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CVT and the Betrayal of Trust


Dear Reader

In this section we will try to describe where in our view the new leadership is taking the charity, a direction which we believe is destructive for the supportive and therapeutic Camphill communities (that ar part of the Camphill Village Trust, CVT) and detrimental to the lives of those who enjoy the benefit of being part and co-creators of them.

We are clear that CVT's restructuring and reform program is in disagreement with its founding principles and we challenge the reasons CVT presents for making their changes. We also want to point out where we have found out about questionable methods and behaviours which we feel have no place in any charity, not to mention Camphill.

All this represents an deep betrayal of trust in various ways, of the trust placed in a board of trustees tasked with not merely ensuring compliance and financial stabilty but to uphold the founding values and principles that underpin its unique communities in the interest of its beneficiaries. A betrayal of trust also of those who are giving years of their time and energy in serving these communities, but now CVT is unilaterally changing the rules without discussion and clearing a 60-year old organisation of all its co-workers, the whole group of people so important for and defining of the Camphill way of life, who created this charity, the succesful model invented by Karl Konig.

We have all been long-standing proud supporters and associated with this wonderful charity and we are not "campaigning against the charity" as its CEO says - we are campaigning for this charity which we feel has been taken over by a few and taken away from those who created it and who live in its communities.

There is a better way than simply clearing the Camphill Village Trust of its carrying vocational co-workers.