within the school community, in one of the shops, and worked as a relief house parent on many occasions as well as partaking in many social activities. I was rewarded with a very good insight into the way of life within Botton Village and could not praise it enough. I have since moved but do visit the area from time to time. I am devastated at the changes which have been taking place and would like the opportunity to support Botton Village Action Plan in any way I am able. I can also speak for other members of my family." Sandie Day

"Botton Village is a unique place that offers a forward thinking model of care and community involvement. This place should be cherished and not attacked by a reductive bureaucratic system that does not understand its principles." Hugo Fearnley

"Lord bless + the whole community. I hope it will be better!" Jaroslav Křivánek

"This model has worked for many years so far and is working around the country and around the world. So why change it? Change for the sake of change is not always the way forward." Veronika Pena de la Jara

"I was a co-worker here for most of 2013. It was an incredible experience to say the very least." Alistair Luckman

"Having seen this community in action for so many years it seems very strange that suddenly the approach which has been so successful for so long should now be considered unacceptable." Christopher Porter

"Most Camphill residents have gained an impressive amount of self worth through the meaningful work they do to contribute to their community life. This is interwoven with the close support of the families living with them. Please sustain 'an organism' that has taken so many years to be build up and has proven to be so valuable to both residents and co-workers." Anna van Zelderen

"Good luck to everyone fighting to save this wonderful village." Rohan Hill

"I hope you can find a way to continue to live in ways that are in keeping with the original vision." Tess McMahon

"Best of luck, you're doing a grand job! Derek x" Derek Wilcox

"Botton- hope and help for so many disabled people must go on!" Gruhn Erdmuthe

"I feel strongly that Botton and the Camp Hill communities are a heart-warming and essential response to the needs of people living with disabilities." Geoff Kayum

"I grew up in a Camphill household and I cannot imagine a more social loving and caring environment for my childhood." Jessica Mirkin

"I have grown up in close proximity to a similar community and have had friends and colleagues work at Botton. I would be very sad to see these changes!" James O'Hare

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