Action 4 Botton

"Shared living is a model of intentional community that most benefits people living with an intellectual disability, as we are not just doing a job but working out of Freedom and with love......AND THIS CAN BE PERCEIVED by anyone, however differently wired and able! This is something worth supporting. Our lives are immensely rich with meaning and joy as we co-create and contribute towards each other's lives."  Eastlynne Nelson-Tansley

"I've just discovered that the Chief Executive of CVT was once a director of a company called 'Keep It Simple Communications Ltd.' To use a simple cliché, you couldn't make it up." Keith Hobbs

"The first reason we decided to donate in the first place was because of the uniqueness and humanity of the original plan.This will be completely changed by the proposed new processes and, we feel, will lose a large amount of charitable donations. Can the powers that be not see this?"  Judith Salloway

 "We have been supporters of CVT in general and Botton Village in particular for the past 25 - 30 years. We have a delightful daughter of 46 years who has Downs' Syndrome and who is now ready to leave the parental home and live her own life , 'Just like her sisters'. WE are hoping she will be able to move to Botton Village, which we have all visited and with which our daughter fell in love. Please don't change its principles and ethos. Our daughter attended a Rudolph Steiner school from the age of 6 to 18. The system works for these special people.'If it ain't broke...don't fix it'. " Kate Smith

"I stayed at Botton for a week or two in the late 1990s filling in for co-workers on holidays. The whole valley appeared to me as a model of what rural England could be like with everyone working for the common good, including both people and environment, and with no petty accounting of so called 'profit'. Just comparing it with the next valley along, totally dead and even heather burnt and hardly any sign of life, is eloquent beyond words. From there I went on to do the same at Wojtowka in Poland, a newer Camphill until old age stopped play. I am upset beyond words that the CVT appears to have been taken over by Camphill's worst enemies and fully support you in getting this warm and pioneering community back on course." Chris Morton

"I deeply worry and strongly send support for Botton Village as one of the ex co-workers. The time I spent there with many personalized villagers and other co workers was definitely a life time experience for me. Therefore, the current situation in Botton Village has been a big concern for me." Yuki Matsuoka

"I often visited Botton in the past more than 25 years and experienced a system of caring and sharing that has been a constant example of best practice in my social studies seminars for students of social sciences for a new way of living . It would be a great loss if the unique ideas of Karl Koenig would be ruined by the new developments. Botton Village was such a wonderful place for all: the villagers, co-workers and families are offered a real community atmosphere where everyone is valued as an individual. I wish you good luck and every success for your fight." Hanns-Fred Rathenow, Professor emeritus, Faculty of Humanties, Berlin University of Technology

"You have been so fantastic in keeping up the struggle for the spirit of the villages ravaged by CVT. It is important in so many ways and the news of deteriorating farms, land and gardens is heartbreaking. Are residents REALLY eating vegetables in plastic from the Sainsburys van when in the past they took part in the growing, harvesting and family meals B.C.V.T.? And the workshops where people loved to learn and work with co-workers on things that went out into the world for the enjoyment of others?" Rosanne Adams

"Vor langer Zeit war ich als Lehrer mit meiner Waldorfschulklasse aus Mannheim in Botton (Falcon Farm) und auch in den folgenden Jahren immer wieder mit Gruppen von Schülern - Botton hat für viele ehemalige Schüler die weitere Zukunft beeinflusst. Dafür noch einmal DANKE!" Johannes Pelzel

"I often visited Botton in the past more than 25 years and experienced a system of caring and sharing that has been a constant example of best practice in my social studies seminars for students of social sciences for a new way of living. It would be a great loss if the unique ideas of Karl Koenig would be ruined by the new developments. Botton Village was such a wonderful place for all: the villagers, co-workers and families are offered a real community atmosphere where everyone is valued as an individual. I wish you good luck and every success for your fight." Hanns-Fred Rathenow, Professor emeritus, Faculty of Humanities, Technical University of Berlin

"I've only been aware of life in Botton for just over a year and am touched at how communal, loving and humane this way of life is allowed to gently unfold... a way of life that is tender and caring. And although I am conscious that adapting to changing times may be necessary in terms of formal legislation, I hope that those designing such legislation remain aware of the desperate need, especially in these modern times, that this loving balance remains core to the soul of this place. I wish the rest of the world and society could share and promote these principals and ideals. Kindest regards," Morgan Jones.

"What a wonderful place to live. I shall watch with interest. Well done." Samantha Trewhella

"I am so pleased to see you taking a stand for the principles by which you wish to live your lives - in personal freedom rather than by some enforced institutionalised economic model that works against community. Shame on the Trust that should be working to support you rather than upholding spurious legal managerialism. Power and strength to you in your quest from New Zealand." John Frost-Evans

"Came to Botton today by chance and found the most inspiring place and people. We wish you all good in your campaign to keep the community strong and together." Jonathan Deeming

"Accidentally stumbled across you today and visited the creamery...what an amazing place and the cheese is delightful! Heartwarming and fully support you." Louise Priestman

"What a wonderful place. After my visit on Tuesday, I have seen what a special place this is and what wonderful people live there. Thank you, it was inspiring."  Penny Scrope

'This is a thoroughly worthy cause and I wish you every success with your campaign to protect Botton." Tom Woods

"Keep going !" Hayley Sargent

"I fully support the coworkers. Let's keep Bottom Village as it has been do so many years... strong!!!!" Teri Ohara

"I support Botton village with all my heart, my family and I hope to do something we can to help you, even though we come from China." Bo Ma

"I am signing up in support of your cause. My friend's sister is with you at the moment. I hope things are successful."  Paul Holding

"Who elected these officious trustees who are bringing all these totally wrong changes to such a amazing place full of good people with good hearts? Can the trustees not be voted out or something? I will spread word of what is happening as far as I can." Rick Coldman

"I would like to support you in whatever way I can." Charles Grayson

"Why on earth would Botton's new General Manager be looking for a compromise as a way to 'move forward' ? Why a compromise?! What is the problem?" Keith Hobbs

"The germination of a grudge could be at the very heart of the dangerous haemorrhage from which Botton has been suffering for so long. But one thing that life has taught me is that truth always is exposed... eventually. Though this is no consolation to all of us in Britain and around the world who deeply love and respect Botton so much, when the final curtain falls on this once rare and shining example of what humanity can do together within a state of real shared living, we shall all see clearly the people who perpetrated the abominable bulldozing of a special community. So also will be exposed the petty reasons of the perpetrators and their enormous lack of imagination... eventually.Those remaining coworkers who have agreed to take employment with CVT and who supposedly see 'an exciting future' will hang on for a few years, and then the reality of the situation will sink in. The so-called excitement will turn to sheer boredom, and they will drift away to return to a conventional life of pure dullness. The villagers, or as the 'management' insist, the beneficiaries, are already watching hours of television, and on their computers some are watching pornography, in their isolated rooms. Already the first signs of obesity are showing. Human rights! (But without responsibilities). Boredom is already leaching around the place. Botton's management 'team' appear in their smart private cars each morning (only Monday to Friday of course), and issue a series of mostly farcical paperwork and instructions, while the remaining vocational coworkers heroically stand by their principles in spite of enduring horrendous pressure. When the story of Botton is told, as it most surely will, the irony of the situation will be exposed. The irony is that in the country where the remarkable Camphill movement was born, the Camphill movement has foundered simply because of a grudge, while all around the world it has been allowed to grow and flourish." Anonymity requested

"I was a supporter for many years and then moved house a couple of times so had lost contact. I am horrified to hear what has happened. This worked, so why does it have to be mucked about with?" Maureen James

"I have been a supporter of Botton since the 80s and have loved to visit and experience such a unique and happy place. Your campaign has my full support and I wish you complete success." Charmian Walter

"I have visited Botton twice and have been very impressed with how the community is organised. To impose the suggested changes would do incalculable damage. Botton should be held as an example for other support work, not the other way around." Dr. Nikolai Berkoff

"Keep on fighting for what you believe in and protecting the lives of those who you spend your lives with." Martin Henson

"I heard about your situation and I send you my best best wishes and I believe in you."  Philip Hoffmann

"I find your situation utterly bizarre. What possible reason could any well intentioned human being have for changing Botton Village? What are the motives of those individuals who are currently trying to destroy Botton? What do they have to gain, on a personal and material level? (It is possibly easier to perceive the intentions of the adverse powers behind their actions, on a spiritual level.) I will hold you all in my heart and try to 'spread the word'. In faith, hope and love." Anonymity requested

"I was once a co-worker, my main area of work was in the woodwork shop alongside Ernst Nef. I am lucky in the fact that I still have many friends amongst the the villager community in Botton, though many of the co-wokers I knew have long since departed. I am appalled at what I have learnt concerning the actions of the CVT. I am staggered at the attempt to dismantle such a beautiful living network of co-supportive relationships and friends, by the materialist plans of the CVT. I would like to volunteer my support in what ever way I can towards assisting Botton to live, grow and fulfil itself still further for a long and continuing beacon of light and hope for the future of all." Wil Savage

"Having visited Botton a few years ago for an art therapists conference and having worked on a similar establishment in Australia, I know and feel the real value of Botton Camphill Community. I feel it is very special and wish you all the very best in getting the best possible outcome to continue in the way that it was originally intended." Penelope Ferguson

"I support the community at Botton and all of the excellent work done there to help people lead full and productive lives. Any measures put in place to make that task more difficult, are heartless and barbaric and should be condemned to the dark ages, where they belong."  Michael Pennick

"Botton, it's one of the most amazing places I have ever met in my life!! It was a great pleasure to know this community. Botton, it's part of my life!" Janara Duarte Fontes

"For the authorities: Please, let this camphill village continue as it is, to the benefit of the residents and the co-workers. We also have this kind of villages in Norway, and I know how much it means for the people who have got a disabled child. When in a camphill village the parents feel secure and relaxed for their children. The people working here do it by heart strength rather than for money. There is a difference here, we all know that!" Torill Heilevang

"I support you. Love from Norway." Jeannette Christine Beck

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